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200 Premium Stock Images with Room for Text – only $18!

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200 Premium Stock Images with Room for Text – only $18!

NOW ON: 200 Premium Stock Images with Room for Text - only $18!

Expires: May 4, 2015, 11:59 pm EST

Nothing's more frustrating than having a killer photo for your opener, but no room to work in a headline. With this Mighty Deal from IngImage, you'll no longer have to worry about covering up key parts of a photo or just settling for boring ol' text on white. This Copy Space Image collection includes 200 premium stock images that all have perfect room to lay your text right in. These hi-res images cover loads of motivational themes through a wide variety of subject matters.


  • Get 200 premium stock images to use on your latest project, consisting of 191 high-res images copy space, provided in JPG format and 9 vector files with copy space, provided in both EPS and JPG formats.
  • Easily work text and headlines into your work, as every one of these quality images has allowed space for your copy.
  • Perfect to use as large headline images with plenty of room for your text.
  • This mega collection covers a huge range of subject matters from employees at the office to people just relaxing.
  • Most images in the collection convey important, motivational type themes such as strength, success and teamwork.
  • Each premium high-resolution image clocks in at 11" X 17" and 300 DPI for superior quality.

Previews of images included:


Normally this robust collection of premium stock images sells for $99, but for a limited time only, you can get these 200 premium Copy Space Images for just $18! That's a fantastic savings of 82% off the regular price!

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Deal terms:
  • Delivered as an instant download, after completing your purchase. The download is split into multiple files, with a total size of approximately 1.4GB.
  • 191 High-res images with copy space are provided in JPEG format and 9 Vector files with copy space are provided in EPS and JPEG format. The files in EPS vector format can be edited using any application that can edit EPS files (such as Adobe Illustrator).
  • You are free to use, modify and publish the images as you wish subject to the restrictions outlined in the License Agreement.