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750+ Windows 8 Premium Vector Icons – only $18!

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750+ Windows 8 Premium Vector Icons – only $18!

NOW ON: 750+ Windows 8 Premium Vector Icons - only $18!

Expires: December 23, 2012, 11:59 pm EST

Maybe you've got the programming skills but lack in the design department. Or perhaps you just don't have the time. If you're building an app or a website, you know you'll need some impressive icons to make your project look professional and engaging.

Whatever the reason, you can save loads of time and money with this Mighty Deal. Forget about hunting down a designer yourself and paying through the nose for just a handful of polished apps. Instead, purchase Metricons Pro, the ultimate premium vector icon pack for Windows 8 Desktop and Mobile. If you're a Windows developer or designer, you'll be more than set for your all your projects.

Ultimate Icon Pack for Windows 8 Highlights:

  • 750 Vector Icons
    That's right, this Metricons Pro Ultimate Icon Pack includes 750 high-quality icons! Use just one icon per day and you still wouldn't duplicate any after two years!
  • 12 Icon Categories
    The 750 icons are organized in 12 categories: The Essentials, Gadgets, Accounts and Communications, Applications, Misc, Locomotion, e-Commerce, Tools, Arrows and Directions, Social Media, Smileys, and Food.
  • Windows 8 Compliant
    Every one of the icons in this set are put together with just one vector shape layer which complies with all the rules and guidelines of Windows 8.
  • Customizable
    Since these icons are vector graphics, you can easily resize them to your exact specifications. 
  • Multiple Formats
    Your icons are all supplied in two tones (black and white) at a size of 48 pixels. Each icon comes in three different formats: PSD, PNG, and CSH.
  • Future Updates
    Your purchase of this icon pack grants you access to all future updates of the set. They're working on growing this set to several thousand icons!

Preview of all icons included:


The Metricons Pro set of 750 icons normally sells for $75 but for a limited time only you can get them all, including future updates, for just $18!

Deal terms:
  • You will receive a coupon code after completing your purchase, to register at the Icondevs.com website to obtain the download and future updates.
  • All files are supplied in PNG, PSD, CSH formats. A editing application, such as Adobe Photoshop is required in order to edit the files.
  • Reselling, redistributing and giving away is not permitted.
  • These icons may be altered, cropped or otherwise modified or manipulated to suit your needs.
  • You're free to use these icons for commercial and non-commercial purposes, for yourself, your company and your clients, and to edit, remix and otherwise modify them without attribution, but not to sell or redistribute the icons themselves as such.