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NOW ON: LAST DAY: Amazing Collage Creator for Mac and Windows - only $9.95!

Expires: April 22, 2013, 1:59 am EST

Remember the old days where you'd sit on the floor with a pile of your favorite photos and a pair of scissors? You'd cut up pictures and combine them on one huge board to make a killer collage. Thanks to the huge advances in digital photography, however, those days seem long gone. 

Believe it or not, though, digital photos actually make it easier to put your own collages together. Especially when you have a simple and powerful program like CollageIt Pro to help you along the way! The highly praised program for Windows and Mac OS X is just the latest Mighty Deal we're proud to offer!

See how it works:

CollageIt Pro Highlights:

  • Simple to Use
    CollageIt Pro couldn't be easier to use. With just a few clicks of your mouse, you can instantly create your first collage! Use the WYSIWYG editor to make any adjustments and see your changes in a real-time preview. 
  • Huge Capacity
    You can include up to 200 photos in each collage! That's an insane amount of photos to mix up together!
  • Variety of Templates
    You can create your very own template, or use one of the many pre-designed templates to lay out all the photos in your collage. 
  • Customize it All
    CollageIt includes a number of key tools to help you customize every aspect of your collage. Set the overall page size, background, number of photos, margins, rotation, and more. You can even add photo frames and shadow effects if you'd like. Don't like how a photo fits in with the space? The cropping option can help you solve that problem!
  • Randomizer
    If too many options leaves you scratching your head at times, you can simply choose a Random Layout to instantly create a new collage for you.
  • Share Your Success
    Once you've finalized your collage, you can save it out in a number of different formats including: JPEG, PNG, PDF, PSD, or other image format. Then simply print it, email it, share on Flickr or Facebook, or even set it as the wallpaper on your computer's desktop.
  • Add Text (Mac version only)
    The Mac version of CollageIt also has the option to add text to your collage. 


"CollageIt is an easy to use photo collage creator that users of all experience levels can use to create photo collages with." - ghacks.net

"We think this program is a great tool for quickly creating collages for art projects, presentations, and much more." - CNet

"CollageIt puts at your disposal an easy way to create picture collages of all sizes. Working with it is a no-brainer. " - softpedia

"A really nice photo collage software that works as a charm. Fast and easy to use; cool looking output; it's free." - soft32


CollageIt Pro normally sells for $29.90, but for a limited time only, you can get this powerful Collage Creator for either Windows or Mac for just $9.95! That's more than 65% savings!

Examples of collages created using CollageIt:

Deal terms:
  • Delivered as an instant download after completing your purchase.
  • The Windows version requires either Windows XP/2000/Vista/7 or 8.
  • The Mac version requires Mac OS X 10.6 or higher (works on Mountain Lion too).
  • License entitles you to install CollageIt on one computer only.
  • Free updates are provided within the same major version number (i.e: For all 2.x versions).
  • Includes lifetime support.
  • You can not resell or redistribute this software without written permission from PearlMountain.


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