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NOW ON: LAST DAY: Super Fun Pixelated T-shirts - only $18

Expires: March 2, 2013, 1:59 am EST

They say, "the clothes make the man." Does that mean the pixelated clothing makes the pixel man? Okay, we're just teasing, but if you're familiar with United Pixelworkers, you're probably already a fan of the fun T-shirts covered with some great pixelated icons. Well, the gang is back with Pixelivery, home of more pixelated T-shirt awesomeness for the average consumer. And with this Mighty Deal, you can save 25% right off the bat!

Pixelivery Highlights:

  • Crazy Soft Shirts
    All of Pixelivery's T-shirts are so soft, you may never actually wear them. Instead, you may just sit on  your bed in your room, gently petting your new purchase. That's because they're printed on the comfiest tees around: American Apparel (100% cotton, 50/50 poly-cotton, and a tri-blend black tee).
  • No Tags
    The back of your neck will surely thank you for your purchase, as all of Pixelivery's tees are tagless, with a custom-printed size tag used instead.
  • All 50 States
    If you're American, you can show support for your state by purchasing one of the 50 pixelated state shirts! Or if you're feeling really patriotic, pick up all 50!
  • Landmarks
    There's nothing like wearing a popular landmark on your chest, especially a pixelated version! Choose from some great subjects as the Brooklyn Bridge, Empire State Building, Liberty Bell and more.
  • Popular Icons
    If States aren't your thing, grab a hold of some fun icon tees. There are a whole bunch to choose from including such items as an anchor, bike, coffee mug, heart, jolly roger, and more!
  • Non-United Workers
    To appeal to non-Web Design nerds, this collection of quality T-shirts is real similar to what's available from United Pixelworkers, except it removes the Pixelworkers business side of thing. Instead, you're left with just a cool pixelated image.


Pixelivery T-shirts normally sell for $24 each, but with this Mighty Deal, for a limited time only, you can get 25% off and pay just $18 for one shirt! OR get 2 T-shirts for $35 OR get 3 T-shirts for only $50 ($16.67 each) - saving you $22! Click the "buy" button to choose one, two or three T-shirts.

Examples of T-Shirts to Choose From





Bike - Green
Bike Green

Brooklyn Bridge
Brooklyn Bridge



Empire State Building


Liberty Bell
Liberty Bell



Deal terms:
  • Vouchers may be used to purchase any t-shirt at the Pixelivery website.
  • You choose the style and size at the Pixelivery website when redeeming your coupon code.
  • You may choose to purchase a voucher for 1, 2 or 3 T-shirts. You may also purchase this deal multiple times, however, only one voucher may be used at a time.
  • Vouchers may only be used once. If you purchase the 2 or 3 T-shirt option, all T-shirts must be chosen at the same time.
  • All vouchers are valid until February 15th, 2015.
  • Vouchers are non-transferrable.
  • Specific shirts are not guaranteed to be in stock at all times, but t-shirts that are not in stock may be pre-ordered.
  • T-shirts can be shipped worldwide. Shipping costs are not included and will be charged separtely on the Pixelivery website. Shipping costs are approximately $5 (per t-shirt) within the USA and $10 (per t-shirt) to the rest of the world. This may vary based on weight and distance.
  • Shipping fees are not refundable.


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