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Leon Ang Li

Leon Ang Li
Leon is a 3D artist, Web Designer, Graphic Designer. Website: l apprendista binario

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What we’re aiming to achieve:
A texture that can be tiled when put onto any 3D object. This is usually used in games, to save system resources and to look good.

What’s needed:
– Photoshop (version 6 or above)
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– Basic understanding of Photoshop work flow

What are seams?
Take a look at this example below:
seam example
Notice the left 3D ball is textured with a seam streak down the middle, while the right one does not. What we want to do is edit our texture so that no faulty edges are present when placed onto a 3D object. Surprisingly, the same concept applies to CSS style backgrounds for web design as well, but that will be another tutorial.

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Hanzi, or Kanji in Japanese, and Hanja in Korean is a type of writing system invented centuries ago. It makes use of pictograms + Ideograms to convey ideas or meaning. Languages such as “Chinese” can be interpreted as a blend of Hanzi (the system) and local Chinese culture.

Here are some interesting examples of Chinese Hanzi based PICTOGRAMS:


Definition of Pictograms: Creation of symbols based on visual representations

You might be asking, what does this have to do with multimedia/graphics design?