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NOW ON: eBook: 100 Proven Strategies to Grow Your Business Fast - only $9!

Expires: August 21, 2015, 11:59 pm EST

Learning by example is one of the best methods for growing your business. And with the 100 Days of Growth eBook, by Sujan Patel and Rob Wormley, you'll get plenty of proven examples to work with. This 105-page eBook includes actual strategies and tactics used by real companies who've seen true industry growth. Additional resources and tools are included to help get you on your way to future growth!


  • Learn how to quickly and efficiently grow your business from real strategies and techniques that have been proven to work.
  • Read through 100 growth tactics compiled by Sujan Patel and Rob Wormley which have been used to help hundreds of clients push their business further than they ever dreamed possible.
  • Get legitimate actionable tips, not just anecdotes, as you'll learn 100 effective growth strategies and techniques, such as:
    • The Surprise First, Ask Second Guest Post Technique
    • The Expiring Holiday Offer Hack
    • The Lean Homepage A/B Test
  • These proven growth strategies have been used (and are still being used) by real companies and real people to surge ahead in their respective industries.
  • Embrace invaluable resources and tools to help you implement each tip, as well as information on where to go for more help if needed.
  • Take this 105-page PDF eBook with you anywhere you go, as long as your device can read a PDF file. 

About the authors:

Sujan Patel
Currently the VP of Marketing at When I Work, Sujan Patel is an experienced marketer and entrepreneur who's helped hundreds of companies build up brand awareness, grow their business and expand their customer base. Some of his top clients include Sales Force, TurboTax, Sony, Mint and many more.

Rob Wormley
Rob Wormley, a content marketer and writer, has spent the last seven years developing digital marketing strategies and content for best-selling authors, Hall of Fame speakers and various brands nationwide. He's currently the content marketing manager for When I Work.


“Sujan & Rob nailed it. Their tips are short, to the point and most importantly, actionable. It's the best few bucks you'll ever spend!" - Neil Patel, Co-founder of Crazy Egg & KISS Metrics

“I’ve spent countless hours reading all sorts content to get the best advice - 100 Days of Growth is so much easier. Best of all, it's cheaper than I spend on dinner.” - AJ Kumar, CEO of Limitless Publishing

"Sujan's brilliance shines and his true desire to help an impact others is refreshing. There are much more than just 100 days of growth packed into this great resource." - Matt Greener, Digital Marketer

"@sujanpatel @robwormley just downloaded your 100 days of Growth ebook. Paid for itself in the first 30 seconds. Awesome!" - Corey Quinn, Marketing at @Scienceinc


Normally, this industry-changing eBook sells for $27, but for a limited time only, you can get the 100 Days of Growth eBook for only $9! That's a savings of 67% off the regular price.

Click the BUY NOW button to start growing your business today!

Deal terms:
  • Delivered as an instant download, after completing your purchase.
  • The eBook is in PDF format.
  • Sold on a per user basis.

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NOW ON: Lifetime Access to Lizatom's WordPress Plugins and Themes Club - only $37!

Expires: August 19, 2015, 11:59 pm EST

Whether you're working on your own site or building one for a client, WordPress themes and plugins can make a world of difference. You can use various shortcodes and plugins to easily install everything from sliders to Google Maps. With this incredible Mighty Deal from Lizatom, you'll get yourself a lifetime membership to their amazing library of WordPress tools. That's full access to 20+ WordPress themes, plugins and even Shortcodes Master add-ons, all designed to turn average websites into fabulous ones.


  • Get a lifetime access to all downloadable WordPress plugins and themes from Lizatom.
  • Work with 20+ WordPress plugins, themes and Shortcodes Master add-ons that all can make your website look better and offer more exciting features.
  • Impress your visitors with interactive plugins such as Google Maps, WooCommerce Products Slider, Animated Service Boxes, 3D Slider, and more.
  • Dress up your website with popular and enticing WordPress themes that cover a variety of categories from products to responsive to gothic.
  • No coding or programing necessary to take advantage of one of the biggest, most comprehensive responsive shortcodes set of plugins around.
  • Easily customize any of these WordPress themes using the fabulous Themes' Options Panel, which even offers a live preview.
  • Keep up to date year-round with updated files for themes and plugins.
  • Get a lifetime of free support (including detailed documentation) with Lizatom, so there's no need to ever worry about being on your own!
  • Create as many personal or client projects as you'd like using any of the plugins or themes included in your membership.

Take a closer look at some of the amazing tools available in this Mighty Deal:

1. Shortcodes Master

The core plugin for WordPress shortcodes.
More details | Demo

2. Lizatom shortcodes

A set of beautiful Web elements
More details | Demo

3. Flat Shortcodes

A set of flat elements for WordPress
More details | Demo

4. Animated Service Boxes

Various boxes with open-source icons by FontAwesome and Elegant themes
More details | Demo

5. Color Google Maps

Color Google maps with custom marker
More details | Demo

6. Woocommerce Slider

A featured products slider to show off your best items
More details & Demo

7. Woocommerce Carousel

A featured products carousel to beautifully display your highlighted items
More details | Demo

8. Responsive Extra Elider

A slick slider that includes Google fonts
More details | Demo

9. Responsive 3D Slider

A nice slider with some cool 3D effects
More details | Demo

10. Lizatom Portfolio

A cool animated portfolio for WordPress
More details | Demo

11. Lizatom Slider

A slider with some nice effects and Google fonts
More details | Demo

12. Lizatom Widgets

Very cool All-in-One widgets plugin
More details | Demo

WordPress Themes

More details | Demo

More details | Demo

More details | Demo

More details | Demo

More details | Demo

More details | Demo

More details | Demo

More details | Demo

Lizetta 2
More details | Demo

More details | Demo

More details | Demo

WordPress theme
More details | Demo


Normally, a lifetime membership at Lizatom.com sells for $199, but for a limited time only, you can get full LIFETIME DEVELOPER ACCESS to all of Lizatom's current and future WordPress themes and plugins for only $37! That's a savings of 81% off the regular price.

Click the BUY NOW button to start the club of a lifetime today!

Deal terms:
  • You will receive a coupon code, after completing your purchase, to redeem on the Lizatom.com website, to obtain your lifetime membership.
  • All of the themes and plugins can be used for both personal and commercial projects, for yourself or your clients, on unlimited domains.
  • You will receive lifetime developer access to all of the updates and all future downloads.

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NOW ON: Advanced Local Contrast Enhancer (ALCE) for Photoshop - only $17!

Expires: August 18, 2015, 11:59 pm EST

How'd you like to convert your photos into crisp, unique 3D versions of themselves with just a few simple clicks? It's certainly possible, thanks to the amazing Photoshop Extension ALCE. Advanced Local Contrast Enhancer sports an easy interface that lets you adjust the radius of your image without hurting the image quality in crucial areas such as shadows and highlights. Loaded with case studies and tutorials, you won't be at a loss at all for learning how to quickly master this amazing tool.


  • This incredible Photoshop Extension easily adds a crisp, unique 3D style to your images.
  • Using a simplistic interface, there's no need to work with multiple options on your photo as you tweak just one simple parameter: the Radius.
  • Thanks to ALCE's algorithm, you'll get contrast boosting, while still protecting your image quality from clipping important tonal range areas like Shadows and Highlights.
  • Make life even easier by recording ALCE in Actions as a Filter (Or use the provided ALCE Automation Service batch dialogue) so you can customize various saving options.
  • Get the most out of ALCE with an Interactive User Manual that offers a variety of techniques.
  • Learn how to apply ALCE to Equirectangular images and use them for 360 VR, courtesy of a handy tutorial!
  • Perfect for beginners and advanced users, ALCE can completely transform your photographs.
  • Dive into roughly 2 hours of case studies from a professional Photoshop retoucher that offer Local Contrast Theory and how to apply it effectively.
  • Compatible with both Mac and Windows environments, ALCE supports Photoshop CS3, CS4, CS5, CS6, CC, CC2014 and CC2015.

See how it works:


Normally, ALCE sells for $34.95, but for a limited time only, you can get this incredible Advanced Local Contrast Enhancer for only $17! That's more than 50% savings off the regular price!

Click the BUY NOW button to give your images a real 3D touch today!

Deal terms:
  • Delivered as an instant download, after completing your purchase.
  • This is a Photoshop extension, which requires Adobe Photoshop CS6 or later (including CC 2015).
  • This deal entitles you to run a licensed copies of ALCE on 2 different computers in all the Photoshop versions supported.

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NOW ON: Easily Convert Font Icons to Image Icons with Iconion for Windows and Mac - only $27!

Expires: August 17, 2015, 11:59 pm EST

Font icons certainly make it easy for developers, thanks to their flexibility and scalability. But what if you want to do more with them? What if you need them for a website or mobile app? Thanks to Iconion, you're problems are solved! This powerful icon generator can quickly and easily convert your font icons to image icons. Customize everything from color to shadow to rotation, and save them out in a variety of file formats such as JPG and PNG.


  • Quickly and easily convert font icons to image icons to use on websites and mobile apps.
  • Save out font icons in a variety of file formats including .PNG, .BMP, .JPG or even .ICO files.
  • Scale the icons to any size you want without worrying about any change in quality.
  • Customize your icons with a slew of style options including: color, shadow, long shadow, gradient, stroke, background, background color, background gradient, background shadow, icon rotation and more.
  • For a super quick effect, simply apply any of the incredible pre-made templates.
  • Create all kinds of icons such as flat, round, square, long-shadow, Windows 8, iOS, Mac, custom social media icons and more.



Normally, Iconion sells for $69 but for a limited time only, you can get this amazing Icon Generator for only $27! That's a savings of 61% off the regular price.

Click the BUY NOW button to start generating icons today!

Deal terms:
  • Download and registration key are available immediately after completing your purchase.
  • Requires Mac OSX 10.4+ or Windows XP or later.
  • Your license key can be activated on two computers for the same user. The same license can be activated on both Windows and Mac.
  • The app is the latest public available version, includes full support, and 1 year of free upgrades.
  • You will receive an Commercial license, which allows you to use the app for commercial purposes.

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NOW ON: 10 Creative & Modern PSD Templates from Evatheme – only $17!

Expires: August 22, 2015, 11:59 pm EST

Add a real splash of creativity to your latest website projects with this Mighty Deal from Evatheme. You'll get 10 high-quality, creative and modern PSD templates to play with! Built on a bootstrap framework, they're all easy to customize, especially with highly organized fully layered PSD files. Toss in free Google fonts and icon sets, as well as a slick responsive design and you'll wonder how you ever lived without this glorious collection!


  • Get 10 creative PSD templates to build out your perfect website.
  • Built with Bootstrap framework, these templates are easy to customize in order to suit the needs of your current project.
  • All templates include full layered PSD files, so it's a snap to find what you're looking for and make any necessary customizations.
  • All templates make use of free Google Fonts.
  • Take advantage of the free icon sets including in these templates, or swap them out for icons of your own.
  • Each template includes multiple pages such as blogs, portfolios and more.
  • Be mobile friendly with these templates that feature responsive designs, so your site will work beautifully on whatever device your members are using.



Normally, this collection of modern PSD templates sells for $80, but for a limited time only, you can get all 10 creative templates for only $17! That's a savings of 79% off the regular price!

Click the BUY NOW button to add a creatively modern twist to your latest projects!

Deal terms:
  • Delivered as an instant download, after the purchase is made.
  • The files are available in PSD format and can be easily changed.
  • Requires Adobe Photoshop CS3 or higher.
  • Can be used for both personal and commercial purposes.
  • You may not resell this product.
  • All the images that are used in the template preview are not included with the purchase, they are needed to be purchased separately or you can use the free materials.

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NOW ON: 10 Retro Radiant Handmade Fonts from Skyhaven - only 17!

Expires: August 15, 2015, 11:59 pm EST

Step up your game with this fun collection of fonts! You'll get 10 radiant and retro typefaces from Skyhaven Fonts for one low price. These handmade fonts offer a great variety of styles from serious to fun in both a loud and retro type style. They're just perfect for everything from posters to logos to book covers!


  • Add some real style to your latest design projects with this fabulous collection of 10 terrific typefaces from Skyhaven Fonts.
  • This bundle of fantastic fonts covers a variety of styles from radiant to retro and spooky to starry.
  • All fonts are handmade, adding that real personal touch to your work.
  • A number of the typefaces include both Uppercase and Lowercase letters, numbers and basic punctuation.
  • Use these fonts on all sorts of homemade projects including: logos, posters, book covers, websites, ads, movie titles and more!



Normally, this Skyhaven Fonts Super Bundle sells for $72, but for a limited time only, you can get all 10 typefaces for only $17! That's a savings of 76% off the regular price! OR get BOTH the Desktop + Web fonts together for only $25!

Click the BUY NOW button to take home these typefaces today!

Deal terms:
  • Delivered as an instant download, after completing your purchase.
  • These fonts may be used for both personal and commercial purposes, for both you and your clients' projects.
  • Desktop font files are delivered in both .otf and .ttf formats and work on both Windows and Mac.
  • The Web fonts are delivered in .eot, .svg, .ttf and .woff formats.
  • These fonts cannot be re-sold or shared in any way.

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NOW ON: 140+ Photoshop Actions Plus 35 Frame Mockups - only $14!

Expires: August 14, 2015, 11:59 pm EST

If you're looking to give your photos a real professional touch, this Creative Photographer's Toolkit was made for you. A fabulous bundle full of Photoshop actions and 3D frame mockups, you'll easily add more than 140 different effects to your images. Thanks to Smart Objects, you can easily edit the templates to work your photos into true works of art.


  • Spruce up your average photos with this incredible collection of Photoshop effects and frame mockups.
  • Play around with fabulous effects including: HDR, Cross Processing, Artistic, Geometric and more!
  • Convert your good photos into fabulous ones with 143 different Adobe Photoshop actions, including Artistic, Geometric and Professional sets.
  • With just a single click of the mouse you can add dozens of different effects to any of your photos, turning an ordinary image into an extraordinary one.
  • Give your images some special love and attention with 35 different 3D Frame Mockups, all easy to edit using Smart Objects.



Normally, this bundle of designer tools sells for $66, but for a limited time only, you can get these wonderful Photoshop Actions and Templates for only $14! That's a savings of 79% off the regular price!

Click the BUY NOW button and give your photos a real professional touch today!

Deal terms:
  • Delivered as an instant download, after completing your purchase. The download is split into multiple files, with a total download size of approximately 900 MB.
  • The mockups are delivered in .psd format. The actions require Adobe Photoshop CS4 or higher (including CC 2015).
  • May be used for both commercial or personal purposes, for yourself or for your clients. You may modify the size, color or shape of the elements.

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NOW ON: UI Kit Elixir with 1,000+ Web Components - only $27!

Expires: September 4, 2015, 11:59 pm EST

Getting a head start is always helpful when you're working in design. When you get your hands on this Mighty Deal called Elixir, you'll find yourself saving a ton of time (and money!) getting started on your latest project. This incredible PSD UI Kit includes more than 1,000 unique elements, components and Web templates in one highly organized package. Everything from buttons to navigations to alerts are at your finger tips.


  • Get more than 1,000 different design elements to take your next project to the next level. The deal includes also more than 100 ready web templates.
  • No matter what your next project is, you're bound to find the perfect solution in this mega bundle that includes the following elements: buttons, tables, forms, navbars, paginations, alerts, modals, footers and so much more.
  • Save countless hours on your designs by getting a head start with these professional Web design elements.
  • Easily drag and drop any of these design elements to your latest project as they were built on the Bootstrap grid system.
  • Customize these elements any way you like without fear of losing any quality, since they were created with 100% vector paths.
  • Get fabulous support and documentation to explain exactly how to use any of these elements.
  • Navigate the files with ease thanks to a highly organized layer structure with groups and subgroups throughout.


Check all the previews here.


Normally, this mammoth UI kit full of elements, components and Web templates sells for $98, but for a limited time only, you can get Elixir for only $27! That's a savings of 72% off the regular price.

Click the BUY NOW button to dive into design today!

Deal terms:
  • Delivered as an instant download, after completing your purchase.
  • The files are delivered in PSD, JPG, TTF and CSS formats.
  • May be used for both commercial or personal purposes, for yourself or for your clients. You may modify the size, color or shape of the elements.

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NOW ON: 50+ Artistic Items in a Mockup Scene Creator Bundle - only $17!

Expires: August 12, 2015, 11:59 pm EST

As an artist, you can show off your lettering, designs and sketches in a simple, straight-forward manner. But if you really want to wow your clients, take advantage of this incredible Mighty Deal featuring 4 Mockup Packs: 2 Mockup Creators and 2 Staged Scenes! You'll get more than 50 unique artistic tools and objects including pens, pencils, notepads, brushes, erasers, ink wells and more. Easily create your own mockup scene by mixing and matching backgrounds, objects and items.


  • Show off your lettering, calligraphy, sketches and various designs in a truly refreshing and unique way!
  • Use a wide range of items and sketching media from the leading art suppliers to display your work.
  • Choose from 47 different artistic tools and items such as big and small notepads (closed and open), paper pads, portfolios, sketchbooks, pencils, erasers, pencil sharpener, ruler, brushes, calligraphy pens, ink bottles and so much more!
  • All tools and items include dynamic shadows to truly add some realism to your work. Rotate any item without causing issues with shadows, or even alter shadows globally with a simple adjustment.
  • Simple to use, just mix and match objects through layers in Photoshop, and you can create the perfect display area for your work.
  • Work with 10 included backgrounds such as black wood, cool blue, dark concrete, white dusty, wooden background and more.
  • All files are high-res, clear images to ensure your work is as top-notch, professional as it can be.
  • The PSD files included with your deal are all highly organized into meaningful groups, so it won't take you long at all to find what you're looking for.
  • Additional effects include Large Zoom, Blur, Realistic Shadows and Masks.

Bonus Sets:

In addition to the base Mockup Scene Creator, this Mighty Deal also includes 2 Bonus Sets: Calque Mockup Scene Creator (17 new items: 4 new Winsor and Newton ink colors, 1 Winsor and Newton ink box, 1 silver Pentel pen, 6 color pens and 5 colors of Winsor and Newton brushes) and Lettering & Drawing Mockup Set (with a set of 6 scenes).



Normally, this bundle sells for $35, but for a limited time only, you can get all 4 Mockup Scene Creator sets for only $17! That's a savings of over 50% off the regular price.

Click the BUY NOW button to start stealing the scene today!

Deal terms:
  • Delivered as an instant download, after completing your purchase.
  • The file is delivered as a Photoshop PSD file with Smart Objects.
  • Requires Adobe Photoshop CS3 or higher (including CC 2015).
  • Can be used for both personal and commercial purposes. You may not resell the scenes that are built with Custom Scene.

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NOW ON: Get Detailed Landing Page Feedback with UsersThink - only $29!

Expires: August 12, 2015, 11:59 pm EST

Looking for some legitimate feedback on your website? Then be sure to take advantage of this fabulous deal from UsersThink. You'll get real feedback from real people. There's nothing to set up or configure, as UserThink does it all for you, and even spits out a detailed report of the participants, including age, gender and experience level. Test any page on your site that you'd like from homepages to squeeze pages.


  • Get real feedback from actual people, ones who have never even been to your site before.
  • Analyze user reaction and make any appropriate adjustments to your site to optimize the user flow.
  • Simple to set up, since UsersThink does all the heavy lifting for you, taking care of everything related to setup and configuration.
  • You don't even need to find users to test out and comment on your site, as UsersThink even takes care of recruiting for you.
  • Go ahead and test any type of landing page on your site, including:
    • Prototypes and Mockups (Invision, Axure, Balsamiq, etc.).
    • Landing Page Services (Unbounce, LaunchRock, Instapage, etc.).
    • Pricing/order pages.
    • Squeeze/PPC pages.
    • Coming Soon pages.
    • Product pages.
  • Feedback reports include age, gender and computer experience level for every single participant.
  • It's like having an instant focus group at your disposal any time you need it.

Sample reports:

Gotranspose.com report 1

Gotranspose.com report 2


"Ran another round of website testing with @usersthinkapp. Really good, actionable feedback. Feels like we've been flying blind without it." - Adam Steinberg @adams472

"I used the @UsersThinkapp and found it to be really great. I got actionable insight from a variety of sources in record time! Great stuff!" - Andrew Zusman @UXAndrew

"If you need quick user feedback for your landing page, try @UsersThinkapp. I got a pretty useful report from them on @hackermonthly" - Lim Cheng Soon @bearwithclaws


With 3 different purchase options, you can save nearly 50% off the regular price of UsersThink's services.

  • Bootstrap Plan
    6 Participants offering feedback
    Pay just $29 (Regularly $39)
  • Professional Plan
    12 Participants offering feedback
    Pay just $39 (Regularly $69)
  • Business Plan
    18 Participants offering feedback
    Pay just $49 (Regularly $99)

Click the BUY NOW button to start getting site feedback today!

Deal terms:
  • You will receive a coupon code, after completing your purchase, to register at the Userthink website.
  • Results will be delivered via email in 72 hours from that point.
  • A limited quantity of this deal is available.


  • vocal
  • trap
  • trance
  • techno
  • symphonic-rock
  • spain
  • soundtrack
  • soul
  • singer
  • score
  • rock
  • rnb
  • reggaeton
  • reggae
  • rap
  • punk
  • progressive
  • post-grunge
  • pop
  • other
  • new-audio
  • metalcore
  • lounge
  • latino
  • jazz
  • instrumental
  • indie
  • house
  • hip-hop
  • heavy-metal
  • hard-rock
  • funk
  • folk
  • electronic
  • dubstep
  • drum-and-bass
  • downtempo
  • deep-house
  • dance
  • country
  • club-house
  • classical
  • classic-rock
  • chillout
  • breakbeat
  • blues
  • ambient
  • alternative-rock