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NOW ON: Bundle: 20 Downloadable Vintage Motivational Posters

Expires: February 13, 2015, 11:59 pm EST

Some days you just need a little motivational push. A few words or short phrase to get you going. Thanks to this inspiring Mighty Deal from autoopnizioni binarie com, you'll have all the motivation you need to do your best! This fabulous collection includes 20 colorful, vintage posters full of truly inspiring phrases. Even the price is vintage, seeing as how you can jump on this deal to save more than 95% off the regular price!


  • 20 Motivational Posters
    Talk about inspiring! This super mega collection includes 20 vintage posters chock full of inspiring, motivational quotes. The entire collection clocks in at 185MB!
  • Inspirational Quotes
    These posters all contain truly inspiring phrases to get you going through the day. Phrases include:
    • "Always think outside the box"
    • "You can have results or excuses, not both"
    • "Set your goals high and don't stop till you get there"
    • "Open your mind before your mouth"
  • Fully Scalable
    Every file in this bundle is 100% vector, delivered in .EPS format. Go ahead and scale them up or down in size without worrying about losing even an ounce of detail.
  • Hi-Res Previews
    Each poster in this collection comes with a high-resolution JPG preview. The preview sizes up at 3344x4961 px.
  • Colorfully Vintage
    This bundle features some super bright and vibrant posters, as well as a number of black and white versions. Easily brighten your day!

Previews of the Posters Included:


Normally you'd pay $200 for this inspiring collection but for a limited time only, you can get all 20 vintage motivational posters for just $9! That's a savings of 95% off the regular price!

Click the BUY NOW button to get motivated today!

Deal terms:
  • Delivered as an instant download, after completing your purchase, with a total size of approximately 185MB.
  • Every file in this collection is 100% vector in EPS format. That means you can scale them up and down in size without any worry about losing details.
  • All files are accompanied by a high resolution JPG preview (3344 x 4961 pixel).
  • All files are Windows / Mac OSX compatible.
  • The texts are not editable.
  • These graphics may be used for personal use only, or as decoration of commercial spaces limited to not more than 5 prints for each poster per purchased license.

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NOW ON: Bundle of 20 Gorgeous Résumé & 4 Cover Letter Templates from Kukook

Expires: February 18, 2015, 11:59 pm EST

Applying for jobs is always a tough fight. There's just such a huge amount of competition out there, it can be impossible to make your simple resume stick out from the crowd. That's why you need a leg up on the competition with some beautifully designed resumes! This Mighty Deal from non funziona iq option offers 20 gorgeous Résumé and 4 Cover Letter templates to help you nab that perfect job! With customizable Word documents, you can easily change up the fonts and colors, as well as slot in your personal information. Your first job, however, is jumping on this deal before it runs out, so you can save more than 75% off the regular price! Get this entire bundle, for a limited time only, for just $37, instead of the regular price of $180!

Deal Highlights:

  • 20 Beautiful and Professional Résumé Templates and 4 Cover Letter Templates
  • Simple to Edit Word Templates - Just fill in your own details
  • Easily Customizable - Change the fonts or colors for countless variations
  • Variety of Styles - Ranging from artistic to creative to simple and modern!

Deal terms:
  • Delivered as an instant download, after completing your purchase.
  • Files are delivered as Microsoft Word templates.
  • All files are for personal use only.
  • Redistribution of this document is prohibited, whether it be for marketing, selling, promoting, or giving it away.
  • Kukook does NOT guarantee this document will help in your career searching process, and holds no responsibility over failed job opportunities, etc.

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NOW ON: BUNDLE: 450 Professional Lightroom Presets - only $12!

Expires: February 11, 2015, 11:59 pm EST

Some photographers are like magicians. They can take an otherwise dull and lifeless image and magically transform it into a an exciting work of art! One way to achieve that is through Lightroom Presets, a quick and easy way to add some pop to your images. With this Mighty Deal from Symufa, you'll get yourself binary option strategy to create your own masterpieces. Easy to install, these presets cover 10 unique categories from Pinhole Pro to Underwater Photography. Act now and get the entire collection for a mere $12!

Lightroom Presets Bundle Highlights:

  • 450 Lightroom Presets - volume 2
    Add a slew of different effects to your photos to create high-quality, professional images! This bundle includes 450 different Lightroom Presets to turn your photos into true masterpieces!
  • 10 Unique Categories
    These 450 Lightroom Presets are made up of 10 different categories, so you'll have a wide variety of effects to choose from. Categories include: HDR Pro, Pinhole Pro, Premium Light Leak, Wedding Photography, Pastel Effet, Born Baby, Premium Winter, Premium Retro, Landscape Photography, and Underwater Photography.
  • Convert Dull Photos into Vibrant Ones
    With these amazing presets, you can take your old dull photos, click a few buttons and suddenly you'll have some amazing works of art! Impress your family, friends, clients and more! These presets work with both RAW and JPEG files. 
  • Easy to Install
    These presets work with Lightroom 4 and 5 and are easy to install. If you need additional help, there's a detailed Readme file to explain the process.
  • Royalty-Free License
    These professional presets come with a royalty-free license. That means you can use them on your own personal photos or even for commercial projects!

Includes These 10 Collections:

20 HDR Pro Lightroom Presets 1
20 HDR Pro Lightroom Presets 2
20 HDR Pro Lightroom Presets 3
20 HDR Pro Lightroom Presets 4

20 Pinhole Pro Lightroom Presets 1
20 Pinhole Pro Lightroom Presets 2
20 Pinhole Pro Lightroom Presets 3
20 Pinhole Pro Lightroom Presets 4

20 Premium Light Leak Presets V 3 1
20 Premium Light Leak Presets V 3 2
20 Premium Light Leak Presets V 3 3
20 Premium Light Leak Presets V 3 4

20 Wedding Photography Pro Presets V 2 1
20 Wedding Photography Pro Presets V 2 2
20 Wedding Photography Pro Presets V 2 3
20 Wedding Photography Pro Presets V 2 4

40 Born Baby Lightroom Presets 1
40 Born Baby Lightroom Presets 2
40 Born Baby Lightroom Presets 3

40 Pastel Effect Lightroom Presets 1
40 Pastel Effect Lightroom Presets 2
40 Pastel Effect Lightroom Presets 3
40 Pastel Effect Lightroom Presets 4

40 Retro Lightroom Presets 1
40 Retro Lightroom Presets 2
40 Retro Lightroom Presets 3
40 Retro Lightroom Presets 4

50 Premium Winter Lightroom Presets V 2 1
50 Premium Winter Lightroom Presets V 2 2
50 Premium Winter Lightroom Presets V 2 3

100 Landscape Lightroom Presets 1
100 Landscape Lightroom Presets 2
100 Landscape Lightroom Presets 3
100 Landscape Lightroom Presets 4
100 Landscape Lightroom Presets 5

100 Underwater Lightroom Presets 1
100 Underwater Lightroom Presets 2
100 Underwater Lightroom Presets 3
100 Underwater Lightroom Presets 4
100 Underwater Lightroom Presets 5


Normally you'd pay $40 for this great collection, but for a limited time only, you can get all 450 Lightroom Presets for just $12! That's a savings of 70% off the regular price!

Click the BUY NOW button to add some real life to your dull photos today!

Deal terms:
  • Delivered as an instant download, after completing your purchase.
  • Note: These are Lightroom presets (not Photoshop), which require Adobe Lightroom 4 or 5.
  • Compatible with RAW and JPEG images.
  • These presets can be used Royalty Free for both commercial and personal purposes.
  • You may not redistribute, resell, lease, license, sub-license or offer these resources to any third party. This includes uploading our resources to another websites or media-sharing tool, and offering our resources as a separate attachment from any of your work.

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NOW ON: Bundle of 9 Beautiful, Professional Script Fonts from FontYou - only $27!

Expires: February 10, 2015, 11:59 pm EST

Script fonts can turn an ordinary project into an extraordinary one. With this magnificent Mighty Deal from the online collaborative font foundry migliori siti trading opzioni binarie, you'll get your delicate fingers on 9 different script fonts - a total of 16 styles! Styles vary from punchy to classy, and each font comes with a variety of styles and features. Best of all, you can get the entire set at a discount of more than 90% if you act now!

Script Fonts Bundle Highlights:

  • 9 Professional Script Fonts
    One bundle gets you 9 beautiful and professional script fonts in a total of 16 styles! Your purchase of this Mighty Deal includes the following: Brixton FY Family, the Léon FY Family, the Chelly FY Family, the Coco FY Regular, the Vanille FY Regular, the Kraaken FY Regular, the Paname FY Regular, the Rag FY Regular and the Beaurencourt FY Family.
  • Wide Variety of Styles
    With more than a dozen script fonts to add to your typeface toolbox, you're sure to get a wide range of styles and personalities. These creative, high-quality fonts cover a variety of styles such as classy, girly, lovely, retro, friendly, serious, vintage, classic, punchy, and more!
  • Countless Uses
    Truly versatile, these script fonts are perfect for anyone looking to add some real spice to their latest projects. Use them on posters, signs, T-shirts, branding, logos, packaging, headlines, invitations and anything else you can think of.
  • Global Collaborative Foundry
    Every font in this collection is singular and has been co-created by amazing designers around the world on FontYou, the first online collaborative type foundry. 

So what's in the box? Take a gander below at the collection of script fonts included in this amazing Mighty Deal:

Brixton FY

A friendly handwritten font, Brixton FY sports round and curvy serifs. Besides coming in 2 separate weights, you'll also get 5 complete alternate sets, not to mention 2 upper case sets, dingbats, frames and ornaments. Plus, with its OpenType features, you'll have access to more than 1250 glyphs with all sorts of ligatures and stylistic alternates.

Leon FY

Co-created by a French illustrator and cartoonist, Leon FY gives off a friendly and spontaneous feel. Available in 2 weights (Regular and Medium), this font also includes small caps, ligatures and alternates.

Chelly FY

Friendly curves and ballpoint pen shapes make Chelly FY a really lovely script font that's just perfect for all sorts of girly designs, branding, packaging or even menu boards.

Coco FY

Reminicscent of storefront sign paintings, Coco FY is a fabulous vintage script font full of high contrasts and condensed forms.

Vanille FY

Sweet! This creamy script font known as Vanille FY is a refreshing breath of fresh air!

Kraaken FY

Original and robust, Kraaken FY is a new ultra black script tailor made for posters, headlines, logos other punchy design projects.

Paname FY

Smooth and friendly, Paname FY is a wonderful vintage font that's real comfortable on packaging, posters, headlines and logo design. Includes cursive capital letters, 74 ligatures and alternates with swash.

Rag FY

Wild and dynamic, the Rag FY typeface includes some really crazy animal dingbats!

Beaurencourt FY

Inspired by 19th century handwriting, Beaurencourt FY is truly an old-fashioned script font. Delicate in nature, this script font was developed in 2 weights: regular and light. Perfect for small sizes, but will also work at larger ones where it reveals the texture of ink and paper.

Beaurencourt 1
Beaurencourt 2
Beaurencourt 3
Beaurencourt 4
Beaurencourt 5
Beaurencourt 6


Normally this bundle of beautiful script fonts sells for $441 (for the Desktop versions), but for a limited time only, you can get all 9 script fonts for a mere $27! That's 94% off the regular price! OR get BOTH the Desktop + Web fonts together for just $39, instead of the regular price of $661!

Click the BUY NOW button to take your typefaces to a unique new level.

Deal terms:
  • Delivered as an instant download after completing your purchase.
  • The Desktop font files are in both .otf and .ttf formats and work on both Windows and Mac.
  • The Web fonts are delivered in .eot, .svg, .ttf and .woff formats and are designed to work with @font-face for text on websites.
  • Can be used for commercial or personal projects.
  • Licensed for up to three users.
  • See the autoopzione binarie.

trading opzioni binarie condizioni

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NOW ON: 200+ Professional Photoshop Actions from Photographypla.net - only $17!

Expires: February 7, 2015, 11:59 pm EST

If you're looking to spice up your photos, this amazing Mighty Deal from Photographypla.net is perfect for you. You'll get yourself binary option simulator from 11 different Action sets ranging from Light Leaks to Lomo effects. These actions are simple to apply, easy to customize and won't destroy your original photos.

Professional Photoshop Actions Bundle Highlights:

  • 11 Photoshop Actions
    This fabulous collection of Photoshop actions features 11 fantastic sets! That's a slew of different actions to apply to your photos for picture perfection!
  • 200+ Individual Photoshop Actions
    With 11 different sets, you better believe you'll get yourself a monstrous amount of professional Photoshop Actions. To be sure, you'll snag a total of 224 individual actions to quickly and easily add all sorts of wonderful effects to your photos.
  • Non-Destructive Effects
    Every action in this bundle is a non-destructive one. That means you can add whatever effects you'd like, without losing your original photo layer. Yep, it'll stay unaltered as its own layer.
  • Customize to Your Needs
    As you apply these actions, all your layers and adjustment layers created by the action will remain in tact. That means you can dive in and make whatever changes or tweaks you'd like to any specific photo.

Take a look at the specific Photoshop Action Sets you'll get:

Matte Actions

This collection of 35 Photoshop actions let you create some incredible matte effects, including several black-and-white ones and even some mono effects for a colored tint. Great for all types of photos but work especially well with portraits. iqoption solo webmoney.

Matte Ps Actions

Haze Actions

Add a beautiful haze effect to your photos with a single click using these 15 professional Photoshop actions. Perfect for outdoor photos, including outdoor portraits, nature photos and landscapes. Effects include subtle hints of color (strawberry, gold and purple), as well as warming and cooling actions. bonus senza deposito opzioni binarie 2015.

Haze Ps Actions

Film-Inspired Actions

These 43 different actions make it real easy to apply all sorts of film-inspired effects to improve portraits, wedding photos or landscapes. You'll get a nice mix of color actions and black-and-white conversions and effects. opzioni binario swizzere.

Film Ps Actions

Touch of Drama Actions

Add some real drama and intrigue to your photos with this versatile group of Photoshop actions. trading on line migliori piattaforme forex o doppio binario.

Touch Of Drama Ps Actions

Dreamland Actions

With this group of 12 Photoshop actions, you can instantly add a whimsical and dreamy feel to your photos. Great for outdoor photos including portraits, these dreamtastic effects will soften your photos and colors while creating a gorgeous look. opzioni binarie migliori indicatori.

Dreamland Ps Actions

Intensify Actions

When you need a real strong and bold effect, any of these 8 actions will get the job done. These actions will make colors pop, add strong contrast or improve sharpness to add some real intensity to your photos for a stronger impact. imparare a fare trader.

Intensify Ps Actions

Lomo Actions

Fans of the popular vintage camera effect will love this set of 25 Lomo actions. You'll get 20 different Lomo actions (skewed colors, saturation, blurred edges, and vignettes) in hi-res and low-res versions, as well as 5 additional actions for adding different amounts of grain. www youtube com watch v fpilyqpguxc&feature autoshare.

Lomo Ps Actions

Retro Charm Actions

Add a real memorable vintage/retro look to your images with this set of 25 Retro Charm actions. You'll get 20 actions that are a bit stronger than the effects of the Soft Retro Photoshop Actions, plus 5 actions to add varying amounts of grain to your photographs. piattaforma con opzione binarie.

Retro Charm Ps Actions

Soft Retro Actions

Add a soft or subtle vintage/retro effect to your images with this collection of 15 actions, as well as 5 actions for adding grain to your images. come capire le inversione di una candela in iq option.

Soft Retro Ps Actions

Vintage Euphoria Actions

Work a vintage look into your photos with this collection of 24 vintage actions. You'll get 15 actions for creating a variety of vintage-inspired effects, 3 actions for adding different amounts of grain, and an additional 6 actions to add a variety of vignettes. investire sui derivati.

Vintage Euphoria Ps Actions

Essential Light Leaks Actions

This set of 40 actions will help you easily apply a variety of different light leaks to your photos, including several different colors and color combinations, and multiple different angles. conoscete autopzioni binarie.

Essential Light Leaks Ps Actions


Normally, you'd pay $232 for this massive collection of Photoshop Actions, but for a limited time only, you can get all 224 incredible actions for just $17! That's a monstrous 93% off the regular price!

Click the BUY NOW button and add some action to your work today!

Deal terms:
  • Delivered as an instant download, after completing your purchase.
  • The actions require Photoshop CS4 or newer ( including CC or CC 2014).
  • Each set except for the Lomo Actions also includes a version for Photoshop Elements 11+.
  • The actions can be used on personal and commercial photos.
  • The actions cannot be re-distributed or re-sold.

trading finanziario binario

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NOW ON: Bundle of 3 Fantastic Web Design Courses from TenTon - only $27!

Expires: February 5, 2015, 11:59 pm EST

Sick of being schooled by other designers? Then it's time to school yourself! Take advantage of this Mighty Deal and you'll get your hands on 3 incredible, hands-on, step-by-step training videos! This Web Design Video Course Bundle from siti investire su opzioni binarie, includes courses on Building Responsive Sites, Working with Video and Audio, and Applying Design to Your Wireframes. Each course includes downloadable content and can be streamed anywhere at anytime! Jump on this deal now to save yourself almost 70% off the regular price!

Video Training Bundle Highlights:

  • 3 Info-Packed Web Design Training Videos
    If you're looking to beef up your Web design skills, this bundle of training videos can certainly get you there! You'll get yourself 3 amazing training videos including: bonus opzioni binarie trading, opzioni binarie oro, and i principali broker di opzioni binarie.
  • Watch Anywhere, Anytime
    The videos in this course are all available to stream online. That means you can watch them anytime you want, and anywhere you happen to be!
  • Unlimited Lifetime Access
    Your purchase of this Mighty Deal gets you a lifetime access to these videos. Watch and rewatch them as many times as you'd like!
  • Downloadable Project Files
    Nothing beats hands-on training! And with these resourceful training videos, you'll also get a number of downloadable project files to further enhance your learning.

Take a closer look at the 3 courses included in this bundle:

Building Responsive Websites with HTML5 & CSS3

  • Step-By-Step Instructions
  • Follow along the step-by-step instructions to learn just how to design layouts for all sorts of device displays. You'll learn how to put together a layout for everything from tablets to smartphones to desktops!
  • 7 Detailed Chapters
  • This incredible resource is broken up into 7 specific course chapters to help get you from start to finish in terms of responsive design. Over the course of 3 hours and 32 minutes, you'll get the following:
    • Chapter 1: Responsive Design Fundamentals
    • Chapter 2: The Basics - Multiple Style Sheets & Media
    • Chapter 3: Building HTML Structure & CSS For All Screens
    • Chapter 4: Building the Tablet Layout
    • Chapter 5: Building the Smartphone Layout
    • Chapter 6: Advanced Techniques for Responsive Design
    • Chapter 7: Wrapping Up
  • Great for All Skill Levels
  • Whether you're a seasoned professional or just getting your feet wet with HTML and CSS, this course will be perfect for you!

HTML5 Video & Audio Workshop

  • Easily Add Video and Audio to Your Website
    This course will give you an in-depth look at how to best add various audio and video files to your website. You'll learn to master a variety of different media options and settings to produce the best results.
  • Master Media Variety
    There are loads of different file formats, codecs and other multimedia aspects. This helpful video tutorial will put you in the driver's seat as you master the various aspects of the multimedia world.
  • File Conversionn
    Media files come in so many different styles and formats, many not user-friendly. You'll learn hot to quickly and easily convert your content into Web-friendly formats.
  • 5 Powerful Chapters
    In just under 2 hours, you'll be taught a clear, straightforward approach to handling video and audio components on the Web. Through 5 info-packed chapters, you'll learn everything about handling media on the Web, including:
    • Chapter 1: Getting Started With Audio & Video
    • Chapter 2: Adding Audio & Video to Our Web Projects
    • Chapter 3: Additional Options for Handling Media
    • Chapter 4: Encoding Media for HTML5 Projects
    • Chapter 5: Wrapping Up

Applying Design To Wireframes with HTML5 & CSS3

  • Convert Your Wireframes Into Gorgeous Sites
    This fabulous course will show you how to take your basic wireframe layouts and work some real magic on them. You'll learn how to turn those designs into some truly visually stunning websites!
  • Font Integration
    Working in special custom fonts can really improve a website's look and feel. With this course, you'll learn how to best integrated custom fonts from Google Fonts API right into your layout's CSS.
  • Cross-Browser/Cross-Platform Testing
    Layouts are great when you design them but the second you look at them in a different browser or platform, could be the end of perfection. Get the lowdown on various tools and processes to help you test your layouts over a variety of different browsers and platforms.
  • 5 Detailed Chapters
    In a little less than 2 hours, you'll wind your way through everything you need to know about applying functional and attractive design principles to your wireframe. Over 5 chapters, this course runs down typography, graphics and color schemes:
    • Chapter 1: From Wireframe to Design
    • Chapter 2: Getting the Design Underway
    • Chapter 3: Inserting & Formatting Graphics
    • Chapter 4: Cross-Browser Testing
    • Chapter 5: Wrapping Up


Normally you'd pay $85 for this collection of training videos, but for a limited time only, you can get all 3 resourceful Web design training videos for just $27! That's a savings of 68% off the regular price!

Click the BUY NOW button to get your learning started today!

Deal terms:
  • After purchasing this deal, you'll be provided with a coupon code to register at the Ten Ton Book website, to access your video training.
  • This course is available as online streaming video directly from TenTonOnline.com.
  • Unlimited ongoing access. Watch and rewatch videos as much as you like, for as long as you like!
  • Access is per person and is non-transferable.

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NOW ON: EXCLUSIVE Valentine's Font Bundle: 10 Lovely Typefaces - only $27!

Expires: February 4, 2015, 11:59 pm EST

Love is in the air. Sure, Valentine's Day being just around the corner probably has something to do with it. But why not spread the love all over your latest designs? With this Mighty Deal Exclusive Valentine's Font Bundle, you can score yourself 10 lovely typefaces all geared towards the elegant and romantic side of things. And while you can't put a price on love, you can put a price on this bundle! Jump on it now and you can save over 90% off the regular price! Seriously, what's not to love?

In 1 love-filled bundle you'll get all 10 of the following fonts:

Lignette Script

Pure elegance. That's one way to describe this contemporary upright script font. Lignette Script, an elegant monoline font from FaceType, is composed of 535 glyphs, 71 gorgeous ligatures and a wide range of languages including Greek.

Lignette 01
Lignette 02
Lignette 03
Lignette 04
Lignette 05
Lignette 06
Lignette 07
Lignette 08
Lignette 08
Lignette 09


Fun and casual, the hand-written script typeface Sherina, from Artismana, is the perfect choice for wedding invitations, greeting cards and just about any type of design project that needs a vintage or personal touch. Take advantage of the fantastic OpenType features such as Contextual Alternates, Stylistic Alternates, Stylistic Sets, Swash and Ligature! And as a bonus, Sherina comes with a Hand-Drawn Floral set! Combine it seamlessly with the Sherina font for some real stylish results. Set comes in Adobe Illustrator and EPS file formats.

Sherina 01
Sherina 02
Sherina 03
Sherina 04
Sherina 05
Sherina 06


A truly elegant monoline script, Advena, from Artismana, delicately walks a fine line between calligraphy and natural handwriting. Featuring 325 glyphs and more than 150 alternate characters, Advena works wonders on wedding invitations, greeting cards, retro or vintage designs and more. With loads of alternate characters, you can really mix things up too! Features Contextual Alternates, Stylistic alternates, Stylistic Sets, Swash and Ligature.


Magesta Script

The Magesta Script family, from Yellow Design Studio, is a set of four vintage script fonts that capture the warm, authentic qualities of letterpress printing. Light, Regular, and Bold weights were created using different levels of ink coverage, while Mix is a combination of all three. The texture and slight misalignment add to its realism and antique charm.


Ulla FY

Inspired by storefront sign paintings and designed with a brush, Ulla FY, from Font You, is a beautiful and sexy vintage script font. It comes loaded with a variety of powerful design characteristics including uppercase generous calligraphic loops and lowercase spiky outstrokes. They all combine for a sensual and fully dynamic look. You'll also get a number of fancy ligatures (ss, tt, ff, rr) to add real variation to your sexy designs.

Ulla Fy 1
Ulla Fy 2
Ulla Fy 3
Ulla Fy 4
Ulla Fy 5
Ulla Fy 6
Ulla Fy 7
Ulla Fy 8
Ulla Fy 9
Ulla Fy 10


Sweet and sensual. That's the best way to describe Boudoir, a simple hand-drawn sans typeface from Juraj Chrastina. Including regular, bold and light weights, this uncluttered and straightforward font works wonders in small sizes. Mix and match different weights for different sizes in order to obtain a more balanced look.


Weingut Script Flourish

Talk about your details! Weingut Script Flourish, from FaceType, is a gorgeous decorative display font featuring high contrasts. Trimmed to fairly large font sizes, it's perfect for chapter titles, book jackets, headlines, invitations and even wine labels. Thanks to some astounding legibility, it's even great to use in small typesettings.

MD Weingut 1
MD Weingut 2
MD Weingut 3
MD Weingut 4


Casual yet formal at the same time, the Rhyme font family, from Typomancer, includes both Rhyme Casual and Rhyme Formal to perfectly suit your project's needs!

Rhyme Poster01
Rhyme Poster02
Rhyme Poster03
Rhyme Poster04

Aishart Font - Modern Calligraphy

A truly gorgeous calligraphy font, Aishart, from MyCandyThemes, is available in 2 styles, includes alternative letters, elegant swashes and more!

Aishart Font
Aishart Preview Alphabet
Aishart Preview1
Aishart Preview2
Aishart Preview3
Aishart Preview4

Love Story

Great for large sizes and short text, Love Story, from LatinoType, is a gorgeous display hairline typeface. Inspired by true love, it couldn't be more perfect for Valentine's Day, thanks to its soft curves and sweet style. Includes a set of Love Story Dingbats to add even more lovely visuaLove Storyto your work.

Love Story01
Love Story02
Love Story03
Love Story04
Love Story05
Love Story06
Love Story07
Love Story08


Normally you'd pay $337 for the Desktop versions of this lovely collection of fonts, but for a limited time only, you can get all 10 fonts for just $27! That's an incredible savings of 92% off the regular price!!! OR get BOTH the Desktop and Web font versions of all 10 font families together for just $39!

Click the BUY NOW button to spread a little love in your typeface toolbox today!

Deal terms:
  • Delivered as an instant download, after completing your purchase.
  • The desktop fonts are delivered in a mix of .otf and .ttf files and can be installed on both Mac and Windows.
  • In order to access the alternate characters and glyphs for some of these fonts, you will need an OpenType savvy programs, such as Adobe Illustrator or Adobe InDesign.
  • These fonts can be used for both commercial and personal projects.
  • You will receive a single user license for these fonts. You may purchase multiple licenses of this deal.

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NOW ON: Armature: Drag-N-Drop Wireframing Tool for Illustrator - only $12!

Expires: February 3, 2015, 11:59 pm EST

Wireframing's one of the first big steps in building out a website or mobile app. And now with the Adobe Illustrator extension tempo scadenza acquisti opz binario, you can do it all yourself! Even better, it's a snap to use!

With the drag-n-drop tool, just grab any object and move it to its proper place. Easily find any resource in a highly organized, searchable library including everything from headers to tooltips to content blocks. There are even complete layouts to use! Jump on this Mighty Deal now and you can save 50% off the regular price!


  • Easily Build Your Own Wireframes
    No need to purchase a separate wireframing program or hire someone else to handle building out your site's wireframes. Now with the Armature wireframing extension to Adobe Illustrator, you can create your own wireframes.
  • Simple to Use
    If you're familiar with Illustrator, creating wireframes will be a snap. Simply add objects to any artboard and you'll quickly have your wireframes built out. Just use the drag-and-drop functionality to put things in place. It couldn't be easier!
  • Highly Organized, Resourceful Library
    Armature's library isn't just well organized, it's also highly searchable. You'll find everything you need to build a website including headers, menus, tabs, footers, placeholders, tooltips, toggles, content blocks, form elements, and more!
  • Web and Mobile
    You can use Armature to build wireframes not just for the Web but for mobile devices as well. The panels include everything you'd need to quickly build mobile views. 
  • Complete Layouts
    With this Mighty Deal, you'll get a number of complete layouts to make your wireframing even easier. Take advantage of complete layouts such as blogs, ecommerce, portfolios, sign-ins, calendars, and tables!


Normally you'd pay $24 for this incredible drag-n-drop wireframing tool, but for a limited time only, you can get Armature for just $12! That's a 50% savings off the regular price!

Click the BUY NOW button to start wireframing today

Deal terms:
  • Delivered as an instant download, after completing your purchase.
  • Licensed for a single user.
  • Single file download, installs through Adobe Extension Manager.
  • Requires Adobe Illustrator CS5, 5.5, 6, CC or CC 2014.


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