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While the future of Google+ may be up in the air, there's no doubt that its comprehensive photo service is among the best free options available for backing up and online editing. Now, Google is trying to make sure people actually do something with the photos they shoot by launching Google+ Stories. Just as Google+ already has auto-backup and auto-enhance, this new feature is perhaps best explained as "auto album." The new feature analyzes the photos you upload to Google+ or Drive and pulls together an easily sharable "story" — a day-by-day timeline of photos, "auto awesome" GIFs, videos, and other content meant to give you a representation of moments in your life that were important enough for you to photograph in the first place.

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600+ Vector Calligraphic Ornaments & Page Decorations + Bonus – Only $32Ornamental designs are…well, awesome! And it’s pretty easy to understand why. Whether you want to create a vintage design, some page decorations for a restaurant, for a project that must inspire good taste, or pretty much any kind of digital or printed work under the sun – they’re just the thing you need! They never go out of style and, as mentioned above – there’s infinite ways of using them. That’s why we wanted to bring you a massive collection with 603 top-of-the line ca...

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Facebook is empowering voyeurs everywhere to be more proactive with new "ask" buttons. Geekosystem reports that the social media platform recently added the option to query someone else's relationship status. If the recipient chooses to answer, they can elect to either broadcast the answer publicly or share it with just you. Previously, users could only use the "ask" buttons to pressure their social circle into surrendering less salacious information like employment statuses, phone numbers, and home towns. It's no secret that Facebook is interested in having its users fill out their profiles. The Valentine's Day research results published in February illustrate exactly how the social network can use your personal data and what they —...

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If you've ever wanted to wallpaper your living room with the work of the old masters, now's your chance. The Metropolitan Museum of Art this month released an astounding 394,000 high-resolution images to the public. Visitors to the Met’s website can sort images by artist, medium, location, and era, and freely download images that are generally at least 10 megapixels in size.

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Vector Cute Monsters Creation Kit – Only $8This kit is great for designing cute monsters in just a matter of minutes! You can use them for web & print advertisements, stickers, avatars, t-shirts, mugs, invitation cards, product packaging, children artwork and pretty much anything that comes in mind. This kit contains the following: - 24 monster body silhouette in two styles (clean & hand-drawn) - 25 pairs of eyes in two styles in two styles (clean & hand-drawn) - 25 mouth expressions in two styles (clean & hand-dr...

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22 Premium WordPress Themes with Developer License & More – Just $39A huge shoutout to all the web designers and web developers out there! We’ve partnered with the guys from Zappy Themes in order to bring you one of the best deals in the world of WordPress! As you know, setting up a brand-new website is a pretty tough task. But nowadays with all these WordPress themes you can easily set up and launch a great-looking website in a matter of minutes! So, with this deal you will be able to save a whopping 50% OFF on the Developer License, which is definitely...

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    If you've been using Verizon's LTE service in major urban areas for a few years, you're probably well aware that speeds aren't what they used to be. The drop in speeds has provided fuel for competitors AT&T and T-Mobile, but Verizon is about to roll out its answer to those problems next week, according to rumors. Droid-Life reports that the carrier plans to release a rebranded "XLTE" service in large cities around the country with double the speeds of its current LTE network on May 19th.

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    After years of duking it out in courts around the world, Apple and Google's Motorola Mobility group settled their long-running lawsuit today. In a filing, which was first spotted by Reuters, the two companies said they planned to dismiss all lawsuits against one another. However the pair did not agree to any cross-licensing patent agreement that would have signaled a larger peace between the two companies.

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    10 best enterprise web development services revealed by bestwebdesignagencies.com for May 2014

    The independent authority on web design and development, bestwebdesignagencies.com, has named the top enterprise web development agencies in the web design industry for the month of May 2014. Various agencies are put through a meticulous evaluation of their solutions to ensure only the absolute best competing agencies are featured each month. The rankings are produced by the independent research team through meticulous benchmarking and analysis to uncover the top agencies offering these solutions.

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    The process for investigating and ranking enterprise web development firms involves a month-long process of testing the best contending firms based on the use of a set of investigation criteria and learning more about their solutions and their communications with their clients through references. Often times the bestwebdesignagencies.com independent investigation team connects directly with clients in order to inquire about the solutions and achievement from the standpoint of the client. Other times clients visit bestwebdesignagencies.com in order to provide their opinions about the firms which they use.

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    Posted On: May 16, 2014

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    • Used Book in Good Condition


    In Single Page Web Applications you’ll learn to build modern browser-based apps that take advantage of stronger client platforms and more predictable bandwidth. You’ll learn the SPA design approach, and then start exploring new techniques like structured JavaScript and responsive design. And you’ll learn how to capitalize on trends like server-side JavaScript and NoSQL data stores, as well as new frameworks that make JavaScript more manageable and testable as a first-class language.

    About this Book

    If your website is a jumpy collection of linked pages, you are behind. Single page web applications are your next step: pushing UI rendering and business logic to the browser and communicating with the server only to synchronize data, they provide a smooth user experience, much like a native application. But, SPAs can be hard to develop, manage, and test.

    Single Page Web Applications shows how your team can easily design, test, maintain, and extend sophisticated SPAs using JavaScript end-to-end, without getting locked into a framework. Along the way, you’ll develop advanced HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript skills, and use JavaScript as the language of the web server and the database.

    This book assumes basic knowledge of web development. No experience with SPAs is required.

    Purchase of the print book includes a free eBook in PDF, Kindle, and ePub formats from Manning Publications.

    What’s Inside

    • Design, build, and test a full-stack SPA
    • Best-in-class tools like jQuery, TaffyDB, Node.js, and MongoDB
    • Real-time web with web sockets and Socket.IO
    • Touch controls for tablets and smartphones
    • Common SPA design mistakes

    About the Authors

    The authors are architects and engineering managers. Michael Mikowski has worked on many commercial SPAs and a platform that processes over 100 billion requests per year. Josh Powell has built some of the most heavily trafficked sites on the web.

    Table of Contents

    1. Our first single page application
    2. Reintroducing JavaScript
    4. Develop the Shell
    5. Add feature modules
    6. Build the Model
    7. Finish the Model and Data modules
    9. The web server
    10. The server database
    11. Readying our SPA for production

    Buy Now!

    List Price: $ 44.99
    Price: $ 31.00