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NOW ON: 75 Professional Blurred Backgrounds- only $12!

Expires: January 20, 2014, 11:59 pm EST

Backgrounds are often overlooked. In movies, all those extras walking and talking in the distance just add a sense of realism to a scene. In photographs, they help frame the main image. And on websites or any other design project, a background can truly add a level of depth and fullness.

With an infinite number of color combinations at your disposal, it can be tough coming up with the perfect background blend. That's why this Mighty Deal from www x forex com is a real sight for sore eyes! This breathtaking collection of non funziona iq option features a trendy palette, awash in a wide array of beautiful colors. Perfect for any size project online or even in print, the best part of it all is that you can save 75% if you act now!

Blurred Backgrounds Collection Highlights:

  • 75 Blurred Backgrounds
    This collection includes all 3 sets of Digital Space's Blurred Backgrounds bundles. That gives you a total of 75 high-quality, professional blurred backgrounds to use on an incredible array of different projects.
  • Optional Glare
    Every background includes an optional glare for added effect. Take complete control over its opacity, form and position, or even turn it off completely.
  • Extremely High Resolution
    These blurred backgrounds come in super high-resolution, supporting industry standards like HD, Full HD and even 4K Ultra HD! With sizes up to 5120 x 2880 pixels, your backgrounds will look spectacular everywhere including Retina displays.
  • Great for Print
    With such high quality on each background, you can use any of them in professional 300 DPI prints such as magazines, book covers, T-shirts, posters, reports and more. Print beautiful projects at any size all the way up to 9.6 x 17.067 inches!
  • Multiple File Formats
    Your purchase of this Mighty Deal gets you these gorgeous blurred backgrounds in JPEG, PSD and PNG formats. That means they're compatible with any popular creative application, including Adobe Photoshop.
  • Fully Customizable
    Since you'll have the original files, these blurred backgrounds are a piece of cake to customize. Easily change up any part of these trendy palettes by adjusting colors, contrasts, glare, and more.
  • Extended License
    This collection of blurred backgrounds includes an Extended license. That means you can use them as many times as you'd like on any projects for yourself or your clients.


condizioni vip iq option

Usage Examples:


This collection of beautiful blurred backgrounds normally sells for $48, but for a limited time only, you can get all 75 gorgeous backgrounds for only $12! That's a savings of 75% off the regular price!

Click the BUY NOW button to add some background pop to your next project!

Deal terms:
  • Files are delivered as an instant download.
  • All backgrounds are delivered in both jpeg and Photoshop .psd formats.
  • Extended license: you can use these backgrounds in personal and commercial projects including those that are sold multiple times like website themes, t-shirts, apps etc.
  • The only limitation is that you can not sell or give away these backgrounds as is.

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NOW ON: Easily Create 3D Animated Text with Aurora3DAnimation - only $24!

Expires: January 18, 2014, 11:59 pm EST

Ever since Star Wars hit theaters decades ago, animated text has hit the mainstream full force. Whether you're working on your own movie, presentation or just want a fun animated logo for your website, creating animated text is fabulous design resource. It's also not as hard to pull off as you'd think.

With the iq option auszahlung for either Mac or PC, you can quickly and easily create professional animated text. This robust tool features roughly 4,000 different shapes to play with, as you add various animation styles to your project. Toss in dozens of pre-built templates, distortion effects, particle effects, dynamic backgrounds, and even separate bevel effects for your shape and text, and there's no telling how far you can take your animation!

And for a limited time only, you can take advantage of this amazing Mighty Deal, and snag Aurora3DAnimation at a whopping 66% off the regular price!

Aurora3DAnimation Highlights:

  • Simple and Easy Text and Logo Animation
    Aurora3DAnimation is a truly robust tool to help you easily make 3D movie titles, intro text and logo animations! With its user-friendly control panel, you'll quickly and easily have your animation set up in no time!
  • Multiple Language Support
    Besides having unicode support for Latin, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese and Korean characters, Aurora 3D Animation Maker supports a number of languages. Animate up to 7 different languages including: English, French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, and Russian.
  • Total Control
    With Aurora3DAnimation, you have complete key-frame animation at your disposal. That means you'll use just one single timeline to control everything about your animation! The length, playback speed, you name it!
  • Manipulate in 3D
    With a hands-on 3D Manipulator, it's easy to control your object position, rotate and scale at the X/Y/Z axis. Simply drag a button in the lower right part of an object to pull out the text or shape you'd like. 
  • Multiple Animation Styles
    This killer software doesn't just give you one neat animation style to play with. Uh uh. You've got loads of animations in your toolbox to change things up at will. Each object can have tons of animations including rotate, swing, beat, fade, wave, pulse, and typewriter.
  • Make Your Own Shapes
    If you're really adventurous, you can even create your own shapes! With a freehand shape tool, just edit your shape any way you'd like. There's even a way to import an .SVG file to the canvas so you can the nodes of your shape.
  • Pre-Built Templates
    Looking to just dive right into the animation? Not a problem! Your purchase of this Mighty Deal gets you a large assortment of 3D title and logo templates so you can start animating in minutes!
  • Simple Style Changes
    Want to change an object's appearance super fast? Just pick your object and click the styles color button to instantly change things up!
  • Easy Shape Switch
    Curious what your object will look like in different shapes? Then simply swap it out! Select your shape and simply choose another one on the panel. It couldn't be easier!
  • Total Text Control
    What you say is pretty important in a logo or title, right? Well, you'll have a text editor to completely control your text, altering the depth, width, character spaces and more.
  • 3D Graphics Mode
    Even in 3D, there are plenty of options available. Changing up the style of your design can quickly alter the graphics mode. There's plenty of options at your fingertips including Borders, Board, Buttons, 2D and 3D text.
  • 4,000 Graphic Shapes
    You'll have access to the SVG shape library, text shape library and toolbox in order to grab a shape for your logo or title. That's roughly 4,000 shapes to choose from!
  • Separate Bevel Effects
    Not only can you change up the bevel for your shape and text, but you can do so separately. Try all sorts of different combinations to find the right approach for you.
  • Distortion Effects
    Add some real funkiness to your design with any number of distortions. You can distort your text and shape with effects like sector, heave, wave, curve, arch and sunken.
  • Light and Particle Effects
    Besides having complete control of all the light settings in your project, you can add a ton of fun, eye-catching effects to your animation. Choose from space radiation, snow, smoke, rain, fireworks, flames, and more.
  • Dynamic Backgrounds
    Need to use dynamic backgrounds with your project? Sweet! Aurora3DAnimation supports dynamic backgrounds, letting your background move, rotate and even automatically scale.
  • Render Size Settings
    Easily adjust the size, width and height of both your preview and export files.
  • Export Options
    There are a number of options available for exporting. You can export your animation to movie, GIF animation or Image Sequence, all of which can then easily be imported and edited in any other video editing software you have. You can also export your designs as PNG, JPG, TIFF, BMP, GIF, and TGA files, all of which can then be imported and edited in various illustration applications.

Check out these demos:



"Since I got the license key, I have absolutely no problem to use the program. A very great software and need to have for each graphic designer." - Stefan Weber

"This program looks very useful. I am definitely going to download and try it. Animation 3D looks very useful as well. It's amazing how many software titles get introduced in bitsdujour that I would not otherwise have encountered.Thanks!I just finished experimenting with 3D Animation Maker. Wow, I am very impressed!I exported one of the samples as an avi and am very pleased with the quality." - Don Goddard

"I wanted to tell you know how much I am enjoying your software. I bought the 3D text maker, now I bought the 3D animation maker. Both of these programs will make my video projects really stand out." - John Harvat


Aurora3DAnimation normally sells for $69.95, but for a limited time only, you can get it for just $24! That's a huge 66% off the regular price!

Click the BUY NOW button and get animated today!

Deal terms:
  • Delivered as an instant download, together with your serial number.
  • Your name and email address will be sent to the vendor to generate your registration details only.
  • Requires Mac OS 10.6 or later (compatible with Mavericks), Windows XP/Vista/7/8.
  • You are granted a perpetual license with the purchase of this software.
  • Licensed per user for non-concurrent use only.
  • Transfer of a license to another owned computer is permitted.
  • 30 day return policy.

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NOW ON: Mastering App Presentation eBook by Jane Portman - only $17!

Expires: January 17, 2014, 11:59 pm EST

Whether you're making a website, an app or just about any product, the truly hard part comes when you're finished. You've spent days, weeks, months, maybe even years working on your masterpiece and once it's complete and ready for public consumption, well, you need to tell the public. Marketing is never easy, especially for designers. You may have created the world's greatest app, but if you can't even explain it properly on a landing page, you won't have many sales.

That's why Jane Portman's eBook autoopzione binarie is so vital. This 150+ page guide takes years of experience from Portman, as well as half a dozen other design veterans, and boils it down to key lessons for you to follow. You'll quickly learn how to create fantastic pitches and landing pages for your app, all in the name of elevating you to a highly sought-after designer. Plus, act quickly and you can save more than 50% off the regular price!

Mastering App Presentation Highlights:

  • 150+ Info-Packed Pages
    Jane Portman's 157-page eBook is chock full of highly useful information and professional illustrations. Dive in to learn exactly how to best pitch your amazing app and get some serious results.
  • 6 Expert Interviews
    Besides getting a braindump from Portman on her recommendations, Mastering App Presentation also features 6 expert interviews with some of the best, most experienced design professionals: Nathan Barry, Leigh Taylor, Nick Disabato, Rett Martin, Haraldur Thorleifsson, Sylvain Weiss. You'll uncover the secrets behind their success.

  • Compatible with Any Device
    Your purchase of this Mighty Deal gets you Jane Portmans eBook, Mastering App Presentation, in PDF format.
  • Improve Your Client Base
    So what can you expect after reading this incredible resource? If you follow the eBook's suggestions, you can look forward to plenty of success. Specifically, this eBook will prepare you to better market yourself. With this resource, you'll learn how to:
    • Create professional, eye-catching design pitches that land you the next job.
    • Build slick app landing pages that increase conversions and boost your sales.
    • Put together a killer portfolio showing off your best work and helping to land even more great sought-after clients.
    • Become monstrously popular in the design industry, known not just as someone who knows how to create great products, but sell them too.

Optional: App Presentation Templates

This Mighty Deal features 2 incredibly awesome deals for you. If you choose the Book & Template bundle, you'll get the amazingly helpful eBook, but you'll also get to put all that newfound knowledge to the test! With a set of PSD files and a library of device images, you can try out the various techniques from the book to really promote and market your latest app!

About the Author:

Jane Portman is an independent UI designer and consultant from Russia. She helps software businesses make more money with strategic design. While working as a creative director at a large agency, she learned that most designers have no idea how to handle presentations. She intends to change that by sharing her knowledge and experience with you.


The Mastering App Presentation eBook normally sells for $39, but for a limited time only you can get this must-have resource for only $17! That's a 56% savings off the regular price!

But wait! If you'd like the eBook PLUS the App Presentation Templates, we've got a Mighty Deal price for you too! This bundle normally sells for $99, but for a limited time only, you can get the eBook and templates for only $37! With prices that low, you have nothing holding you back from turning your latest app into the latest hot seller!

Click the BUY NOW button to choose your preference and start presenting your app like a master!

Deal terms:
  • All files are delivered as an instant download, after completing your purchase.
  • The eBook is delivered in PDF format.
  • The templates are delivered in both jpeg and Photoshop PSD formats.
  • Your name and email address will be supplied to the vendor for the purpose of providing support and product updates only.

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NOW ON: Retro Bohema Font (exclusive extra bonus styles) - only $17!

Expires: January 16, 2014, 11:59 pm EST

You know the old saying, "Everything old is new again." It's true, whether it's fashion, movies, books or yes, even Web design. In this case, we're talking about fonts. A classic art deco typeface with a real energetic modern twist, the binary option simulator is a blast from the past with a touch of the future.

This high-quality, professional font family includes 12 unique and distinct styles to give your next project a true air of elegance without having a dusty, old feel to it. Since we love the style so much, we've managed to work out a pretty special arrangement. If you purchase the Bohema font family through this Mighty Deal, you'll get an additional 8 exclusive font styles! You won't find these 8 Bohema styles anywhere else! Hurry before this deal ends up in your past!

Retro Bohema Fully Family Highlights:

  • Gorgeous Art Deco Style
    The Bohema typeface is a true breath of fresh font air... with a modern twist. This high-quality Art Deco font elicits the highbrow and socially elite style of the early 1900s, but done with an extremely slick modern-day approach. The result is a powerful retro-meets-modern feel.
  • 20 Font Styles
    The Retro Bohema full font family includes 20 fabulous styles to let you pick and choose how to best work this fabulous font into your next project. Styles include: Light, Light Italic, Regular, Regular Italic, Uppercase Light, Uppercase Light Italic, Uppercase Regular, Uppercase Regular Italic, Alternative Light, Alternative Light Italic, Alternative Regular, Alternative Regular Italic, Uppercase Regular Outline, Uppercase Regular Outline Italic, Uppercase Regular Gradient, Uppercase Regular Gradient Italic, Uppercase Regular 3D, Uppercase Regular 3D Italic, Uppercase Regular Combo, and Uppercase Regular Combo Italic.
  • BONUS: 8 Exclusive Styles!
    The Bohema font family normally comes with 12 fabulous font styles. You'll get all 12 with your purchase of this diggity deal. Even better, when you get this solid collection through Mighty Deals, you'll also get an additional 8 EXCLUSIVE styles! That's 8 styles you can't get anywhere else! If you truly want the full Bohema font family, you'll have to get it here!
  • Versatile Font
    So how can you best use a professional font like Bohema? In a ton of different ways. It's truly ideal for headlines, branding, editorial projects, merchandising, and any other special occasion that can really benefit from such a unique font!
  • EXTRA BONUS: Web Fonts
    As an added bonus, you'll also get the Web fonts (@font-face) of all 20 fonts at no extra charge!



The Bohema font family normally sells for $120 (for the Desktop version only), but for a limited time only, you can get the entire crew (including the 8 exclusive font styles), for only $17! - And this includes the Web fonts at no extra cost. Yowza! That's less than $1 per style! Why, that's a massive 86% off the regular price!

Click the BUY NOW button and take your projects back to the font future.

Deal terms:
  • Delivered as an instant download after completing your purchase.
  • The Desktop font files are in .otf format and work on both Windows and Mac.
  • The Web fonts are delivered in .eot, .svg, .ttf and .woff formats.
  • Licensed for one user only. You may choose multiple licenses in the shopping cart.
  • May be used for personal or commercial projects.

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NOW ON: BACK FOR ONE DAY ONLY!Exclusive: 10 Graphic Deals - only $47!

Expires: December 21, 2013, 1:59 am EST

This popular bundle for 10 Mighty Deals as 1 Huge Mega Mighty Deal has been brought back for 1 day only! That's one Mighty Bundle for one unbelievably low price!

Here's what you'll get bundle of deals:

investire sui derivati 4,400 Vectors From Vectorain
Get 4,400 royalty-free vector graphics in EPS10 format. Special searchable catalogue files are included to help you make the most of the collection. But that's not all; you'll also get 100 bitmap stock images as part of this deal. The regular price for this pack is $3960 (with the single deal price being $57).
conoscete autopzioni binarie

trading finanziario binario1,500 Icons — From GlyphOcean
Essential for navigation, UI design, and just plain looking cool, vector icons are an essential part of any designer's toolkit. With this deal you get 1,500 of the very best, all delivered in EPS, AI, CDR, JPEG, PDF, PNG, and CSH formats. The regular price for this pack is $63 (with the single deal price being $27).
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trading binario con 10 euro1,000 Stock Images — From PhotozMania
Get 1,000 royalty-free stock images from over 20 different categories. IPTC/Metadata is embedded into the files and model & property releases are included. A fantastic deal for designers looking to bolster their supply of stock photography. The regular price for this pack is $167 (with the single deal price being $77).
siti investire su opzioni binarie 

bonus opzioni binarie trading50 Texture Backgrounds — From Pixel Texture
With this Mighty Deal from Pixel Texture, you'll have more than enough texture backgrounds to keep you busy for months! This bundle includes 50 high-quality background graphics in a variety of different styles. Choose from wood, tiles, stripes, diamonds, cracks, and loads more all in a variety of colors. The regular price is $27 (with the single deal price being $10). 
opzioni binarie oro

i principali broker di opzioni binarie50 Cutout Images — From No Background Images
Get a bundle of over 50 stock images that are background free! You'll never need to waste time erasing pixel after pixel just to seamlessly fit a photo onto your site! All files come in at 300 DPI in PNG format. All 50 stock images are royalty free, meaning you can use them for any personal or commercial project you're working on. The regular price is $23 (with the single deal price being $10). si può guadagnare con opzioni binarie

opzioni binarie hack500 Outline Icons — From Outline Icons
Get 500 high-quality vector outline icons in multiple sizes and formats covering a variety of popular categories including user interface, food, sports, weather, communication, medical, social networks, and more. Yes, there's even a teddy bear icon. The regular price is $37 (with the single deal price being $15). 
postepay evolution trading

rimborso perdita opzione binaria69 Logos — From Logos Galaxy
Get 69 professional logos to customize to your needs. All logos include vector files for easy editing in ai and eps formats. Why pay a professional identity designer thousands of dollars when you can pick a log you like and insert your company name? You'll also get the files in pdf, png and jpg formats. This bundle of logos normally sells for $77 (with the single deal price being $27). 
trading binario recensioni

sistemi su iq option200 Professional Stock Images — From Manyimages

Get 200 professional stock images covering a variety of categories including men, women, couples, fitness, business, cooking, working, dating, lifestyle, and more. Each of these 300 DPI images include a royalty free license, so you can use them on any project whatsoever for yourself or your business without the need for any attribution. The regular price is $37 (with the single deal price being $17). tempo scadenza acquisti opz binario

one touch option500 Glyph Icons From PixGlyph
Get 500 unique vector icons in 7 different sizes, ranging from 512x512 pixels down to 16x16 pixels. They come in a variety of formats, including EPS, AI, CDR, JPEG, PDF, PNG (optimized for iOS and Android apps), PSD, and CSH formats. The regular price for this set is $47 (with the single deal price being $15).
no deposit option binary

best trading broker180 PNG Cutout Images — From PhotozMania
Get 180 high quality (300 DPI) stock images with transparent backgrounds in PNG format from PhotozMania. You'll also get a bonus of 250 high quality 300 DPI stock images (with backgrounds). The regular price for this pack is $97 (with the single deal price being $27).
social trading opzioni binarie


All of the items in this bundle are worth a total of more than $4,500! If you purchased each of these 10 Mighty Deals separately at our already heavily discounted rate, it'd cost you $282 for all 10 deals! But today is your LAST CHANCE to get this Mighty Bundle of ALL 10 Mighty Deals for a whoppingly low price of just $47!!!

Deal terms:
  • Files are delivered as an instant download after completing your purchase.
  • All graphics are Royalty Free.
  • Unlimited use is permitted by a single user/buyer.
  • All files are supplied the formats specified. A vector editing application, such as Adobe Illustrator, is required in order to edit the vector files.
  • Reselling, sharing, redistributing and giving away is STRICTLY NOT permitted.
  • All content can be used for personal and commercial purposes (for your own sites or your clients' sites).


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