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Winson enjoys the comfort of being able to engulf himself in the constant flux of information on the Web. He craves new technologies and always discovering new ways to improve his work. He loves the outdoors and the wild backyards of British Columbia.

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NOW ON: Warrior Press: WP Plugin to Create a Members Only Site - 52% off!

Expires: February 22, 2013, 11:59 pm EST

Ever wanted to charge people to read your content? Or do you have an eBook or some sort of software available for download? If you're just starting out, you may be completely clueless how to go about doing either. But creating any sort of member site where you can protect and ultimately deliver your specific content is way easier than you think. At least it is if you use the WordPress members plugin Warrior Press

Warrior Press Highlights:

  • Incredibly Simple
    While you can do some incredibly cool things with Warrior Press, the overall plugin is so simple that anybody can use it to create a completely functional membership site in just a few minutes. Installation is easy too, as Warrior Press completely integrates with WordPress in just a couple of seconds.
  • Limitless Member Levels
    Warrior Press is incredibly flexible and can meet any of your membership needs, whether you only want one product or hundreds. Make your sales funnel as simple or complex as you'd like.
  • Payment Integration
    No programming is necessary to hook Warrior Press into your the most popular payment and affiliate systems. It's a total breeze synching up to WSO Pro, JV Zoo, Paypal, Clickbank or Nanacast.
  • Smooth Autoresponder Integration
    The plugin works with some of the best autoresponders on the market today including Aweber, GetResponse ListWire, Mailchimp, Imnica Mail, and iContact. Warrior Press knows how important repeat customers are for business, so it'll silently add your customers automatically for follow-up projects.
  • Customizable Content Management
    It's a snap to set controls for each member or member level, limiting exactly what content each member sees. Limit views by post, page or even category. You can even deliver all of your content over time by using the sequential upgrade feature.
  • Auto Registration
    There's no need to set up a complicated and annoying registration process for users. Instead, Warrior Press automatically registers your customers immediately after their initial purchase. Using their email and transaction ID, it creates an account for them and upgrades it automatically in the background with each additional purchase.
  • Detailed Logs
    You'll have access to a detailed transaction log that tracks every transaction that's ever occurred on your site. Simply take a look at an overview of your sales records.
  • Easy Member Management
    The member management panel lets you control all your members in one spot. You can create, move and manage them either individually or in groups.
  • Email Communication
    The Warrior Press plugin includes a number of customizable emails that are sent to your members automatically. Keep your customers happy and they'll keep coming back.
  • Instant Access
    The way Warrior Press was built, your customers will have instant access to their purchases automatically. No delay means one satisfied customer!
  • Free Lifetime Updates and Support
    You'll enjoy free updates to the plugin over your entire lifetime. Never miss an upgrade! You'll also have free lifetime access to customer support. What more can you want?
  • Includes Warrior Member Theme
    With your purchase of the Warrior Press plugin, you'll also get the highly customizable Warrior Member Theme, which includes more than 100 customizable options to make your members-only section as special as you want.
  • See all the features

Click the image below to view the interface screenshots:


"This system is groundbreaking really, and sure to be a must have for any future product sellers." -Ross Carrell - www.PromotedProfits.com

"If you're looking for a sure-fire Wordpress member plugin, then this is it." -Adil Amarsi - www.AdilArmarsi.com


The Warrior Press plugin normally sells for $77, but for a limited time only, you can get a single site license to this powerful WordPress plugin for just $37! If you'd like to use it on multiple websites, go for the Unlimited site license which normally sells for $247, but is available for a limited time at just $77 - that's almost 70% off!

 Click the "buy" button to choose your license. 

Deal terms:
  • You will receive a coupon code after completing your purchase, to register at the Warrior Press website to obtain the download instantly.
  • The single site license allows you to install and use Warrior Press on 1 of your own sites. The unlimited license allows you to install and use Warrior Press on as many of your own sites as you like.
  • This is a WordPress plugin which requires WordPress 3.0 or higher.
  • Includes free updates and support.

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NOW ON: 3200+ Royalty Free Vectors - only $37!

Expires: June 13, 2013, 11:59 pm EST

Need a ton of illustrations in a really short time? Or maybe you just like looking through a slew of choices before deciding on that one perfect image for your project. Whatever the case, this Vector Mega Pack from Designers Folder is sure to make all other Vectors jealous!

Vectors Mega Pack Highlights:

  • Over 3,200 Vectors
    That's right! You'll receive over 3,200 vector elements in this mega collection. You won't just find the perfect image for your current project, you're pretty much set for the next few hundred projects!
  • Huge Variety
    Whatever your needs, you're bound to find something you like in this vector collection. Covering a wide variety of categories, you'll find construction workers, animals, Santa Claus, calendar pages, patterns, lipstick, babies, ribbons, arrows, people, body parts, word balloons, starbursts, envelopes, weather, computers, and so much more.
  • Scalable
    The files will come in a variety of file formats including .AI, .PNG and .JPG. You can resize the .AI vector files without fear of losing any quality.
  • Royalty Free
    Every one of these vectors comes with a royalty free license, so you can use them in any project you're working on, whether it's for business or personal use. And you never need to put on any attribution.


This enormous collection of over 3,200 vector images normally sells for $799, but for a limited time only, you can get this collection for just $37! That's 95% off the regular price!

Preview of vectors included:

Deal terms:
  • Delivered as an instant download after completing your purchase.
  • Files are compatible with Adobe Photoshop Elements,  Photoshop 7 or up, Adobe Illustrator and any application which supports JPG, PNG, and AI (vector) files.
  • All files are Royalty Free and can be used commercially without limitation on Time, Geographical Location of the use or the number of copies printed.
  • You may not share, resell or distribute any of these files.

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NOW ON: LAST DAY: Website Planning and Sitemap Generator - from $23!

Expires: May 13, 2013, 1:59 am EST

Visual sitemaps are a great way to organize your website, as well as show users how to fully navigate your site. Building one, however, can be a real chore. First you sketch it out with pencil and paper, then translate to a word processing document, integrate images with Adobe Illustrator, etc. It can truly be time consuming and more than a bit clunky, especially when you constantly need to update it.

Say hello to Slickplan. With a super simple interface, you can quickly and easily build, edit, and even share professional-looking sitemaps.

See how it works:

Slickplan features:

  • Easily Create Pages
    With a few quick clicks, you'll be adding pages and subpages to your sitemap before you know it. Use the simple drag-and-drop feature to move pages or subpages around seamlessly.
  • Simple Editing
    Found a typo or want to completely rename a page? Just double-click the text and start typing. It's that simple. There's even an Undo button to take you back to a previous version.
  • Autosave
    You don't need to worry about losing all your changes or updates in a site crash. You can set Slickplan to autosave as quickly as you make any updates.
  • Customize
    You can tailor your slickplan sitemap to fit in with your company's theme. Add a logo, change site colors, or adjust cell colors on any level.
  • Multiple Sharing Options
    When your sitemap's ready, you have a number of sharing options available. Email directly from your creation page to your client, send links to your social network including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, or post directly to your Basecamp projects. You can even export your sitemaps in various formats such as PDF, Word, CSV, HTML, XML, and PNG.
  • Collaborate
    Through multiple tools, you can collaborate with co-workers and clients on your sitemap. Add unlimited users to your account, so clients and co-workers can join in on the planning, editing or commenting.
  • Integrate
    You can sync your sitemap up with Basecamp or even export it as an XML file to use with Joomla, Drupal, or Wordpress. When you're completely done, copy the HTML and paste it directly into your website.


"Your website was recently brought to our attention by one of your users and after reviewing it, we have decided to feature Slickplan as this week's hottest website. We love what you provide the users and we hope to share it with everyone." Chace – JooJooBox.com

"Quick, easy and extremely convenient. Fabulous!!" Mark Heatley – Head of Software Development, AtlasCapital Financial Services Limited


Slickplan offers a Basic, Premium, and Unlimited plan, each with a monthly fee. With this Mighty Deal, you can get over 50% off a full year of any plan!

  • Basic Plan - Pay $23 instead of $48
  • Premium Plan - Pay $57 instead of $120
  • Unlimited Plan - Pay $147 instead of $300

Visit Slickplan.com for more specifics on each plan, and click the BUY button to save more than 50% on a full year's plan!

Deal terms:
  • This promotion is for new accounts only. Existing Slickplan accounts are not eligible for this discount. Existing accounts cannot be credited.
  • You will receive a coupon code after completing your purchase, to register at the Slickplan website for your purchased plan.
  • The coupon codes do not expire, so you can start your one year membership at any time.
  • You do not need to supply any billing information as your membership will not auto renew.

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NOW ON: The Ultimate Guide to UI Design - only $5.97!

Expires: June 11, 2013, 11:59 pm EST

With so much open source code available, developers can literally make anything they can put their mind to. But sometimes, too much information can be a bit overwhelming. How do you even know where to start?

If you're thinking of getting into building user interfaces but aren't sure how exactly to go about it, this Mighty Deal has your name on it! Experienced UI designer Sacha Greif has put together an eBook called "Step by Step UI Design", highlighting the dos and don'ts of creating your own user interface.

Step by Step UI Design eBook Highlights:

  • Learn from Experience
    Author Sacha Greif is a UI specialist for both Web and mobile apps. He's worked with such popular startups as Hipmunk, Codecademy and Intercom. Who better to learn about user interfaces than someone who's done more UIs than he can even remember?
  • Real Examples
    Sacha takes you through every step (both good and bad) that he made when creating Kandan, an open source chat application. You'll see what he did right, as well as all the missteps he made along the way.
  • From Start to Finish
    Through 20 detailed steps, you'll learn how Kandan went from a blank canvas to a fully function rich Web app. 
  • 28 Screenshots
    To help explain his points and principals, you'll find 28 PNG screenshots for every intermediary step that Sacha took in creating Kandan.
  • 11 Design Principals
    Whatever your project is, this list of 11 specific design principles can easily apply to ensure you make the best app possible.
  • PSD File
    Your purchase of this Mighty Deal also includes a fully layered Photoshop file with all of the appropriate elements, so you can truly see how this UI was put together.

Read a sample chapter


"Sacha has always done great work for us, and insight into his thinking is invaluable" - Steve Huffman, Co-founder, Reddit & Hipmunk

"It was very insightful to get a behind-the-scenes look at a designer's process." - Hiten Shah, Founder, CrazyEgg & Kissmetric


The Deluxe Edition of this entertaining and informative eBook normally sells for $12.99 but for a limited time only, you can get the Step by Step UI Design (Deluxe Edition) for just for only $5.97! That's more than 50% off the regular price!

Deal terms:
  • Delivered as an instant download after completing your purchase.
  • The eBook is in PDF format.
  • Sold on a per user basis.

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NOW ON: Smashing Bundle: The Essential Coding for Web Design - only $24!

Expires: June 12, 2013, 11:59 pm EST

One of the neatest parts about programming is that there's always something new to learn. And with so much knowledge to absorb you'd literally need a computer chip in your head to remember it all. That's why it's a great idea to build up a library of informational programming books. 

Whether you're a complete beginner or just looking to polish off some of the rust, this collection of 8 informational eBooks covers the most important aspects of coding for Web Design. These high-quality bundle from Smashing Magazine will give you the lowdown on HTML and CSS, as well as the most-recent applications for Responsive Web Design and improving your JavaScript and jQuery skills. 

Coding for Web Design Smashing Books Bundle includes:

CSS Essentials (281 pages)
These days many developers are jumping on the JavaScript bandwagon for performance. And for good reason. But that doesn't mean you should ignore CSS. There are plenty of incredibly useful applications for CSS, and this eBook runs down the best of the bunch, including:
  • Using pseudo-elements in CSS
  • Decoupling your CSS from the HTML 
  • Using CSS layouts with columns of equal height
  • Advanced CSS selectors
  • The good and bad of using CSS Sprites
  • Mastering site backgrounds in CSS
  • The all-important Z-Index CSS property
  • Learn more...
Mastering CSS3 (251 pages)
CSS is so flexible that developers are continually discovering new practical uses for it every day. Get a look at the most-recent CSS techniques to improve your Web design. Specific topics include:
  • Comparing CSS3 and CSS in terms of speed
  • A solid overview of advanced CSS3 pseudo-calsses
  • Explaining why and how to incorporate CSS3 Flexible Box Layout in your design
  • Delving into the third dimension with CSS 3D Transforms
  • How to make your site move with CSS Animation
  • Keeping older browser in mind when developing with CSS3
  • Learn more...
Responsive Design (160 pages)
Responsive Design are the biggest buzz words going around these days. Flexibility in design for different devices (desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc.) is pretty much a necessity nowadays, and this eBook give a solid overview of what Responsive Web Design is, along with some of the best approaches to take with it. You'll learn:
  • How to best use Responsive Web Design
  • Progressive navigation techniques through responsive design
  • Tips and best practices for degrading media queries
  • Prototyping your content with a responsive design
  • Taking a Device-Agnostic Approach in your responsive design
  • Learn more...
HTML Essentials (106 pages)
The very cornerstone of Web Design, HTML is a necessary tool in any designer's toolbox. With informative lessons from this eBook, you'll learn a variety of bulletproof HTML techniques, culminating in your successful coding of HTML layouts from scratch. Specific topics include:
  • Why you need to be using HTML5 today
  • How to decouple HTML from CSS
  • Coding an HTML5 layout completely from scratch
  • Learn more...
Mastering HTML5 (93 pages)
Looking to advance your knowledge of HTML5? Then this eBook was made for you. Learn the latest and greatest techniques for using HTML5 to optimize your programming. Learn topics including:
  • Separate fact from fiction in regards to HTML5
  • Using local storage on various websites
  • How HTML5 canvas can optimize your images
  • The ability to sync HTML5 video with any other content
  • Learn more...
HTML Semantics (71 pages)
Semantics play a critical role in coding and this resourceful eBook delves into the very nature of HTML5 semantics. Achieve a solid foundation of understanding HTML semantics through a variety of lessons including:
  • An overview of HTML5 semantics
  • Creating page layouts through the semantic grid system
  • HTML5 and the importance of the document outlining algorithm
  • Pursuing semantic value and whether it's pointless or not
  • Learn more...
JavaScript Essentials (142 pages)
Learning JavaScript can be a bit overwhelming, considering the numerous applications it has. That's where this eBook comes into play, as it narrowing things down to just the JavaScript Essentials. Learn about such topics as:
  • Little-known JavaScript secrets
  • The biggest mistakes and misuses of JavaScript
  • Using the math of animations with JavaScript
  • How AJAX can easily let you create searchable dynamic content
  • Learn more...
Mastering jQuery (122 pages)
A concise JavaScript library, jQuery is great for event handling, animation creation, and all sorts of AJAX interactions. It really can speed up your Web development but knowing which plugins or patterns to use can be a real challenge. This eBook breaks it all down in various topics including:
  • The confusing parts of jQuery
  • How jQuery and PHP GD can manipulate imagery
  • Creating bookmarklets with simple jQuery
  • An overview of popular jQuery plugins and the patterns to look for
  • Learn more...


This fabulous collection of 8 Smashing eBooks all about Coding for Web Design normally sells for $39.92, but for a limited time only you can get the entire collection for just $24! That's a 40% discount!

Deal terms:
  • Instant download.
  • All eBooks are provided in three DRM-free file formats - PDF, ePUB and MOBI, for use on the device of your choice.
  • All eBooks are fully searchable and text can be cut-and-pasted.
  • This is sold as a complete bundle.
  • Not for redistribution/resale.

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NOW ON: Hand and Body Gesture Vector Icons - 72% off!

Expires: April 17, 2013, 1:59 am EST

Everyone's got icons these days. Cramming a ton of information into a tiny space has never been handled better. But what about all those touch screens that are now the norm. With iPads, Kindles and smartphones taking over the planet, the same old icons no longer do the trick.

With more and more users relying on their fingers rather than a keyboard or mouse, gesture-type icons are where design is headed. And that's exactly what this Mighty Deal is all about: Gesturecons Vector Icons.

Gesturecons Highlights:

  • Dozens of Gestures
    This bundle includes dozens of popular Gesturecons to cover just about any action you may require from your users. The list includes: knock, drag-flick, tap, scroll, two-finger tap, 3 finger drag down, pinch, rotate, and many more!
  • Full Body Gestures
    Besides the original set of Gesturecons, this Mighty Deal includes all of the full body gestures in the add on! That means you can easily let your users know to move their hands, legs, head, and more.
  • Great Resource for Web Design
    These Gesturecons are a great resource for building your application, as well as explaining it. Use them to help create wireframe documents, help files, and even printed documentation.
  • User Interaction
    Integrate Gesturecons directly into your application to show users exactly what to do. Prompt them into various actions through the use of specific Gesturecons.
  • Customizable
    These Gesturecons are all vector based, meaning you can easily adjust the size to meet the specific needs of your project. Since you'll be receiving all the original files for each Gesturecon (PDF, AI, EPS), you can easily alter each one. The vector format is also fully scalable, without losing any quality.


This collection of premium Gesturecons normally sells for $130, but for a limited time, you can get them all for just $37! Save more than 70% off the original price!

Preview of all the icons included:

Deal terms:
  • Delivered as an instant download, after completing your purchase.
  • You will need a vector editing application, such as Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop, in order to edit the vector files, which are in .eps format.
  • License entitles you to a non-exclusive, non-transferable right to use and reproduce the icons in printed materials, or any electronic or digital form. In the latter case, each icon should be incorporated into a design in such a manner to make it clear that the icons are not intended to be separately downloaded, copied, or distributed.
  • See the full license.

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NOW ON: LAST DAY: Create Slick AJAX Forms in Minutes - from $13!

Expires: May 20, 2013, 1:59 am EST

User interaction is pretty critical for any website today. Collecting member information, filling out surveys or even letting users easily provide feedback are all great ways to interact. The key, however, is having a slick and simple-to-use interface.

If you're looking to keep your members happy (and keep them on your site longer), you should consider getting AJAX Form Pro. Take advantage of this Mighty Deal and besides saving over 30%, you'll be able to create your own interactive AJAX forms in mere minutes!

Using this script, you can create a slew of ajaxified and secure forms that collect whatever data you need. What type of forms?  For starters, you can whip up the following:

  • Contact/Feedback Form
  • Support Form
  • Customer Survey Form
  • Event Registration Form
  • Employment Form
  • Online Room Reservation Form
  • Submit a Testimonial Form
  • Gift Order Form
  • Mortgage Application Form
  • Newsletter Subscription Form


Click on the image below to view screenshots of the admin panel and demo forms.

AJAX Form Pro Highlights

Some of the many great features you get with AJAX Form Pro include:

Quick and Simple!
Using the easy-to-navigate Control Panel, you can quickly generate  secure forms. It's incredibly fast and easy! 

Unlimited AJAX Forms!
Generate as many AJAX forms as you want and place them anywhere on your site. No matter how many forms you use, each one has its own configuration file. So, for example, you can enable the CAPTCHA for one form, while you disable it for another. Even if they're on the same page!

Clone Existing Forms 

 Want to set up tons of similar forms on your site without having to recreate the same form every single time? No problem! You can duplicate a form with just one click: all the settings, fields, and merged fields will be copied over.

RealTime Validator
Live in the moment! The RealTime Validator truly makes your form interactive. As a user starts filling out your form, the error messages will show or hide based upon their input. You can disable this feature if you'd like, which results in all of the errors showing up after the user clicks submit.

Powerful CAPTCHA: Anti-Spam Verification Image
With this powerful CAPTCHA that you can disable if you want, you're free to use letters, numbers or any combination. Users can refresh the code if they're having trouble verifying the image. As the user types the security code, the script verifies it in the background. When the user types the right characters, it automatically shows (in real-time) a successful message. Unlike many AJAX CAPTCHAs out there which rely on JavaScript as an Anti-spam measure and have a medium security level, this one uses PHP to securely generate and register the required code in the background. The comparison is a case-insensitive one which makes the process easier for the user filling out the security code.

reCAPTCHA: Stop Spam!
If you really want some extra security on your forms, you can easily integrate the popular service reCAPTCHA!

Auto Responder
Give your users a quick confirmation message or use it as a means to tell your users you're away and will get back to them in a certain timeframe. You can set all the headers (from name to email) right in the configuration file.

Send Attachments
Want to let users attach files to their comments? Whether it's photos or documents, your users can easily add file attachments to the data they send through the AJAX Forms. You can either receive the links to the uploaded files or the actual attachments in a mail message. The "file attachment" feature is also available if you use the AJAX Form inside a Lightbox.

Fully (CSS & HTML) Customizable: Supports any Form Element
Use the forms as is or go nuts customizing like mad! Easily add/remove fields, change notifications, customize the mail settings, etc.. The following fields are supported: input text/password boxes, textareas, single/multiple selects, checkboxes, radios, hidden. Using this method, you can simply create much more complex web forms and surveys without editing any HTML code.

Easily Enable DatePickers with Date Ranges
Need to include dates or date ranges? No worries at all. Use attractive calendars to let users select a date or date range. You can even disable certain time frames. Great to use on Registration Forms where you need to have "Check In" and "Check Out" fields.

Merge Fields on the Same Row
This feature allows you to have 2 fields or more on the same row. For example, you can group "First Name", "Middle Name" and "Last Name" together.

Import Form from HTML
If you already have an HTML form on your site, you can import it right into AJAX Form Pro. Then with the click of a button , watch all of your fields (even hidden ones!) copy over!

Converts to simple PHP Contact Form if JavaScript is Disabled
Only about 3% of Internet users disable their javascript. But if you want to appease them as well, you're in luck! The form degrades gracefully into a basic non-AJAX PHP Contact Form.

CAJAX Form Pro doesn't use any tables at all for layout. Not a one! That means you get a clean layout with LABELs, DIVs and Paragraphs.

Lightbox Integration (Powered by Fancybox)
Looking for a Mac-style "lightbox" that floats on top of your Web page? You got it, thanks to some Lightbox Integration!

Modal Form with Sliding Transition
Go ahead and add a bit of style to your pages by loading your forms in a fancy way with sliding transitions (from the left and top).

Thank You page 
Instead of displaying the standard successful confirmation message, you can redirect your users to a customized thank you page.

Send Mail Via Multiple Methods
Besides the basic mail() function, you can use the SMTP method to send your mail. Using this method, your chances are higher that the message won't end up in a JUNK/SPAM folder, especially if you're sending out tons of mail at the same time.

Mail Multiple Recipients/Webmasters
You have the option to set as many recipients as you'd like to receive the mail sent through your forms. Since each form has its own list of recipients, you can have one form send all information to your Sales Department, all bug issues forwarded to your Tech Department, etc.

Schedule Forms to Run on Specific Time Interval
You might want to start a survey that will last for a specific period of time or a contest where users will have to fill a form in only a few days. This feature can help you setup a period when the form will be live.

Allow a limited number of form submits
This feature is useful if you want to automatically close the form after a specific number of successful submits has been reached.

Export Forms' Messages and Submitted Fields
This feature allows you to export the messages (from whom, subject, email body, ip address, date recorded) and the submitted fields (all or only the ones you want to export, even the hidden ones) including the submission date and the preferred format.

Send POST Data to Remote URL
Want to have the user subscribed to a newsletter, forum or membership website? No problem! All of the form’s POST data can simply be sent to a Remote Page that will process it all. The fields' names can be filled in on the Control Panel so the data will be posted exactly how you want it.

HTML Code Separated from PHP
The AJAX Form script is powered by the Smarty template which eases web design by separating the (logic) PHP Code from the (output) HTML code. That means it's easier for you to make changes to the HTML without ever touching the PHP code.

Easy Installation Wizard
You won't need to touch any code at all! Similar to WordPress' installation, you just need to create a database, type the MySQL login into it, create the admin username, and you're done. Install it all in under 2 minutes!

100% Source Code Available
If you want to customize the script, you're more than welcome to go for it. There's no encrypted or obfuscated code to stop you!

A detailed help page guides you through the setup process: 1. Basic Settings, 2. HTML Structure, 3. CSS Files and Structure, 4. JavaScript, and 5. Sources and Credits.

Additional features include:

  • 6 Layouts Available: Left/Right Justified Horizontal Labels, Vertical Labels, In-Field Labels (+ the same layouts powered by Bootstrap)
  • E-mail templates (message, subject) are customizable
  • Easily customize errors and notifications
  • The script works in conjunction with other libraries beside jQuery such as MooTools or Prototype
  • Set a custom subject for any mail you receive if the subject field is removed
  • "Send me a copy of the mail" feature: if activated, the user receives exactly the same mail as you get.

Server Requirements

  • PHP 5.3+ Installed.
  • MySQL Installed.
  • GD Library Enabled (only if you want to use the Anti-Spam Image)

Browser Compatibility

Compatible with all major browsers. It's successfully tested in FireFox 3.5, IE 6, IE 7 & IE 8, Google Chrome 3.0, Opera 10, Safari 4.0, SeaMonkey 2.0, Flock 2.5.6.


"Very nice! We went through 8 different scripts, only to be frustrated with broken code, links, and tutorials, to finally find one so simple, beautiful and it works! We are avid PHP programmers, but are not yet too versed with AJAX, so this solution was perfect! Thanks." - Jared: haroldsmithbicycle.com

"I had a real need for a clean and stylish contact form. I tried 11 forms before I decided on one. I have to say your form was the winning choice hands down." - Kevin Morrison: NW Interactive Designs

"It's really not easy to write a homepage as a beginner but the contact form was too complicated for me! So I looked for a script but they never worked! I was frustrated! Then I was lucky and I found the script from Gabriel with a very simple and very nice design! The best is the support from Gabriel! He saved me!" - Yves: www.creation360.de

"It's very great validation. I haven't problem with it. I was very busy web designer from Slovakia and my friends need it for his webpage. Your contact form is very clear, easy and like me." - Marián Baránek

"I have tried many form scripts before and they were more hassle than making one yourself. This one did the trick, I have tried it out on my website using the lightbox feature and it was too easy. Really this form creator is amazing and expertly designed to look clean and smart. Check out my lightbox form on the website where I have 2 links to the same form on the page." - Alan: museumofcommonsense.com


AJAX Form Pro normally sells for $19 for a Single License, but for a limited time only, you can get this Mighty Deal for just $13!

Do you have multiple websites? You can get a Developer License to use the script on unlimited personal websites for just $33 (instead of the regular price of $49), OR choose an Extended License (for use on unlimited commercial websites) for just $67 instead of the regular price of $99 - That's over 30% savings!

Click the "buy" button to choose your license.

Deal terms:
  • After completing the purchase, you will receive a coupon code to redeem at the AjaxFormPro website to obtain the download.
  • Includes free updates.
  • Single License allows you to use the script in one website
  • Developer Multi-Site license allows you to use the script in unlimited personal websites
  • Extended license entitles you to use this template on an unlimited number of websites by a single buyer for either personal or commercial usage (for either your own or your clients' projects - unlimited number of applications).
  • Reselling of the script is prohibited.
  • Please ensure that your webserver meets the requirements listed above.

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EXPIRED: 18,000 Photoshop Layer Styles - only $18!

Expires: February 23, 2013, 11:59 pm EST

As a Web designer, you have so many graphical weapons at your disposal. Photoshop is easily one of the best. And within Photoshop itself, you can add an infinite number of tools to improve an already amazing product. A massive library of Photoshop layers can open all your projects up in a quick and easy way. And with this Mega Pack Mighty Deal, you'll instantly have more Layer Styles than you'll know what to do with!

Photoshop Layer Styles Mega Pack Highlights

  • 18,000 Layer Styles
    That's right, 18,000! Even a library of 5,000 or 10,000 styles would be great, but this mega pack includes 18,000 Layer Styles for your artistic toolbox!
  • Massive Variety
    You won't just get an insane amount of color variations with this set, you'll also get an incredible breadth of styles such as metallic, bevelled, sun flare, unique patterns and so much more!
  • Quite Versatile
    Wondering where you could use such awesome Photoshop Layers? Just about anywhere you want on your site to make something stand out or garner attention. Add them to buttons, navigation bars, text, logos, or any graphics you'd like.
  • Simple to Add
    Since these layer styles are already created for you to use, it's a snap to apply them to anything on your website. With just one click, you can apply any layer style to your image.
  • Easy to Install
    Once you've purchased this Mighty Deal, it's really simple to install these layer styles to your edition of Photoshop. Once added, you can apply any style you'd like to your content. 


This mega pack is part of the Ultimate Designer Toolkit. If you have membership for the Ultimate Designer Toolkit, then you already have access to this mega pack. You can puchase the full Ultimate Designer Toolkit membership for half price through our current Ultimate Designer Toolkit deal.


This gigantic collection of Photoshop Layer Styles normally sells for $49, but for a limited time only, you can get all 18,000 styles in this Mega Pack for just $18! That's only $1 for every 1,000 styles!

Here's a preview of just some of the layer styles included:

Deal terms:
  • Delivered as an instant download, after completing your purchase.
  • Can be used for both commercial and personal projects.
  • These are Photoshop layer styles, which will need to be installed into either Photoshop CS2, CS3, CS4, CS5, CS 5.5 or CS6.

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NOW ON: 32+ Responsive WordPress Themes from WP Triumph - only $27!

Expires: June 11, 2013, 11:59 pm EST

Bored with your current website's layout? Need a fresh coat of paint on your blog? Or looking to get in on this whole "responsive web design" so your site will actually look good on mobile devices?

Whatever your reason, this Mighty Deal can satisfy all those requests at once. This collection of premium responsive WordPress themes from WPtriumph offers a large selection of high-quality, easy-to-use themes that are sure to give your blog the treatment it deserves.

WPtriumph WordPress Theme Highlights:

  • 32+ WordPress Themes
    Includes all 20 of the current WordPress themes available on WPtriumph.com PLUS all new themes released in the next year, with a guarantee of at least 12 new themes. That's a library with a minimum of 32 themes to choose from!
  • Works Anywhere
    Built with a responsive design, all of these themes will work on today's top browsers, as well as on the most popular smart phones, laptops, notebooks, and tablets. Your site will look great no matter what device your users are viewing it on.
  • Simple to Use
    Not only are these themes a cinch to install, but they're a piece of cake to use as well. Built with a "plug and play" design, there aren't millions of customizations you need to set up initially to make things work.
  • Customer Support
    Besides having access to a dedicated support team, your club membership includes extensive documentation to explain how to best use your WordPress themes.
  • Customizable
    If you'd like to change up any of the themes, whether it's a minor adjustment or site-wide changes to fonts or colors, you can easily alter things thanks to the customization-friendly CSS3 styles.


This beautiful collection of 20 responsive WordPress Themes, plus a guaranteed minimum of 12 new WordPress themes over the next year, normally would cost $99 for a Personal license, but for a limited time only, you can get them all with a 1-year Personal license Club Membership at WPtriumph for just $27! That's almost 75% off the regular price! OR get the Developer license for just $57 instead of the regular price of $179.

Click the "buy" button to choose your license.

Take a look at the current WordPress themes you'll get with your purchase:

Moscow Responsive Wordpress Theme


Theme Page  |  Live Demo


Zurich Responsive Wordpress Theme


Theme Page  |  Live Demo


New York Responsive Wordpress Theme


Theme Page  |  Live Demo


Vienna Responsive Wordpress Theme


Theme Page  |  Live Demo


Tutfolio Responsive Wordpress Theme


Theme Page  |  Live Demo


Rome Responsive Wordpress Theme


Theme Page  |  Live Demo


Tokyo Responsive Wordpress Theme


Theme Page  |  Live Demo


Ottawa Responsive Wordpress Theme


Theme Page  |  Live Demo


Symphony Responsive Wordpress Theme


Theme Page  |  Live Demo


Persona Responsive Wordpress Theme


Theme Page  |  Live Demo


Paris Responsive Wordpress Theme


Theme Page  |  Live Demo


Blackout Responsive Wordpress Theme


Theme Page  |  Live Demo


Oslo Responsive Wordpress Theme


Theme Page  |  Live Demo


Brazilia Responsive Wordpress Theme


Theme Page  |  Live Demo


Berlin Responsive Wordpress Theme


Theme Page  |  Live Demo


Canvas Responsive Wordpress Theme


Theme Page  |  Live Demo


Extratys Responsive Wordpress Theme


Theme Page  |  Live Demo


Prague Responsive Wordpress Theme


Theme Page  |  Live Demo


Helsinki Responsive Wordpress Theme

Theme Page  |  Live Demo


Warsaw Responsive Wordpress Theme

Theme Page  |  Live Demo

Deal terms:
  • Upon payment, you will receive a coupon code that grants you an instant access to WPtriumph.com.
  • To access themes you will need to register, select the membership type you have purchased (personal or developer) and input the coupon code you have received from MightyDeals.
  • The Personal license allows for usage on unlimited domains that you own. The Developer license allows for usage on unlimited client domains.
  • You are purchasing a 1-year membership, during which you'll have FULL access to all themes, support and  updates. This is a non-recurring subscription, i.e. you will not be re-billed once it expires.
  • All themes are released under the GPL.
  • Developer license does not include PSD files.
  • Developer license provides priority support, including weekends.

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NOW ON: 6 Creative Font Sets for Designers - only $33!

Expires: February 8, 2013, 11:59 pm EST

You can tell a lot about a site simply from its use of fonts. Sure there's the standard fonts everyone uses, but it's the sites that take a chance and really have fun with their fonts that can make a true impression.

Whether you're using them on a website or for actual product like mugs or T-shirts, creative fonts certainly leave their mark. And with this Six Font Bundle of a Mighty Deal from Lauren Ashpole, you'll quickly find yourself standing apart from the crowd.

Font Bundle Highlights:

  • Six Font Sets
    This bundle includes six complete font sets that are just bursting with creativity. A great mix of lettered and illustrated fonts, the set includes the following: BIKES, Candy Randy, Kremlinology, Paper Hearts, Sewing Patterns, and Starry Night.
  • Multiple Formats
    Every one of the six font sets includes fonts in both OpenType (.OTF) and TrueType (.TTF) formats. 
  • Amazing Visuals
    Both the BIKES and Sewing Patterns fonts include stunning graphics. BIKES features 26 different bicycle models, as well as 26 simplified versions. Sewing Patterns offers 62 vintage fashion silhouettes dating back to the 1950s and 1960s. 
  • Dual Diacritics
    The four lettered font sets each support basic Latin and Western European diacritics, so you're sure to be as accurate as possible with your project.
  • Royalty Free
    The high-quality fonts come with a royalty free license. That means they can be used for any personal or commercial project without the need for including any attribution.
  • Multiple Computers
    Each license that you own allows for installation on up to five computers. That means you can work on your project at the home office, work, or along with your design department.


This fabulous collection of six font sets normally sells for $82.50, but for a limited time only, you can get them all for just $33! That's a 60% savings off the standard price!

Font Previews:

Deal terms:
  • Delivered as an instant download, after completing your purchase.
  • May be used for personal or commercial projects.
  • Installation allowed on up to 5 computers.
  • Cannot be resold or redistributed.


  • vocal
  • trap
  • trance
  • techno
  • symphonic-rock
  • spain
  • soundtrack
  • soul
  • singer
  • score
  • rock
  • rnb
  • reggaeton
  • reggae
  • rap
  • punk
  • progressive
  • post-grunge
  • pop
  • other
  • new-audio
  • metalcore
  • lounge
  • latino
  • jazz
  • instrumental
  • indie
  • house
  • hip-hop
  • heavy-metal
  • hard-rock
  • funk
  • folk
  • electronic
  • dubstep
  • drum-and-bass
  • downtempo
  • deep-house
  • dance
  • country
  • club-house
  • classical
  • classic-rock
  • chillout
  • breakbeat
  • blues
  • ambient
  • alternative-rock