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NOW ON: eBook: Kyle Bragger's On Building Community Products - only $5!

Expires: March 22, 2014, 11:59 pm EST

Online communities are pretty incredible, aren't they? You can not only meet people from all over the world, but you can also get tons of fantastic advice. Networking and sharing experiences with industry peers is a wonderful way to learn. It's also a fantastic way to build up loyalty and interaction on your own website. Whether you want to add a community to your site or simply build a really neat community unto itself, either one is a pretty daunting task.

You don't need to visit any community to learn how to build one, though. That's because Kyle Bragger's already done it for you! The experienced designer was responsible for building the invite-only Forrst community, launching the design job board Tinyproj, and handling loads of general product designs. Now he's put his experience to good use by sharing it all with you! In a simple question and answer format, the eBook opsioni binarie plus500 covers roughly 30 of the biggest challenges and mysteries facing community designers and developers out there. One mystery you don't need to solve, however, is the price! For a limited time only, you can take home this incredible eBook for 50% off the regular price!

On Building Community Products Highlights:

  • Learn First-Hand from an Experienced Designer
    Designer Kyle Bragger built the popular invite-only Forrst community of 50,000 developers and designers. Now in this entertaining and informative eBook, you'll learn what it takes to build, grow, and support communities on the Web.
  • Easy Q&A Format
    Unlike most tutorial resources, you won't find hundreds of complicated theory-heavy chapters here. Instead, Bragger chose an easy-to-digest format to get across this invaluable information. The entire eBook is written in a very related question and answer format.
  • 30 Top Industry Questions
    After receiving roughly 200 design and development questions from users, Bragger chose around 30 of the strongest, most important questions to tackle. That means you won't find any fluff or filler questions in here. 
  • Covering Huge Ground
    This conversational eBook tackles a wide breadth of topics across the board. You'll find a huge range of questions from users on design and development including:
    • Is the invite-only model still the best way to keep content quality high?
    • How do you prioritize design or development?
    • What specific technology did you use?
    • What was the hardest part about marketing Forrst?
    • How do you define design?
    • What's the best way to avoid fake accounts?


On Building Community Products normally sells for $10, but for a limited time only, you can get this incredible resource for only $5. That's a 50% savings off the regular price!

Click the BUY NOW button and start building a community today!

Deal terms:
  • Delivered as an instant download, after completing your purchase.
  • This eBook is delivered in PDF format and can be read on any computer, tablet or eReader that supports the PDF format.
  • Sold on a per user basis.

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NOW ON: Supernett Family: 6 Hand-Drawn, Sans-Serif Fonts - only $14!

Expires: March 21, 2014, 11:59 pm EST

The eztrade is truly one of a kind. This unique hand-drawn Sans-Serif font is mega packed with options to keep your content moving. Featuring 6 different styles, Supernett includes 4,700 different glyphs for each style! There's also a slew of OpenType options to add even more creativity to the mix including contextual alternates, rotating letters, baseline shifts, and more. For a limited time only, this family is available for a whopping 76% off, courtesy of Mighty Deals!

Supernett Font Family Highlights:

  • 4,500+ Glyphs
    You won't be wanting for characters with this family! Supernett comes with roughly 4,700 glyphs, and that's for each style! (note: the OpenType features "titling" and "swashes" are not available in the webfont version)
  • 6 Font Styles
    The Supernett Font Family features 6 different styles including: Bold, Regular, Light, Italics and a combination of those. That's like getting 6 completely different fonts in one big package.
  • Contextual Alternates
    No need to worry about your fonts looking boring, especially when you display repeated characters. Using the OpenType "Contextual Alternates," you can be sure that all your letters and numbers alternate randomly between three different variants.
  • Rotating Letters
    Need some rotation in your work? With the OpenType "Swashes", you can randomly rotate all glyphs around their own axis. 
  • Varying Baseline Shift
    A great display feature is aligning (or rather misaligning) various glyphs in your latest project. With the OpenType "Tilting Alternates," you can move every single glyph up or down on an individual basis.
  • No More Confusing Zeroes
    With some fonts, it's way too easy to confuse a zero with an O. Go ahead and apply the OpenType "Zero with a Slash" feature and every zero will suddenly be replaced with a slashed zero.
  • Fraction Glyphs
    Using the OpenType feature "Fractions," you'll properly display the appropriate fraction glyphs. This feature's so neat that it won't even affect any dates written out with slashes.



The Supernett Family normally sells for $59 (for the Desktop version), but for a limited time only, you can get all 6 spectacular Font Styles for only $14! That's a killer 76% off the regular price! OR get both the Desktop and Web Font versions together for just $19! (regularly. $89)

Click the BUY NOW button to choose your preferred version and start expanding your family today.

Deal terms:
  • Delivered as an instant download after completing your purchase.
  • The desktop font files are in .otf format and work on both Windows and Mac.
  • The Web fonts are delivered in .eot, .svg, .ttf and .woff formats and are designed to work with @font-face for text on websites.
  • The OpenType features "titling" and "swashes" are not available in the webfont version.
  • Licensed for one user only.
  • May be used for personal or commercial projects.
  • Desktop fonts may use the fonts to create images on any surface such as computer screens, paper, web pages, photographs, movie credits, printed material, T-shirts, and other surfaces where the image is a fixed size.
  • Desktop fonts may be used to create EPS files or other scalable drawings provided that such files are only used by the household or company licensing the font.
  • Desktop fonts may be used to create an EPS file, such as a logo, which may be delivered to a client, provided that the font is converted to outlines and no longer editable.
  • To use the OpenType features (to access all of the style variations), you will need an OpenType friendly application, such as InDesign, Illustrator, or Quark XPress.
  • Licenses allow usage in static images in mobile apps (jpegs, png, etc.) but do not include mobile app embedding. If a mobile app license is required, please contact the vendor.
  • Files cannot be shared or redistributed.

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NOW ON: LAST DAY: Learn to Build a Flat Responsive Website from Scratch - only $37!

Expires: March 17, 2014, 1:59 am EST

Flat design is certainly a hot trend in Web design these days. It's not just a "less glossy" type of look, but also an overall attitude. A "less is more" kind of approach where everything is pared down to let a website's content really shine. Not to mention load much faster.

Whether you're just starting out as a designer or you're looking to learn the ins and outs of flat Web design, this fantastic online tutorial from best trading strategy on tradingview can teach you everything you need to know about creating a flat and responsive website from the ground up. The Build Flat Responsive Website from Scratch complete course is available for a limited time only through this Mighty Deal at a savings of more than 80% off the regular price! Don't pass up this great opportunity to digest over 7 hours of content in 54 detailed step-by-step videos on how to create a responsive website utilizing the flat design style.

Course Highlights:

  • Step-by-Step Guide
    Through a series of instructional videos, you'll learn how to build your very own flat responsive website from scratch! Step-by-step tutorials will show you exactly what tools to use and how to use them, courtesy of explanatory screencasts.
  • Over 7 Hours of Content in 54 Lectures
    The entire course consists of 54 individual lectures, totalling 7 1/2 hours of resourceful content. Each session breaks down a different aspect of flat web design from initial concept to final execution!
  • Learn at your Own Pace
    No need to re-arrange your entire life just to fit a class schedule. With the Build Flat Responsive Website from Scratch Course, you can learn at your own pace by accessing the videos whenever you'd like. Watch and rewatch lessons until you're ready to move on.
  • Learn Today's Hottest Trend: Flat Web Design
    Flat design is a hot trend these days and this course embraces it big time. You'll not just learn how to create a flat design website, but you'll also get a full schooling on the principles, history, and overall philosophy of flat Web design!
  • Build a Responsive Website
    These days, you can't just build a website. You need to build a website that's accessible from tons of mobile devices as well. This course will show you how to work with a responsive design, so your work will function and look great on smartphones, tablets, notebooks, desktops, and loads of other devices.
  • Work With Wireframes
    Before diving into your website, you really need to plan things out. Conceptualizing and even sketching out your thoughts is a key component in Web design. Learn the proper techniques, including the importance of wireframing.
  • Design in Photoshop
    This fantastic and invaluable course will show you how to use Photoshop to build a pixel-perfect flat design using a grid system. You'll also learn how to turn your PSD files into valid HTML and CSS files with ease.
  • No Experience Necessary
    While it's helpful to have a bit of HTML and CSS experience, you don't need to be a Web designer at all to take this course. With detailed step-by-step instructions, you'll learn the exact skills necessary to master flat design!


"I have some basic Photoshop, HTML, and CSS skills but these lectures added so much more. One of the best features of the course is the progression from a wire frame layout to completed webpage - step by step, design to code. I'm looking forward to creating some responsive websites and exploring flat design. Many resources are provided with links to handy tools for developers. It's also great to be able to download lecture pdfs and video for viewing offline." - Sue Bell

"This course fit right in with my current level of web development skills. It taught me a good thought process for tackling the project from start to finish. For me, I prefer to code relatively from scratch rather than use themes or templates (as I find them too restrictive or find them more difficult to learn) and this course teaches you just that. From mind, to paper, to photoshop, to web, seamlessly! I recommend this course to anyone wanting to learn how the pros do it right." - Mathieu Leclerc

"I still can't believe I built my own website. I've purchased books and watched videos on how to create websites, since I consider myself a complete beginner. Unfortunately never got anywhere, either because it wasn't well explained, presented or had outdated lessons. Now, this course I admit, was longer than I expected, but at least by sticking through I can proudly say I have built my own flat responsive website." - Ri Jimmy


The Build Flat Responsive Website from Scratch complete course normally sells for $197, but today is the LAST DAY that you can have a lifetime of access to this course for only $37! That's a whopping 81% off the regular price!

Click the BUY NOW button to start your path on the flat road!

Deal terms:
  • You will receive a coupon code, after completing your purchase, to register at the 1stWebDesigner website, to gain instant access to the course.
  • Access is granted on a per user basis.
  • This course consists of online streaming videos that require an Internet connection. The videos cannot be downloaded.
  • Lifetime access is granted, so you can watch these videos as often as you like, at any time.

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NOW ON: 750+ Metal, Paper Style Textures from Vectorpack - only $27!

Expires: March 22, 2014, 11:59 pm EST

Certain textures just elicit a specific emotion based solely on appearance. When you use striking textures as backgrounds to your design projects, they don't just add a richness and fullness to the design. No, they can do much more than that. They can strike a memory in the user and evoke all sorts of feelings.

No doubt, textures are a great resource for designers. And with this bundle of texture packs from migliore 60 secondi binarie, you'll have more than enough resources at your disposal! Available for a limited time only, this Mighty Deal includes more than 750 high-quality, hi-res textures. From various paper to metal styles, this collection includes an extended royalty-free license. The cherry on top of this textured sundae? You can get it all for a texturific 85% off the regular price! Can you feel it?

Vectorpack Texture Bundle Highlights:

  • 750+ Textures
    With this textures bundle, you'll receive a whopping 770 professional textures to use for your latest design project. Whether it's a website or other design piece you're working on, you're bound to find the perfect style to suit your needs.
  • Hi-Quality, Hi-Res Files
    The textures included in this deal are big on quality and just as big in size. Each texture clocks in at 3872 x 2593 pixels, with a 300 dpi. That should certainly give you plenty to work with no matter how big your latest project!
  • Multiple Styles
    This bundle of metal, clean paper, old paper and more types of textures offers a huge variety of different styles to play with. Specifically, you'll find such textures as rusty iron, clean paper, satiny paper, manual paper, old paper, dusty files, old library, stones, marble, brick, pavement, wood, and a ton more.
  • 200+ Unreleased Textures
    220 of the textures included in this Mighty Deal haven't even been released by Vectorpack! That means you're getting them before anyone else! Talk about making your designs truly stand out!
  • Royalty-Free License
    This collection of textures includes an extended royalty-free license. That means you're free to use them on as many personal and professional projects as you'd like, without the use of any attribution at all. 



This collection of textures from Vectorpack normally sells for $180, but for a limited time only, you can get all 770 textures for just $27. That's a huge 85% off the regular price!

Click the BUY NOW button and give your projects some depth today!

Deal terms:
  • Delivered as an instant download, after completing your purchase.
  • All files are in high quality jpeg format (3872x2592 px).
  • These textures can be used, royalty free, for commercial and personal projects.
  • You cannot share or re-sell these items.
  • The download is split into 9 files, with a download size of over 3.5GB.

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NOW ON: Elegant Font Combo: Hilton Sans + Hilton Serif - only $15!

Expires: March 15, 2014, 11:59 pm EST

There's just something to be said for the classics. They are classics for a reason, right? Doesn't matter if it's a book, movie or, yes, even a font. Take the case of the popular sans font. Classic versions feature uneven widths, making for a more intriguing and dynamic typeface. While most modern versions rely on equal proportions, there are always exceptions.

This Mighty Deal features a beautifully unique take on the typeface with a double dose of Hilton. You'll get 2 fantastic fonts in one fabulous deal: binary option simulator and iqoption solo webmoney. Designed by bonus senza deposito opzioni binarie 2015, you'll get over 500 glyphs spread out over two beautiful fonts, all for a whopping 81% off the regular price.

Hilton Sans and Hilton Serif Combo Highlights:

  • 2 Versions of 1 Great Font
    This Mighty Deal includes 2 OTF files! You'll get the sans-serif and serif versions of the subtle and elegant Hilton font.
  • 500+ Glyphs
    Each version of the Hilton font includes 299 glyphs, for a total of 598! Those include Basic Latin, Diacritics, and special characters of the West and Central European languages and Turkish. Not to mention proportional and tabular lining figures, as well as other unusual characters.
  • Beautiful Contrast
    This collection of thin fonts offers a wonderful dichotomy of emotions. On one side you have a sensitive, charming and warm touch, yet the other features an uncompromising, thorough going attitude.
  • Uneven Widths
    Unlike today's modern sans typefaces with uniform widths and a more general plain appearance all around, Hilton Sans and Hilton Serif buck the trend. The uneven width and proportions make for a more dynamic and exciting font overall.
  • Great for Headlines
    Most modern sans fonts with equal widths and proportions are good for small texts. But the classic style of uneven widths (like these two Hilton fonts), lend themselves beautifully to much larger and inviting design elements such as headlines.


Hilton Sans Character Set:

Hilton Serif Character Set:


Normally, Hilton Sans & Hilton Serif together cost $78 (for the Desktop versions), but for a limited time only, you can get the combination of both fonts for just $15! That's a massive savings of 81% off the regular price! OR get both the Desktop and Web Font versions together for just $22!

Click the BUY NOW button to choose your preference and give your font collection a little contrast.

Deal terms:
  • Delivered as an instant download, after completing your purchase.
  • The Desktop font files are in .otf format and work on both Windows and Mac.
  • The Web fonts are delivered in .eot, .svg, .ttf and .woff formats.
  • Can be used for both personal and commercial projects.
  • Licensed for one user only. You may choose multiple licenses in the shopping cart.
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