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Better Leads and Sales with A/B Usability Testing – 50% off!

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Better Leads and Sales with A/B Usability Testing – 50% off!

NOW ON: Better Leads and Sales with A/B Usability Testing - 50% off!

Expires: October 13, 2012, 11:59 pm EST

Wouldn't it be great if your users could actually tell you how they want things laid out for them on your website? Or which phrasing they prefer? Sure you can just collect information from all your users, but then you'll end up with countless descriptions of so many different things all contradicting each other.

What you really need is some good old-fashioned A-B site testing. It's where you offer users a choice of the same item but presented to them in two different ways. After some feedback and analysis, you'll know which way is more popular. And with IntuitionHQ, doing some basic usability studies couldn't be easier!

See this demo video:

IntuitionHQ Highlights:

  • Create Simple Tests
    You don't want to overburden your users with test questions, so IntuitionHQ makes it easy to ask the right questions. Show users a mockup and simply ask where they would click to register for an account. Or show two different layouts and ask which they prefer. Easily add tasks and screenshots through a basic interface. 
  • Record Length of Time
    Most users may select an answer you're happy with, but you may notice that it took them 30 seconds to find the right link. That alone can give you some insight into which areas of your site need to be clearer.
  • Make Your Users Feel Important
    Everyone likes to offer their opinions. And by including your users in a usability test, they'll feel more connected to your site, and have a bigger sense of loyalty and importance.
  • Improve Leads and Sales
    Changing up your layout or user-flow based on customer feedback is sure to improve your leads and overall sales. But it should also help increase your reputation among users for actually listening to what they say.
  • View Heat Map Results
    For every question, you'll have access to some incredibly helpful data including heat maps, average times, number of clicks, and more.
  • Easily Share the Test
    Once you've created a specific test, you can invite participants simply share it on your own website, via email, or through any number of your social networks including Facebook and Twitter.


"IntuitionHQ is super simple to set up and provides really fast and really valuable feedback. It's helped me to make design decisions and gives me great statistics to show my clients.” — Michael Wilson @ atikusdesign


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Deal terms:
  • You will receive a coupon code after completing your purchase, to register at the IntuitionHQ website for your selected plan.
  • See IntuitionHQ's full terms.