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Vector Cute Monsters Creation Kit – Only $8This kit is great for designing cute monsters in just a matter of minutes! You can use them for web & print advertisements, stickers, avatars, t-shirts, mugs, invitation cards, product packaging, children artwork and pretty much anything that comes in mind. This kit contains the following: - 24 monster body silhouette in two styles (clean & hand-drawn) - 25 pairs of eyes in two styles in two styles (clean & hand-drawn) - 25 mouth expressions in two styles (clean & hand-dr...

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22 Premium WordPress Themes with Developer License & More – Just $39A huge shoutout to all the web designers and web developers out there! We’ve partnered with the guys from Zappy Themes in order to bring you one of the best deals in the world of WordPress! As you know, setting up a brand-new website is a pretty tough task. But nowadays with all these WordPress themes you can easily set up and launch a great-looking website in a matter of minutes! So, with this deal you will be able to save a whopping 50% OFF on the Developer License, which is definitely...

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  • Used Book in Good Condition


In Single Page Web Applications you’ll learn to build modern browser-based apps that take advantage of stronger client platforms and more predictable bandwidth. You’ll learn the SPA design approach, and then start exploring new techniques like structured JavaScript and responsive design. And you’ll learn how to capitalize on trends like server-side JavaScript and NoSQL data stores, as well as new frameworks that make JavaScript more manageable and testable as a first-class language.

About this Book

If your website is a jumpy collection of linked pages, you are behind. Single page web applications are your next step: pushing UI rendering and business logic to the browser and communicating with the server only to synchronize data, they provide a smooth user experience, much like a native application. But, SPAs can be hard to develop, manage, and test.

Single Page Web Applications shows how your team can easily design, test, maintain, and extend sophisticated SPAs using JavaScript end-to-end, without getting locked into a framework. Along the way, you’ll develop advanced HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript skills, and use JavaScript as the language of the web server and the database.

This book assumes basic knowledge of web development. No experience with SPAs is required.

Purchase of the print book includes a free eBook in PDF, Kindle, and ePub formats from Manning Publications.

What’s Inside

  • Design, build, and test a full-stack SPA
  • Best-in-class tools like jQuery, TaffyDB, Node.js, and MongoDB
  • Real-time web with web sockets and Socket.IO
  • Touch controls for tablets and smartphones
  • Common SPA design mistakes

About the Authors

The authors are architects and engineering managers. Michael Mikowski has worked on many commercial SPAs and a platform that processes over 100 billion requests per year. Josh Powell has built some of the most heavily trafficked sites on the web.

Table of Contents

  1. Our first single page application
  2. Reintroducing JavaScript
  4. Develop the Shell
  5. Add feature modules
  6. Build the Model
  7. Finish the Model and Data modules
  9. The web server
  10. The server database
  11. Readying our SPA for production

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128 Seamless Geometric Patterns with an Extended License – Only $29The best way to make your designs look unique and stylish in a short time is by using seamless patterns. They’re great if you want to give your works a touch of personality or just for creating backgrounds. But even though they’re an incredibly useful resource for any designer, seamless patterns are also pretty difficult to create. And that’s because each pixel must be perfectly aligned in order to get that seamless feel. Wanting to help you save precious hours, we’ve partnered wit...

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50 Jaw-Dropping T-shirt Designs with an Extended License – Only $49Are you looking for some professional t-shirt designs but don’t want to spend a huge amount of money on them? Or you simply don’t have the time to create some from scratch? Well, this is your lucky day, because we’re here to help you. Together with Designious – one of the leading figures in the industry, we came up with a new amazing collection of 50 premium t-shirt designs! Among them you will find lots of funny messages, GoT t-shirts, cute animals, skulls, cute monsters, Aztec de...

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The Web Development Bundle: $1,689 worth of Premium Items for Only $34Don’t miss your chance to stack up with a ton of premium-quality web resources at an incredible price. In this exclusive deal you will find lots of HTML and HTML5 Templates, WordPress Templates, Landing Pages, Coming Soon Pages, vCards, Newsletter Templates and pretty much everything you could possibly need! You will get a total of 30 templates with a clean, modern look and with a well structured code. They can be easily modified to fit your needs. And if you need a little help – you will...

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400+ Premium Photoshop Elements & Resources – Just $24Despite the fact that lots of designers and marketers are using vector elements, Photoshop is still a very powerful tool which is widely used throughout the world. You can do a ton of stuff with it, and with a little bit of experience the final product can be a real eye candy. That’s why wanting to help you, we came up with another collection of design resources for you to download and use. I’m talking about a massive collection of 407 premium Photoshop resources, such as: floral brushes,...

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2 Days Only: The Ultimate Spring Bundle with $2,521 worth of Resources – Just $59Note: Due to this bundle’s popularity, we decided to bring it back for another two days! This design bundle contains absolutely all the resources you could need for creating beautiful designs with almost no effort or use them as they are in your works! There are tons of floral vectors, Ps Brushes, Vector Illustrations, Photoshop Addons, Web elements and more – a total of 2,200 premium elements valued at more than $2,500!  All these items come with an extended royalty-license and y...

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Secret Deal: 389 Magnificent Vector Elements for Just $15Every week we have a secret deal – an exclusive deal that can’t be found anywhere, not even on Inky Deals. You can only access it from your inbox. These deals are so great mostly because they’re available only to a limited number of people, giving you the chance to create unique works. Well, today, besides the deals you can see on our website, we’ve prepared another surprise – 389 marvelous vector elements that will be a great addition to anyone’s library – no matter if begi...

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The Sport Concepts & Mascot Vector Collection from Designious – Just $24We’re back with a brand-new collection of state-of-the-art vectors from Designious.com! I’m sure you’re familiar with them – they had a lot of awesome deals on Inky which you guys loved. But let’s get back to the subject. They came up with a marvelous collection consisting of 120 different sport concepts and mascots that will definitely be a great addition to your design library! These vectors are divided into 20 different vector packs, with items such as: exploding basketballs, owl...

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