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190 Apple Devices MEGA Bundle – Only $25Get your hands on this Apple Devices MEGA Bundle and save yourself hundreds of dollars and plenty of work hours! 13 separate high-quality products are packed in this bundle - 190 mock-ups in total to play with! What you get: 1 Animated Hero/Header Mock-up; 6 In the House Mock-ups; 8 Hero/Header Mock-ups; 10 Original Hip Mock-ups; 10 Wood and Bone Mock-ups; 14 Hero/Header Mock-ups part 01; 16 Hero/Header Mock-ups part 02; 18 Hero/Header Mock-ups part 03; 20 Screens Mock-ups;...

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Bundlesaurus: $5,640 Worth of Premium Design Resources & Bonus – Only $29Power up your creativity with the new Bundlesaurus! This huge bundle was created to do the heavy lifting for you. It includes all those design resources you need the most in order to take your work to the next level. You don't believe me? Here's what you get: 160 Premium Vector Clip Art Packs with 1700+ elements, worth $2,400; 500 Vector Illustrations, worth $2,000; 29 Fonts from 5 Extended Font Families, worth $850; 53 Brand-New Vector Badges, worth $110; 35 High-Quality Mock-Ups, ...

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GeoThemes Amazing Bundle with 18 HTML and 7 WP Themes – Only $19Get yourself ready for your next web project with this amazing bundle! The guys from GeoThemes are offering a great deal, packed full with the WordPress and HTML themes you need to impress your clients. To be more specific, you will receive a bundle of 18 HTML themes and 7 Premium WordPress - all easy to use and customize for your needs! Usually you would have to pay $470 for these awesome resources, but exclusively on InkyDeals and for a limited time only you can grab them for just $19...

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NOW ON: Create Slick AJAX Forms in Minutes - only $13!

Expires: February 17, 2016, 11:59 pm EST

User interaction is pretty critical for any website today. Collecting member information, filling out surveys or even letting users easily provide feedback are all great ways to interact. The key, however, is having a slick and simple-to-use interface.

If you're looking to keep your website visitors happy (and keep them on your site longer), you should consider getting the all new version of AJAX Form Pro. Take advantage of this Mighty Deal and besides saving more than 30%, you'll be able to create your own interactive AJAX forms in mere minutes! Even if you purchased the previous deal that we ran for AJAX Form Pro a few years ago, you'll surely want to buy this latest version, to take advantage of all the useful new features.

Using this script, you can create a slew of ajaxified and secure forms that collect whatever data you need. What type of forms?  For starters, you can whip up the following:

  • Contact/Feedback Form
  • Support Form
  • Customer Survey Form
  • Event Registration Form
  • Employment Form
  • Online Room Reservation Form
  • Submit a Testimonial Form
  • Gift Order Form
  • Mortgage Application Form
  • Newsletter Subscription Form


Click on the image below to view screenshots of the admin panel and demo forms.

AJAX Form Pro Highlights

Some of the many great features you get with AJAX Form Pro include:

Quick and Simple!
Using the easy-to-navigate Control Panel, you can quickly generate  secure forms. It's incredibly fast and easy!
Unlimited AJAX Forms!
Generate as many AJAX forms as you want and place them anywhere on your site. No matter how many forms you use, each one has its own configuration file. So, for example, you can enable the CAPTCHA for one form, while you disable it for another. Even if they're on the same page!

Clone Existing Forms
Want to set up tons of similar forms on your site without having to recreate the same form every single time? No problem! You can duplicate a form with just one click: all the settings, fields, and merged fields will be copied over.

RealTime Validator
Live in the moment! The RealTime Validator truly makes your form interactive. As a user starts filling out your form, the error messages will show or hide based upon their input. You can disable this feature if you'd like, which results in all of the errors showing up after the user clicks submit.
Powerful CAPTCHA: Anti-Spam Verification Image
With this powerful CAPTCHA that you can disable if you want, you're free to use letters, numbers or any combination. Users can refresh the code if they're having trouble verifying the image. As the user types the security code, the script verifies it in the background. When the user types the right characters, it automatically shows (in real-time) a successful message. Unlike many AJAX CAPTCHAs out there which rely on JavaScript as an Anti-spam measure and have a medium security level, this one uses PHP to securely generate and register the required code in the background. The comparison is a case-insensitive one which makes the process easier for the user filling out the security code.
reCAPTCHA: Stop Spam!
If you really want some extra security on your forms, you can easily integrate the popular service reCAPTCHA!
Auto Responder
Give your users a quick confirmation message or use it as a means to tell your users you're away and will get back to them in a certain timeframe. You can set all the headers (from name to email) right in the configuration file.
Send Attachments
Want to let users attach files to their comments? Whether it's photos or documents, your users can easily add file attachments to the data they send through the AJAX Forms. You can either receive the links to the uploaded files or the actual attachments in a mail message. The "file attachment" feature is also available if you use the AJAX Form inside a Lightbox.
Fully (CSS & HTML) Customizable: Supports any Form Element
Use the forms as is or go nuts customizing like mad! Easily add/remove fields, change notifications, customize the mail settings, etc.. The following fields are supported: input text/password boxes, textareas, single/multiple selects, checkboxes, radios, hidden. Using this method, you can simply create much more complex web forms and surveys without editing any HTML code.
Easily Enable DatePickers with Date Ranges
Need to include dates or date ranges? No worries at all. Use attractive calendars to let users select a date or date range. You can even disable certain time frames. Great to use on Registration Forms where you need to have "Check In" and "Check Out" fields.
Merge Fields on the Same Row
This feature allows you to have 2 fields or more on the same row. For example, you can group "First Name", "Middle Name" and "Last Name" together.
Import Form from HTML
If you already have an HTML form on your site, you can import it right into AJAX Form Pro. Then with the click of a button , watch all of your fields (even hidden ones!) copy over!
Converts to simple PHP Contact Form if JavaScript is Disabled
Only about 3% of Internet users disable their javascript. But if you want to appease them as well, you're in luck! The form degrades gracefully into a basic non-AJAX PHP Contact Form.
AJAX Form Pro doesn't use any tables at all for layout. Not a one! That means you get a clean layout with LABELs, DIVs and Paragraphs.
Lightbox Integration (Powered by Fancybox)
Looking for a Mac-style "lightbox" that floats on top of your Web page? You got it, thanks to some Lightbox Integration!

Modal Form with Sliding Transition
Go ahead and add a bit of style to your pages by loading your forms in a fancy way with sliding transitions (from the left and top).
Thank You page
Instead of displaying the standard successful confirmation message, you can redirect your users to a customized thank you page.
Send Mail Via Multiple Methods
Besides the basic mail() function, you can use the SMTP method to send your mail. Using this method, your chances are higher that the message won't end up in a JUNK/SPAM folder, especially if you're sending out tons of mail at the same time.
Mail Multiple Recipients/Webmasters (NEW FEATURE)
You have the option to set as many recipients as you'd like to receive the mail sent through your forms. Since each form has its own list of recipients, you can have one form send all information to your Sales Department, all bug issues forwarded to your Tech Department, etc.
Schedule Forms to Run on Specific Time Interval
You might want to start a survey that will last for a specific period of time or a contest where users will have to fill a form in only a few days. This feature can help you setup a period when the form will be live.
Allow a limited number of form submissions
This feature is useful if you want to automatically close the form after a specific number of successful submissions has been reached.
Export Forms' Messages and Submitted Fields
This feature allows you to export the messages (from whom, subject, email body, ip address, date recorded) and the submitted fields (all or only the ones you want to export, even the hidden ones) including the submission date and the preferred format.
Send POST Data to Remote URL
Want to have the user subscribed to a newsletter, forum or membership website? No problem! All of the form’s POST data can simply be sent to a Remote Page that will process it all. The fields' names can be filled in on the Control Panel so the data will be posted exactly how you want it.

HTML Code Separated from PHP
The AJAX Form script is powered by the Smarty template which eases web design by separating the (logic) PHP Code from the (output) HTML code. That means it's easier for you to make changes to the HTML without ever touching the PHP code.
Easy Installation Wizard
You won't need to touch any code at all! Similar to WordPress' installation, you just need to create a database, type the MySQL login into it, create the admin username, and you're done. Install it all in under 2 minutes!
100% Source Code Available
If you want to customize the script, you're more than welcome to go for it. There's no encrypted or obfuscated code to stop you!
You will get access to a WIKI page with posts about the functionality of this product as well as an FAQ section with the most common questions/issues related to the usage of this form builder.
10 Types of Field Validations Supported including a powerful one: by Regular Expression (NEW FEATURE)
Includes: Basic (something must be typed, selected), E-Mail, Numerical (only numbers allowed), Phone Numbers (by using any format you would like), Minimum/Maximum Characters, Equal with (X) Characters, Field[1] = Field[2], No Duplicate Values (check if the same value was already sent through past form submits), Regular Expression. The later uses PHP's preg_match() to validate the RegExp and can be used especially for custom validations (e.g. first 3 characters must be letter, the last 4 must be numbers etc.).
Conditional/Logic Fields (NEW FEATURE)
Want to show/hide extra fields based on the input/selection made on a specific field? Or maybe you just want to make them require/optional? That's the feature you need to use! (e.g. There is a question: if the visitor anwers 'Yes', then 2 more fields are showing and they are required, if 'No' is selected, those fields get hidden)
E-Mail Custom Settings for Each Recipient (NEW FEATURE)
You can setup different email settings (subject, message, headers) for each recipient. For instance, if you want 2 people (or company departments) to get the same email, you can tweak the subject, message and other details for each one individually.
Auto Responder with Attachments (NEW FEATURE)
Useful to notify your visitors that their message was successfully sent (e.g. "Your message has been successfully sent. We will reply to your inquiry within 48 hours"). For instance, it can be used while you're in vacation and let the users know that you will reply to them as soon as possible. The headers (from name, email) can be set in the configuration file.
Protect your forms from SPAM and abuse in a easy way without effort and low friction from your users with the new free reCAPTCHA. Keep automated software in from engaging in abusive activities on your site.
Responsive Mobile-Friendly Forms (NEW FEATURE)
These forms are adapting to other devices, providing an optimal viewing experience, including, but not limited to: Mobiles Phones (even those with a width of 240px), Smartphones (iPhone, Android Devices) and Tablets (iPad etc.)
Translate the text into any language you want (NEW FEATURE)
If you want to install the script on a client's website and you'd like to easily translate the text into a different language, then you can do that with GetText PO, the industry standard for multilingual websites in PHP. As for the forms, if the website is multi-lingual, you can use the "clone" feature to duplicate a form, translate the text into the desired language and then load the forms based on the requested language.

Additional features include:

  • 6 Layouts Available: Left/Right Justified Horizontal Labels, Vertical Labels, In-Field Labels (+ the same layouts powered by Bootstrap)
  • E-mail templates (message, subject) are customizable
  • Easily customize errors and notifications
  • The script works in conjunction with other libraries beside jQuery such as MooTools or Prototype
  • Set a custom subject for any mail you receive if the subject field is removed
  • "Send me a copy of the mail" feature: if activated, the user receives exactly the same mail as you get.

Server Requirements

  • PHP 5.3+ Installed.
  • MySQL Installed.

Browser Compatibility

Compatible with all major browsers. It's successfully tested in Chrome, FireFox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari.


"Very nice! We went through 8 different scripts, only to be frustrated with broken code, links, and tutorials, to finally find one so simple, beautiful and it works! We are avid PHP programmers, but are not yet too versed with AJAX, so this solution was perfect! Thanks." - Jared: haroldsmithbicycle.com

"I had a real need for a clean and stylish contact form. I tried 11 forms before I decided on one. I have to say your form was the winning choice hands down." - Kevin Morrison: NW Interactive Designs

"It's really not easy to write a homepage as a beginner but the contact form was too complicated for me! So I looked for a script but they never worked! I was frustrated! Then I was lucky and I found the script from Gabriel with a very simple and very nice design! The best is the support from Gabriel! He saved me!" - Yves: www.creation360.de

"It's very great validation. I haven't problem with it. I was very busy web designer from Slovakia and my friends need it for his webpage. Your contact form is very clear, easy and like me." - Marián Baránek

"I have tried many form scripts before and they were more hassle than making one yourself. This one did the trick, I have tried it out on my website using the lightbox feature and it was too easy. Really this form creator is amazing and expertly designed to look clean and smart. Check out my lightbox form on the website where I have 2 links to the same form on the page." - Alan: museumofcommonsense.com

"Ajax Form Pro is great! We’ve been using both the Standalone, and Wordpress versions for years now and it keeps getting better! The newer 'Visual Style' editor allows us to customize the form's default look and feel quickly, and implement it into our website in a few minutes. If the Visual Style edits are not enough to achieve our web form’s look/feel we can use the "Custom CSS" feature. A great way to take more specific control of your online forms. If you want to integrate a secure, scalable, and flexible form onto your website, or your clients’ websites, this software is tough to beat." - Gordon Holman, SlickFish Studios, LLC


AJAX Form Pro normally sells for $19 for a single personal site Basic License, but for a limited time only, you can get the Basic License for just $13!

Do you have multiple websites? You can get a Multi-Site License to use the script on up to 10 personal websites for just $27 (instead of the regular price of $39), OR choose an Commercial License (for use on unlimited commercial websites for unlimited clients) for just $62 instead of the regular price of $89 - That's 30% savings!

Click the "buy" button to choose your desired license.

Deal terms:
  • After completing the purchase, you will receive a coupon code to redeem at the Ajax Form Pro website to obtain the download.
  • Note: Ajax Form Pro is a stand alone script, not a WordPress plugin.
  • Includes one year of free updates.
  • Basic License allows you to use the script in one website
  • Multi-Site license allows you to use the script on up to 10 personal websites
  • Commercial license entitles you to use this script on an unlimited number of websites by a single buyer for either personal or commercial usage (for either your own or your clients' projects - unlimited number of clients).
  • Reselling of the script is prohibited.
  • Please ensure that your webserver meets the requirements listed above.

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The Premium Web Bundle with 30 Resources – Only $25Being a web designer is not that easy. Wanting to spare you of all that stress, we’ve partnered with the guys from DevelopGo to bring you an awesome deal packed full with lots of themes and utilities! To be more specific, you will receive 3 premium WordPress Themes, 20 HTML5 templates plus another 7 HTML5 & CSS3 utilities. As you're already used to, all these resources come with a multi-use license allowing you to use them in an unlimited number of personal or commercial pr...

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The Premium Web Bundle with 30 Resources – Only $25Being a web designer is not that easy. Wanting to spare you of all that stress, we’ve partnered with the guys from DevelopGo to bring you an awesome deal packed full with lots of themes and utilities! To be more specific, you will receive 3 premium WordPress Themes, 20 HTML5 templates plus another 7 HTML5 & CSS3 utilities. As you're already used to, all these resources come with a multi-use license allowing you to use them in an unlimited number of personal or commercial pr...

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NOW ON: 500+ Hi-Res Photos & Textures from DreamyPixel - only $19!

Expires: February 16, 2016, 11:59 pm EST

Dreaming of some breathtaking photographs for your latest project? Or some stellar textures to add some depth to your work? Then stop dreaming and start saving! With this Mighty Deal from DreamyPixel, you'll get yourself more than 500 high-quality, professional photos and textures. Delivered in jpg format, these incredibly hi-res photos cover a variety of categories from mountains to autumn to sunrises. And if you act fast, you can save a solid 50% off the regular price!


  • Instantly build up a photo library with more than 500 professional, hi-res photos!
  • Use these unique photographs, backgrounds and textures to bring your next project to the next level.
  • Choose from a number of popular image categories including: autumn, mountains, sunrises, wood textures, cottages, mystic forests, nightscapes, and more.
  • These hi-res jpgs clock in at some seriously high resolution ranging from 4928 x 3264 px to 7360 x 4912 px.
  • Whatever your latest project, this DreamyPixel bundle is just perfect for backgrounds, headers, sliders, apps, presentations, hero images, posters, and loads more.


You can check the images at a bigger resolution here.


Normally, this gorgeous collection of images sells for $39 but for a limited time only, you can get this entire DreamyPixel Photo Bundle of 500+ images for only $19! That's a savings of 50% off the regular price.

Click the BUY NOW button to grab this dynamic deal today!

Deal terms:
  • Delivered as an instant download, after completing your purchase. The download is split into multiple files, with a total download size of approximately 8 GB.
  • All these items can be used for both personal and commercial purposes, for yourself or on behalf of a client, on their own, or as part of your new design for sale.
  • Cannot be sublicensed, resold, shared, transferred, or otherwise redistributed on its own.
  • You cannot share these resources with others. This is a single user license! You’ll need second license for your colleague computer.

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Inpaint – Magically Remove Elements From Your Photos!Inpaint photo restoration software reconstructs the selected image area from the pixels near the area boundary. Remove undesirable objects from your images, such as logos, watermarks, power lines, people, text or any other undesired artefacts. There's no need to manually go through messing around with your old clone tool any more! Now you can use Inpaint to easily remove all those unexpected objects that end up spoiling an otherwise really great photograph. Usually you would have to pay $1...

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NOW ON: Learn Angular: the Fun and Easy Way with Escape Plan - 68% off!

Expires: February 15, 2016, 11:59 pm EST

Experienced Web designers and developers can save some serious time and headaches by tossing the old boring textbooks aside and getting themselves a good Escape Plan. The Angular Escape Plan to be exact! This interactive course combines 7+ hours of screencasts and instructional videos to teach you how to Master Angular for your latest creation. You'll learn by example, as you work with the included source code to build out a real project that's ready to ship.


  • Toss the confusing books aside and learn Angular the easy way.
  • If you have a firm grip on Javascript, the Angular Escape Plan is perfect for you.
  • Learn by example! This interactive course walks you through Angular, while having you complete an actual project.
  • Learn at your own pace by watching 7+ hours of interactive video training.
  • This Mighty Deal includes all the necessary Source Code material you'll need to work on the lessons yourself.
  • Upon completing the course, you'll have yourself a real project that's ready to ship.
  • Master Angular with loads of insightful lessons covering the following:
    • Templates/controllers, and how they bind together with scopes.
    • How Angular does two-way data-binding with the $digest loop.
    • Rewrite core Angular directives like ngBind so you really understand how they work.
    • Understanding the $injector and dependency injection.
    • Services/factories/providers, oh my.
    • How to structure your Angular app and how to think in Angular.

Sample Lessons:

Still not convinced? Take a peek at these 3 sample lessons to see if the Angular Escape Plan is for you:


"I've never seen a class or tutorial that goes that in-depth on how the scope and dependency injection is going on behind-the-scenes, then explains clearly how to manually sync with the DOM."

"I love the style of explaining the concepts and then coding them to remove that sense that the inner workings are just too complicated for mere mortals."

About the Instructor:

With a CS degree, instructor Sean has spent the last 8 years teaching Web development. He's also the author of Sketching with CSS, along with a number of Smashing Magazine articles.


The Angular Escape Plan offers 2 different packages, each at a steep discount to help get you started!

Starter Package
Pay just $47 (Regularly $149)

  • 5+ hours of course videos
  • 5 lessons
  • All the necessary source code
  • Free updates to course material

Complete Package
Pay just $97 (Regularly $249)

  • 2+ hours of extra course videos covering testing and animation
  • 5+ hours of course videos
  • 5 lessons
  • All the necessary source code
  • Free updates to course material
  • $50 off a 1 year subscription to Egghead.io
Deal terms:
  • You will receive a unique link, after completing your purchase, to sign up using your email address only. You will received a license key and the URL to register.
  • This course is delivered as streaming videos. An Internet connection is required to watch them.
  • Your email address will only be used by the vendor for the purpose of providing tips and updates. You may unsubscribe from these emails at any time.
  • Sold on a per user basis.

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NOW ON: Improve Your Eye for Design with Learn from Great Design Volume 1 eBook - only $14!

Expires: February 13, 2016, 11:59 pm EST

To be a good writer, you need to read a lot. To become a good designer, you need to observe other designs. With the resourceful eBook Learn from Great Design Volume 1, you'll walk through 20 of the best Web designs today, gaining powerful information as to why they work so well. This 300+ page eBook will help you improve your eye for great design while increasing your confidence as an artist.


  • Learn by example! This eBook is a powerful collection of some of the best real life design work on the Web today.
  • No fluff. Just the best of the best examples of fabulous Web design.
  • Gain invaluable design knowledge with this 300+ page eBook.
  • In addition to 20 unique Web design studies, you'll also receive videos of key interactions.
  • Learn why the best designers make the decisions they make.
  • Digest the latest design trends, as well as evergreen content that will stand the test of time.
  • Confidently make design decisions based on previous successes from top designers.
  • Improve your eye for great design by exposing yourself to some of the best designs today.
  • Take this eBook with you anywhere your travels take you, since this deal includes both DRM-free PDF and iBooks formats.

Click here to download a zip file containing sample chapters in PDF and iBooks format.


"I'm a new web designer and I love reading Tom's case studies because he breaks down a website and explains what makes the design good or bad. He doesn't use 'fluffy' language but gives concrete reasons as to what makes the design work. These concrete reasons are what I can use in my own work. After reading Tom's case studies, I've been able to build up a library of 'good design principles' that serve as a foundation for me to create my websites." - David Lee, Web Designer

"Learn from Great Design is a very useful and easy way to learn from someone that has a good eye for design. Tom is excellent in explaining things in an easy way, pointing out the parts of the design that is brilliant yet most of us take for granted once we see a web page. I highly recommend Learn from Great Design to both beginners and experts." - Håkan Nilsson, Web Designer

About the Author:

Tom KennyTom Kenny is a freelance Web designer from London, England, with more than 7 yars design experience. Besides designing a number of highly trafficked websites, he also writes regular on his own Web design blog Inspect Element, as well as other sites such as Smashing Magazine.

Sample Pages:


Normally, the Learn from Great Design Volume 1 eBook sells for $29, but for a limited time only, you can get this incredible resource for only $14! That's a 52% savings off the regular price.

Or for even more great design information, purchase the Masterclass Edition for only $24 (Regularly $49) and you'll also get 3 in-depth masterclasses of more great designs including Airbnb.

Click the BUY NOW button, select your edition and start viewing great designs today.

Deal terms:
  • Delivered as an instant download after completing your purchase.
  • Learn from Great Design Volume 1 and the Masterclass Edition both come in DRM-free PDF and iBooks formats (both formats are included in the download).
  • This eBook is sold on a per user basis and is not for redistribution/resale.


  • vocal
  • trap
  • trance
  • techno
  • symphonic-rock
  • spain
  • soundtrack
  • soul
  • singer
  • score
  • rock
  • rnb
  • reggaeton
  • reggae
  • rap
  • punk
  • progressive
  • post-grunge
  • pop
  • other
  • new-audio
  • metalcore
  • lounge
  • latino
  • jazz
  • instrumental
  • indie
  • house
  • hip-hop
  • heavy-metal
  • hard-rock
  • funk
  • folk
  • electronic
  • dubstep
  • drum-and-bass
  • downtempo
  • deep-house
  • dance
  • country
  • club-house
  • classical
  • classic-rock
  • chillout
  • breakbeat
  • blues
  • ambient
  • alternative-rock