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People Mega Vector Set: 379 Premium Elements for Just $24Here’s a fact: there’s a ton of people around the globe, but not so many in the design world. And we’re not talking about designers, but about vectors. You can find tons of monsters, animals, birds, aliens, things that nobody can understand if they’re aliens or animals, and pretty much everything one could imagine. But there are no people characters. And that’s not always a good thing because being surrounded by people, we, as human beings are looking for familiar faces in des...

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NOW ON: 10 Professional InDesign Brochure Templates from Smarty Bundles

Expires: February 28, 2015, 11:59 pm EST

Brochures are a fabulous way for a company to share their products and information with their customers. Designing brochures, however, can be a bit of a pain, especially if you don't have much experience with them. That's where this Mighty Deal from Smarty Bundles comes into play. You'll get 10 InDesign Brochure Templates that couldn't be easier to use. These high-quality templates are loaded with predefined features and a variety of styles, so you can quickly and easily dive right in. What's more, if you take advantage of this limited-time offer, you can save yourself more than 80% off the regular price!

InDesign Brochure Template Bundle Highlights:

  • 10 Professional InDesign Brochure Templates
    Quickly and easily put together a slew of brochures using InDesign. With this Mighty Deal from Smarty Bundles, you'll get 10 high-quality, professional InDesign Brochure Templates, perfect for blowing through your latest project.
  • Easy to Use
    These InDesign Templates take all the difficult and time consuming steps out of the equation. No need to spend your energy worrying about different layouts and formats. All the key dimensions, bleeds, borders and styles have already been worked out, leaving you to concentrate on what matters most: the design itself.
  • Variety of Styles
    This collection includes 2 Brochure bundles from Smarty Bundles. You'll get 1 Wedding Album brochure template, 1 Industrial brochure template and 8 Product brochure templates, all perfect for creating catalogs, albums or even magazines! [See iltreding onlain col sistema binario e una truffa. See trading su opzioni]
  • Loads of Predefined Features
    Your purchase of this Mighty Deal gets you all the Indd files necessary for these templates. All the files include predefined colored swatches, predefined object style and predefined character style for titles and contents. You'll even get predefined Masters Spreads to choose from, in case you need more than the 16 allotted pages. 
  • Royalty-Free License
    With this bundle comes a royalty-free license. That means you can use these templates for any number of projects, whether they're personal or for your clients!
  • Bonus: PSD Mock-Up Template
    As a bonus, you'll also receive a PSD mock-up template with your set of 10 gorgeous brochure templates. This mock-up is the perfect way to show off to your customers exactly how your magazine or brochure design will turn out.



Normally this set of 10 templates would cost you $150, but for a limited time only, you can get all 10 InDesign brochure templates for only $27! That's a savings of 82% off the regular price!

Click the BUY NOW button to get in on InDesign today!

Deal terms:
  • Delivered as an instant download, after completing your purchase.
  • These files require Adobe InDesign CS4 or higher, or any any other similar application which supports .indd format.
  • Can be used in an unlimited number of personal or commercial projects.
  • The fonts and photos are not included, however, they are all free fonts and the links to the sites from which they can be downloaded are included.
  • Reselling, sharing, redistributing and giving away is not permitted.

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450+ Beautiful One-Click Lightroom Presets for Designers & Photographers – Just $12Even it’s not as famous as Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom gained a lot of traction lately, and many designers and photographers started using it to process their images. It’s an easy-to-use editor that will drastically improve your workflow when it comes to processing and editing images. And you know what else improves your workflow? Presets. It is pretty obvious, but you can’t deny it. Seriously, what can help you work better and faster than one-click Lightroom Presets? You don’...

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NOW ON: Mariné Extended Font Family (16 styles) - only $24!

Expires: February 27, 2015, 11:59 pm EST

If you're familiar with the popular iq option auszahlung font family, then it's high-time you met a close relative migliore 60 secondi binarie. This font can be both serious and groovy all depending upon how you use it! Loaded with special features and ligatures, this terrific typeface includes a number of styles as well as an italic and Up version. Get the entire extended family today for just $24!

Mariné Font Highlights:

  • 2 Fonts in 1
    The Mariné Font is a geometric sans typeface but one with the softness of humanistic strokes. It's both professional and versatile so it can look either serious or groovy depending upon how you use it.
  • Multiple Language Support
    Mariné speaks a number of different languages to get your message across. You'll find language support for Latin basic, English letters, West European Diacritics, Central Europe and Romanian.
  • Text and Display Font
    With its mild contrast and multiple unique styles, Mariné works well in a variety of design projects. In particular, it's perfect to use as both a text and display font.
  • Variety of Styles
    The Mariné Font Family comes in 16 different styles including Light, Regular, Bold and Black. There are also italics, UP and Oblicua to join in on the family fun.
  • Additional Features
    Besides 297 glyphs, Mariné takes advantage of a slew of OpenType features and ligatures. There are just so many incredible options to explore.


Normally you'd pay $129 for the Mariné Font Family (for the Desktop version), but for a limited time only you can get the desktop version of this terrific typeface for only $24! OR pay just $5 more to get the Desktop + Web Font versions for only $29!

Click the BUY NOW button to dive in and select your font package!

Deal terms:
  • Delivered as an instant download, after completing your purchase.
  • All of the Desktop font files are in .otf format and work on both Mac and Windows.
  • The Web fonts are delivered in .eot, .svg, .ttf and .woff formats and are designed to work with @font-face for text on websites.
  • In order to access the alternate characters and glyphs for some of these fonts, you will need Adobe Illustrator or Adobe InDesign.
  • These fonts may be used for unlimited commercial or personal projects, however, the font file may not be distributed with the project files or in any shape or form.
  • Licenses on a single user basis and may be installed on up to 3 computers for the same user. The license is non-transferrable.
  • Embedding of font software into documents or internet pages is only permitted in a secured print/read-only mode. Editing and modifying content should not be allowed.

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The Super Premium Photoshop Mock-Ups Collection for Only $24One of the best ways to show somebody a design or to convince a client that your idea is the best is by showing a mock-up of a certain product. It’s the closest you can get to a real product, but without spending money on the product itself. No matter how you take it, mock-ups are a win-win situation. Some of the most used types of mock-up templates nowadays are stationaries and magazines, because - let’s face it - there are a lot of companies and small businesses that need branded bus...

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Mythical Creatures & Greek Mythology Vector Bundle – Only $24I’ll tell you one thing: Inky’s a major geek when it comes to mythology. Give the blob a couple of books with gods, legendary creatures, dragons & so on and he’ll be as happy and excited as a kid with a puppy. But when it comes to the design world – it gets pretty disappointing. Inky hasn’t seen a decent drawn Ctulhu or God in ages. Wanting to change that, we’ve partnered with guys from Designious and brought you a huge collection stuffed with mythical creatures, monsters, ...

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The Ultimate Freelance Design & Business Kit from Vandelay Design – Only $39Want to grow your business? Whether you’re starting a new one or trying to revamp your existing business, you’ll need some awesome graphics to catch your customers’ or readers’ eyes. That’s where this Ultimate Freelance Design and Business Kit from Vandelay Design sweeps in to save the day. When you purchase this amazing deal, you’ll receive thousands of high-quality graphics at a tiny fraction of the original cost. Looking for hundreds of new icons? Need solid and relevant bus...

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NOW ON: Microthemer Visual CSS Editor for WordPress Themes & Plugins - only $17!

Expires: July 18, 2016, 11:59 pm EST

Whether you're an experienced developer or don't know a lick of code, changing up styles on your WordPress website can be a hassle. Switching back and forth between the site and your admin takes time and can become confusing. But with trading finanziario binario, customizing couldn't be simpler. This Visual CSS Editor for WordPress themes and plugins lets you easily change up the appearance of anything you can see on your site, simply by editing it right on top of your site itself. Change up colors, fonts, background images, rounded corners and more, all with a simple click.


  • Easily customize the appearance of your WordPress theme or any content generated by plugins.
  • Incredibly intuitive visual frontend CSS editor.
  • If you can see it on your site, you can change up the style with ease.
  • Absolutely no coding necessary!
  • Works with any WordPress theme and plugin.
  • No flipping back and forth between your site and the code; just make your actual edits right on top of your actual website.
  • Customize all sorts of elements on your site, including: color, background images, text styling, gradients, box-shadow, rounded corners and more.
  • Learn the basics by watching the included 10 minute training video.
  • Change up your site's fonts with ease by browsing through the insane amount of Google Web Fonts available.
  • With "draft mode," you can privately preview your design changes before publishing them to the world.
  • Microthemer is mistake proof, as it maintains a revision history, letting you easily roll your changes back to any of the previous 50 revisions you made.
  • Use the Responsive Web Design feature to take a look at how your site will appear in a variety of different screen sizes.
  • Take complete control of your site layout on desktop, tablet and mobile after digesting the comprehensive CSS Layout and Responsive Design Tutorial put together by the Microthemer team.
  • Experienced developers can learn to work faster and more visually by coding in CSS or SCSS on top of your site preview.
  • Get instant feedback with Microthemer! Observe your style edits on screen right when you apply them.
  • Find more than 80 styling options for every single element you target on your website.
  • This powerful plugin features clean and optimized coded that won't slow your site down.
  • Optionally uninstall Microthemer and still keep the style changes you made with it! This is a great option if you want to hide this powerful CSS tool from the client, or if you want to cut down on the number of plugins you have installed. You can reinstall Microthemer any time and pick up where you left off.
  • Get free updates for life!


"We are currently working to upgrade our website and, as non-css experts, seem to be spending forever searching for the css code we need and doing many many iterative trial and error changes. I’ve been searching for a way to make this quicker and have read so many glowing recommendations for Microthemer. I’ve tried the Lite plugin and was blown away by how amazing it was! I had no idea that a plugin could make css changes so quickly, intuitively and reliably. Huge congratulations on developing such a fantastic system." - Matt Stockdale

"Microthemer is so cool. Generally, I can just [use] firebug to find the CSS to edit, but it’s not always that easy to find the right CSS to edit – at least for me as I’m not a true developer or programmer. And then I don’t know all the css code by memory, so I then would have to find that online. Then I would need to edit the custom css, save and make sure it did what I wanted it to. Microthemer rules!" - Robert

"Yes that does work perfectly I am really happy. Microthemer is the best! I have tried a lot of products and I just love Microthemer. It feels more like Adobe InDesign for me which I love, nothing else comes close." - Robert Monroe

"This plugin is amazing, your customer support is awesome, can’t thank you enough for breathing fresh air into my old site." - Nicole

"Microthemer is a great development tool. I’ve tried it with the Gantry theme/framework initially just to create custom widget boxes but by applying some negative margins and a pastel image I was able to turn the macho default into a ‘froo-froo’ girlie theme in just a few hours. Best dev toy I’ve bought this year!" - Belinda

Demo video


Microthemer normally sells for $45 (for the Standard license for 3 websites), but for a limited time only, you can get this fantastic visual design plugin for only $17! That's more than 60% off the regular price! OR, get the Developer License, which allows you to use Microthemer on an UNLIMITED number of websites, for just $39, instead of the regular price of $90!

Click the BUY NOW button to choose your preferred license and start editing your site with ease today!

Deal terms:
  • After completing your purchase on Mighty Deals you will receive a coupon code that will allow you to checkout and download Microthemer on for no additional cost.
  • Includes lifetime free updates and support.
  • Microthemer is a WordPress plugin, which can only be installed on self hosted WordPress sites (not sites hosted at
  • Requires WordPress 3.6 or higher.
  • The Standard license allows for usage on 3 domains only. The Developer license allows you to use Microthemer on unlimited domains. It can be used for your own or your clients' websites.
  • Reselling, sharing, redistributing and giving away is NOT permitted.


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