Home Web Deals CrossOver: Run 1000s of Windows Titles on your Mac – only $24!

CrossOver: Run 1000s of Windows Titles on your Mac – only $24!

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CrossOver: Run 1000s of Windows Titles on your Mac – only $24!

NOW ON: CrossOver: Run 1000s of Windows Titles on your Mac - only $24!

Expires: October 14, 2013, 1:59 am EST

Some folks are PCs. Others are Macs. Sadly, there's a large rift between the two. It's not quite the epic level of the Cola Wars between Coke and Pepsi, but even still, this long-standing feud has permeated the computer industry for years. Macs shout they're slicker and more stylish. PCs just laugh and say they have zillions of titles that won't work on a Mac.

Sorry to tell you this, PCs, but you need a totally new argument. Thanks to CrossOver Mac by Codeweavers, Mac computers can now run thousands of popular Windows titles. Also, it couldn't be any easier to install. Jump on this Mighty Deal now and you'll be playing today's most popular Windows applications and PC games right on your Mac in no time flat! Forget about that whole "Macs are so expensive" argument too. For a limited time only, you can save more than 50% on CrossOver Mac. With the money you save, you can purchase a few boxes of tissues, you know, for all your crying PC friends.

CrossOver Mac Highlights:

  • Run Windows Applications
    Whether you just switched from a PC to a Mac or you're a Mac person who's always hated those PC folks who could run just about every software imaginable, your jealous days are over. With CrossOver Mac, you can run thousands of today's most-popular Windows titles right on your Mac!
  • Play PC Games on a Mac
    PCs have always had the advantage over Macs when it comes down to video game selection. But now it's game on with your Mac. Easily run the hottest PC games of today right on your Mac computer!
  • Simple to Use
    With CrossOver, it's a piece of cake to run Windows software or PC games right on your Mac computer. No need to purchase a Windows license, reboot your machine or even use a virtual machine. With just the click of a button, you can have your favorite PC titles installing and running on your Mac!
  • Robust Database Search
    Before you even try installing a Windows title on your Mac, just do a quick search in CrossOver Mac's Compatibility Center. If your title shows up, visit that application's page and click the install button to get things rolling!
  • 12 Months of Support
    Having difficulties with CrossOver Mac or just want to ask a simple question? No problem. Your purchase of this Mighty Deal includes 12 full months of customer support. That's unlimited email support, plus 1 support phone call. 
  • Free CrossOver Mac Upgrades for 1 Year
    Software is always getting upgraded to handle new features or squash bugs. You can rest easy, because your purchase of CrossOver Mac includes a full year of free upgrades.


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CrossOver Mac normally sells for $59.95, but for a limited time only, you can get this fantastic application, plus 12 months of updates + support for only $24! That's a savings of more than 60% off the regular price!

Click the BUY NOW button and start bridging the gap between PCs and Macs today!

Deal terms:
  • You will receive the application download and serial code instantly after completing your purchase.
  • Requires a Mac running OS X 10.6 or higher (Snow Leopard, Lion or Mountain Lion). 
  • Includes one year of free updates and support. You will also receive an update to the Mavericks compatible version once it has been released.
  • The license can be installed by the same user on 2 Macs - for example, you can install it on your work and home Mac or your iMac and MacBook Pro.
  • Note: This deal is available for first time CrossOver customers only and cannot be used to obtain support renewal for existing CrossOver customers.