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eBook – Cross-Browser CSS3 Solutions – only $9!

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eBook – Cross-Browser CSS3 Solutions – only $9!

EXPIRED: eBook - Cross-Browser CSS3 Solutions - only $9!

Expires: February 23, 2012, 11:59 pm EST

Cross-Browser CSS3: Solutions and Considerations, by Louis Lazaris, is a compact and practical reference for dealing with browser inconsistencies in CSS3-based designs.

When designing and developing CSS3-based websites, it's common place to run into cross-browser challenges, especially when dealing with markets and niches whose audiences are still using older versions of Internet Explorer.

In this 40 page eBook, Louis Lazaris discusses the factors that need to be considered before attempting to use mimic, a CSS3 feature in all non-supporting browsers. This eBook provides readers with long-term principles that should guide their development, and provides numerous sources (including CSS3-based JavaScript libraries and plugins) to help developers make informed decisions on what's available.

All the information in the eBook is presented in a balanced manner, with careful consideration for both benefits and drawbacks to each method, to ensure that your projects are as fast-loading and maintainable as possible without sacrificing your brand.

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The eBook is split into four parts:

  • Performance and Maintenance, including discussions of speed and techniques to consider.
  • Universal Methods, including coverage of Polyfilling, the Modernizr Detection Library, CSS3 PIE, and Selectivizr.
  • CSS3 Features, including box sizing, border radius, shadows, mutliple columns, opacity, and more.
  • Resources, including libraries, browser support charts, vendor prefix helpers, and more.

Table of contents:

   Part 1: Performance and Maintenance
    Speed Matters
    Maintenance Matters
    Techniques to consider
            Progressive Enrichment
            Andy Clarke’s “Hardboiled” Approach
            Paul Irish’s TAFEE
            Which method is best?
    Part 2: Universal Methods
    The Modernizr Detection Library
    CSS3 PIE 11 CSS3 Selector Support with Selectivizr
    Part 3: CSS3 Features
    Box Sizing 13 What about IE6 and IE7?
    Border Radius
    Text Shadow
    Text Shadows with IE Filters
    Box Shadow
    Multiple Columns
            Old Opacity Settings
            The Standard Syntax for Most Browsers
            Fixing Opacity For IE
            What About Opacity in IE9+?
    RGBA and HSLA Colors
            Using Filters to Mimic RGBA and HSLA
            HSL Colors
    Multiple Backgrounds
    Linear and Radial Gradients
    Transitions and Keyframe Animations
    Border Images
    Media Queries
    Custom Web Fonts with @font-face
    Other Notable CSS3 Features
    Some Notes on Vendor Prefixes
    Some CSS3 Best Practices
    Part 4: Resources
    Browser Support Charts
    Vendor Prefix Helpers
    Client-Side Vendor Prefix Helpers
    CSS3 Tools and Generators
    CSS3 Polyfills

About the author:

Louis Lazaris, is a writer, freelance web developer, and 10-year veteran in the web design niche. He blogs about front-end development on his site, Impressive Webs, and writes regularly for a number of popular web design blogs. He is also co-author of HTML5 and CSS3 for the Real World, published by SitePoint.

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