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LAST DAY: A Startup’s Journey to $7 Million! Get the eBook for only $4.99!

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LAST DAY: A Startup’s Journey to $7 Million! Get the eBook for only $4.99!

NOW ON: LAST DAY: A Startup's Journey to $7 Million! Get the eBook for only $4.99!

Expires: January 13, 2013, 11:59 pm EST

Everyone loves a good story. Especially when it involves a regular guy just trying to make a few extra bucks for fun, who accidentally ends up creating a company with over 20,000 customers in 118 countries. That's the story behind FusionCharts, and you can read all about it in the resourceful eBook "Not Just Another Pie in the Sky".

While it took roughly a decade for the innovative chart-generating company to take off (they currently boast $7 million in annual revenues), you can learn from all the trials and tribulations that the founders pushed through over the years. With this highly entertaining eBook, this Mighty Deal will get you hooked immediately and actually teach you a number of tricks of the trade in terms of making your own business a success.

"Not Just Another Pie in the Sky" Highlights:

  • An Overnight Success in 10 Years
    It took FusionCharts a decade to become the monster company it is today. Read the full history of how this startup went from the back of a shared bedroom to a major company that now powers more than 1 billion charts per month.
  • What Not to Do
    With all startups there are plenty of chances for error, and FusionCharts certainly had its fair share. Learn about all the big mistakes they've made along the way including how they had a loss on their very first sale.
  • Marketing Without a Marketing Department
    Through the use of free marketing campaigns, the FusionCharts team ended up achieving more publicity than they could through traditional means. See what worked for them and why.
  • The First 10,000 Customers
    Think it's easy to hit the 10,000 customer mark? It's not. Especially when you don't even have a single dedicated salesperson on your staff. But FusionCharts did it and you'll learn how.
  • Getting Media Coverage
    It's tough to get mainstream coverage for a company that puts out extremely focused and technical products. But FusionCharts found an angle that worked and soon saw their company in the pages of Entrepreneur India and Forbes magazines.

About the author

Sanket Nadhani is just 25 years old. He grew up in shared bedroom, in which FusionCharts was founded when he was just 17. In this book, he brings you his firsthand account of the story. He headed marketing and sales at FusionCharts from 2009 to 2011, before giving in to his mind's urge to expand his horizons and left for the Himalayas in a search for answers to simpler things like the soul and meaning of life.


"I really enjoyed the FusionCharts story. Great stuff! Loved the writing style." - Derek Sivers, Founder of CD Baby and Author of Anything You Want, Singapore

"The story of FusionCharts is an inspiring one for aspiring young software entrepreneurs in India and around the globe." - Dharmesh Shah, co-founder and CTO, HubSpot, Massachusetts

"This book is very spot on, and you really have the ability to capture the readers." -  Kenneth Ringbo, Senior Engineer at Nokia, Beijing

"Thank you for sharing your story. I am a better person for having read it." - David Takahashi, Information Architect, MassiveDataInsight


The "Not Just Another Pie in the Sky" eBook normally sells for $9.99, but for a limited time only, you can get the full story on FusionCharts' rise to fame for only $4.99! That's a 50% discount!

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