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NOW ON: 3 Months CrazyEgg: Amazing Visitor Visualization Tracking - only $20!Expires: July 15, 2014, 11:59 pm ESTEver wonder what website owners lose sleep over? Well, sure money always plays into it. But specifically, they're always wondering exactly...

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Get 1,075 Pixel Perfect Icons in 10 Different Sizes – From $19As you know, graphic icons are the small details every designer needs for finalizing various design projects. But one thing designers lack most is time. And we often don’t have much time to craft icons from scratch. But with these icons from IconSolid you’ll be covered for life. This bundle consists of 1,075 pixel-perfect icons for any occasion – from business to weather (a total of 14 categories). Each icon comes in 5 different formats: .Ai, .EPS, .PSD, .CSH, and .PNG, which allow y...

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10 Premium Responsive WP Themes with Developer License – Just $39The folks behind TeslaThemes are back with an exclusive offer: get 10 beautiful Premium WordPress Themes at a great price and set up a stylish blog or site in minutes! These 10 Awesome WordPress Themes come with a clean, modern, minimalist design and lots of advanced features, powered by a robust framework. Use these multipurpose templates for your blog, business site, portfolio, eCommerce site, photography site, music project or any similar website. Normally, all these premium themes have...

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NOW ON: Headline Fonts Bundle: 3 Typefaces, 21 Fonts - only $22!Expires: July 14, 2014, 11:59 pm ESTIs your typeface toolbox a bit on the dull side? Are your fonts getting a little, well, stale? Then this Mighty Deal is exactly what you need to put so...

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NOW ON: Iconify: 650+ Pixel-Perfect Icons - only $14!Expires: July 12, 2014, 11:59 pm ESTIcons are such a fantastic way of getting your point across in a super tiny space. They can, however, take up a ton of time to create. That's where an icon bundle...

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10 Magnificent Ps Actions Sets + Bonus for Just $14You’re probably familiar with the guys from DesignTNT. They've had a lot of great deals which you really liked. And now they’re back with a brand-new deal that will definitely blow you away! Actually they’re newer than brand new; they’re not even officially released! I’m talking about a beautiful collection of 10 different PS actions sets, such as: black & white, elegant retro actions, stamp generators, sharpen effects, skin enhancement, and more! With these actions you wi...

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Learn the Most Popular Mobile Programming Languages the Right Way – Only $49Mobile technology is advancing quicker than we could possibly imagine. A couple of years ago we had the first smartphones which were pretty bulky and well – not so smart. And look where we are today. Everywhere you look you see mobile terminals, smartphones, tablets, phablets, apps that make millions, and what not. If you want to get a piece of the pie, you should know mobile programming. Even if you don’t want to create something from scratch, you should still know at least the basics...

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NOW ON: Focus in on Success with Freelancelift Weekly - up to 54% off!Expires: June 20, 2014, 11:59 pm ESTHaving trouble making your freelance life a true success? Maybe the problem isn't education, but focus. There is such as thing as information ove...

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The Vintage Giga Set: 265 Top-Quality Vectors from Designious – Just $24The best thing about vintage vectors is that they can be used pretty much anywhere, and with a little inspiration, one can create real pieces of design art. But drawing such vectors from scratch is a time consuming activity, and they’re pretty expensive if purchased from stock design websites. Wanting to help you, we’ve partnered with the guys from Designious and brought you a huge collection with 265 top-quality vectors from 40 vector packs, such as: occult vectors, knights, shields, p...

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129 Premium Texture Overlays for Just $16At Inky Deals you’ve seen us talk many times about offers that will help you save time, avoid stressful situations and overall create beautiful designs. Why? Because these deals really do that. I myself use them on numerous projects in order to avoid those time-consuming details. And if there’s one thing I’ve learned in the past years is that we’re creating these designs to communicate as human beings. A couple of days ago I stumbled upon an interview with Kevin Systrom, the co-...

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