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Free events to be held in Milwaukee and Madison, Wisconsin.

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Classic Informatics will be participating at Ad:Tech London. It looks forward to promote its services to Enterprises, Start-ups and Digital agencies.

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NOW ON: Ultimatum 2.7: The Ultimate WordPress Theme Builder - from $35!Expires: December 23, 2014, 11:59 pm ESTIf you've missed out on get amazing Mighty Deal in the past, you've got yourself another chance to get it! And there's now even more reason ...

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NOW ON: Melany Lane Script Font (full family) - only $17!Expires: October 1, 2013, 11:59 pm ESTThey say artists pour their hearts into their work. Same with writers. Well in the case of the Melany Lane font, Yellow Design Studio's done both. A beauti...

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NOW ON: Invoicera's Triple Treat – Up to 50% off on All Plans!

Expires: September 19, 2013, 11:59 pm EST

You delivered. You dug deep and produced stunning work that left a lasting impression on your client. Will your invoice do the same?

Invoicera is a fantastic online invoicing and time-tracking web app that's simple to use but powerful enough to handle any invoicing requirement. It is a solution that grows with your business and once you try it out you won’t be able to live without it. This time-saving wizard lets you track time spent on projects and send out invoices directly from your timesheets. Manage invoices and payments from a single location, apply late fees to overdue invoices, track project expenses and send out invoices customized for your business relationships.

Have clients across the globe? No problem. Invoicera can create invoices for your clients in their local currency and in 11 different languages, it even allows you to set your own exchange rate. Auto-billing for recurring invoicing is built-in and you can schedule invoices in advance, safe in the knowledge that they’ll be sent at the time you specify. Invoicera supports 20 global payment gateways including Google checkout, 2CO, Authorize.net, iTransact, PayPal, PayFlow Pro, SagePay and PayMate.

Invoicera offers a centralized station to store your invoices; accessible from anywhere at anytime. An Invoicera account allows you to play around with other tools like expense tracking, add/manage people, recurring billing, auto-invoice, multiple payment gateways, and multi-lingual-currency support. 

Invoicera has been built with full PCI compliance and stringent data backup to deliver complete peace of mind. For added security you can export your records to your local drive.

The Buzz:

"Invoicera provides a robust and intuitive online invoicing solution. Earlier I used to spend hours doing invoicing tasks, but now I save quite a few hours each day..." — Steve

"My name is Dan, and being in business for 3.5 years, I just wanted to say that Invoicera's helped me not just to manage my Invoices but also manage my time as well..." — Dan

"My name is Brian, and have been running a small business for the past 5 years. Constantly looking for ways to cut costs I found that Invoicera offers unique features..." — Brian


    Invoicera is offering huge sales for a limited time only. Choose from the following options:

    • Save 25% on the Classic Plan:
      Only $45 for 3 months + 1 additional month free (reg. $59.85)
    • Save 50% on the Business Plan:
      Only $60 for 3 months + 1 additional month free (reg. $119.85)
    • Save 50% on the Infinite Plan:
      Only $150 for 3 months + 1 additional month free (reg. $299.85)

      Click the "buy now" button to choose your desired plan.

      Deal terms:
      • You will receive a coupon code, after completing your purchase, to register at the Invoicera website.
      • After your 4 month period, your account will renew at the regular price. You will have the option to cancel, before renewal.
      • You will need to provide payment info when registering at the Invoicera website, for renewal purposes (after the 4 month period). You will be able to cancel your account to avoid any further charges.

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      ELFA has announced that Odessa Technologies' implementation of LeaseWave End-of-Lease Management system at TCF Equipment Finance, Inc. has won the Operations & Technology Excellence (O&TE) Award for 2013.