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Stride: A Simple Sales Tracking App – only $25!

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Stride: A Simple Sales Tracking App – only $25!

NOW ON: Stride: A Simple Sales Tracking App - only $25!

Expires: October 31, 2013, 11:59 pm EST

The days of door-to-door salesmen may be pretty much over, but that's only because physical doors have been replaced with virtual ones. The Internet has certainly helped make things easier for businesses to extend their reach and massively grow their sales forces.

Even better, you can use some stellar online sales tracking software to keep your eye on every single aspect of your deal pipeline. Yep, with the incredibly robust Stride, you can instantly get an overview of all of your latest deals, while quickly drilling down to pull out any specifics you may need. It's fast, easy and incredibly useful resource for any sales team.

And we don't have to sell you on the advantage of snagging a good deal. Nope. Thanks to your buddies at Mighty Deals, you can score 3 full months of Stride's Elite plan for just $25! Or go for 6 months at just $45! That's more than 80% off the regular price! 

Stride Elite Plan Highlights:

  • Easy, Fast and Efficient
    Not only is Stride simple to use, but it's extremely fast as well. With just one simple program, you can add contacts, manage cases and allocate tasks in the blink of an eye! Forget about all those tedious, unnecessary steps you usually find in CRMs. 
  • Overview of All Deals
    In one simple-to-use interface, you'll be able to instantly see your entire deal pipeline. All the pertinent info is easy to find because it's right there in the forefront. Right from the moment you open Stride, you'll know exactly where everything lays and what needs your immediate attention.
  • Filtering and Tagging Options
    Want to group similar clients or deals based on geographic location, size, type of inventory, etc.? No problem! Stride lets you easily categorize and sift through all of your deals. You can create as many tags as you'd like to instantly pull up like-minded deals based on your own criteria. 
  • Weekly Reporting
    Stop spending time digging in to pull out reports. Stride can send you a weekly summary email to give you a good idea of where you stand overall in terms of your deals. Log in to the system if you're curious about more details or to set up specific tasks.
  • Real-Time Collaboration Tools
    No matter how small or how large your sales team is, you can easily collaborate with the entire team, part of your team or other groups in your organization. You'll know exactly what everyone is working on up to the minute, as well as what stage of development they're currently at. 
  • Vital Stats
    Sales metrics are the most important piece of data for any company and with Stride, you'll easily spot the places that have the strongest sales presence, as well as the weakest. See how much time is spent on all the different deal stages, as well as the total value updated along the way.
  • Historical Data and Notes
    Keep detailed notes throughout the entire sales process. Whether for yourself or to members of your team, you can maintain consolodated records of all your notes in one easy accessible deal history. Forget about digging through various documents and emails on your computer to pull everything together.
  • Assign Tasks
    Putting things in writing doesn't just help for authenticity, but it makes working much easier when you want to go back and dig up the details. With Stride, you can not only create and assign various tasks to yourself or your sales force, but you can even set notification emails to remind everyone of what's specifically due that day.
  • Easy Exporting
    Want to dump your data for another source or to email out to someone? Not a problem. It's a breeze to export your data as a .CSV file, where you can pull out whatever data you need for your latest project or meeting.
  • Software Integration
    Data can be extremely useful, especially when combined with other programs or tools. Stride works seamlessly with some of your favorite online tools such as Mailchimp, Evernote and more. With various settings and tools, you can even hook directly into Gmail and other popular social networks.



What Others Are Saying:

“Attractive, Simple and Accessible” - TechCrunch

“It’s really a re-thinking of a sales tool altogether” - The Industry

“Sexy and dead simple” - Geek Wire


Stride can save you and your sales force valuable time, and Mighty Deals can save you valuable money! Whether you choose a 3-month or 6-month Elite Plan from Stride, you can save big time! At $49 per month regularly for the Elite Plan, your finance department is sure to love this deal!

  • 3 months of the Elite Plan - Regularly $147, but yours for only $25!
  • 6 months of the Elite Plan - Regularly $294, but yours for only $45!

Click the BUY now button to choose you plan and easily take control of your sales and business relationships with this unique and powerful CRM.

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