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The Creative Class to Become a Better Freelancer – 81% off!

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The Creative Class to Become a Better Freelancer – 81% off!

NOW ON: The Creative Class to Become a Better Freelancer - 81% off!

Expires: May 18, 2015, 11:59 pm EST

Want to master the pragmatic details of being a one-person business? Maybe you’re doing 78 fiverr projects a day, just to pay the rent. Or your clients see you as creative monkey behind a typewriter instead of a veritable fountain of knowledge and skill. Maybe you’re working 9 to 9 and still drowning in uninspired deadlines. Or maybe it feels like all your friends and fellow freelancers are having money fights on their yachts, while you’re struggling to scrape by.

This course cuts through the soft-focus fantasies around working for yourself, like getting sand in your laptop or day-drinking with wealthy clients, and instead, teaches you how to master the pragmatic details of running a one-person business.


  • The Creative Class is broken down into 9 lessons.
  • Audience: define your audience based on your skills and interests, their common pains, and the value they place on your work.
  • Research: figure out what your audience wants and how they typically communicate their business needs.
  • Pitch: your portfolio represents future projects and clients you want to attract.
  • Positioning: increase your perceived value to clients and become a problem-solving leader in your field.
  • Pricing: stop associating your price with the hours it’ll take to complete a task.
  • Process: free yourself to do your best work by establishing clear processes and working methods that can evolve over time.
  • Feedback: the best client feedback is descriptive, not prescriptive.
  • Exposure: connect with your audience on a regular basis to ensure that you stay bright on their radar.
  • Followup: the simple act of following up can generate higher and more consistent revenue for your business.
  • Bonuses: downloadable videos, audio, text, PDFs, comments and workbooks!
  • There’s also monthly Q&As and a student directory.

About the Instructor:

Paul Jarvis worked with Silicon Valley startups, pro sports athletes, Fortune 500 companies, best-selling authors and the world's biggest entrepreneurs. His clients include Yahoo, Mercedes-Benz, Microsoft, The Highline in New York City, Danielle LaPorte, Marie Forleo and Kris Carr. He writes regularly for Inc, Fast Company, The Huffington Post, Forbes, Lifehacker, The Next Web, Smashing Magazine, Adobe's 99u and many other publications.


The Creative Class normally sells for $300, but now you can get this wonderful course for only $57! That's a whopping 81% off the regular price!

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Deal terms:
  • You will receive a link to register at the thecreativeclass.io, after completing your purchase.
  • All of the content, including the videos, is downloadable, so you can view it offline. The videos can also be streamed online, without downloading them.
  • Access is granted on a per user basis and cannot be shared.
  • The vendor offers no warranties regarding results. By purchasing this deal, you agree that you are full responsible for your own progress and performance.