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ZenOpinion: Professional User Feedback Widget – only $37!

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ZenOpinion: Professional User Feedback Widget – only $37!

NOW ON: ZenOpinion: Professional User Feedback Widget - only $37!

Expires: May 6, 2013, 1:59 am EST

Surveys are a fantastic way to get feedback directly from your customers. But seriously, how many of your users take the time to fill them out? If you're lucky, you might get a 10% response rate.

A much better alternative is ZenOpinion, the innovative customer feedback platform that's simple and fun to use. And with this Mighty Deal, it's also hugely discounted!

ZenOpinion Highlights:

  • Quick and Easy
    Forget those super long, boring and annoying forms. Your users just need a valid email address and they can quickly write a short note. ZenOpinion is also a breeze to install. You can be up in running in under 5 minutes, with no programming experience necessary!
  • Vote On Everyone's Opinions
    Everyone's comments are displayed for all to say, so users can vote for opinions they agree with, giving more weight to a specific suggestion or complaint.
  • Private Forums
    You can take a more active control of your feedback by creating private forums and then inviting select customers to share their thoughts. This makes those customers feel extra special, while making sure you're hitting the exact targets you want to.
  • Real-Time Alerts
    You'll receive alerts as feedback is given. That way you can respond almost instantly to your user base, which goes a long way towards increasing customer loyalty.
  • Moderation Tools
    Let your users help keep tabs on things by having them report any inappropriate comments or actions, simply by clicking a button. You can also quickly remove or block specific users if you'd like. 
  • Organize Customer Feedback
    With a robust admin, you can easily categorize all the feedback on your site anyway you wish. Whether it's "site suggestions" or category specific topics based on different areas or products available on your site.
  • Easily Customizable
    ZenOpinon lets you easily change up the look and feel so it best matches the color scheme and style of your website, thus creating a seamless integration.

ZenOpinion Widget:

Take a look at the ZenOpinion:


The standard license for ZenOpinion costs $99, but for a limited time only, you can pay this one-time fee for just $37! That's over 60% savings off the regular price!

Deal terms:
  • Delivered as an instant download, after completing your purchase.
  • Requires PHP 5+, Apache 2+ and mySQL on your server to install.
  • This product is domain-based and can be used on 1 domain at a time. You may purchase this deal multiple times for multiple domains.